middle schoolers’ mayhem

May 4, 2007 at 7:40 pm 1 comment

Man o man! My older daughter is going through a mess with another friend now! I could just scream! This is the second friend she’s managed to get sideways with this school year. It all started when my daughter started “going out with” this particular friend’s cousin earlier this year.   

Hang on. Back up. I MUST insert a brief explanation of what I mean by “going out with”.  My eldest is a middle-schooler. So, in this case, the term “going out” is merely a social title, because it in no way indicates that she, at the ripe old age of 14, actually GOES anywhere with a boy. No. She most certainly DOES NOT.  Not ‘til she’s thirty. And, then her daddy will be along in the back seat monitoring the evening’s activities. 

Okay, so, anyhow, my daughter and this boy aren’t “going out” anymore, but they still talk and text pretty regularly. My daughter’s friend has never been too hip on my daughter dating her cousin. We don’t know why the girl feels that way for sure (although I have my guesses), because the friend will NOT tell my daughter why she has a problem with it.  Jessye has asked her point blank, but has been refused an answer, for whatever reason. And now the girl has become verbally abusive with my daughter over the situation, trying to enlist another girl to help gang up my child.  She’s basically turned on my daughter like a yard dog on a stranger.

Unreal!  I want so desperately to step in and save the day. But, I guess I can’t. I am such a rescuer. So, this is very difficult for me to stand back and watch. Oh meeee!  If this is what relationships are like in the 8th grade, and we’ve got four years of HIGH SCHOOL ahead of us…Whoa! 

Ahhhh, school DAZE!  I personally despised junior high and high school due to radically immature attitudes and behavior of my peers. I was sooooooooooo ready to go off to college that I could barely think straight.  All those years and years and years ago, I graduated on May 26th, and moved into my first college dorm, three hours away from all the people I’d grown up with, one week later.  I still remember that FRESH, FREE feeling. New beginnings without all the trappings of high school and its many social dramas! What a rush!   Can I get a witness?

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  • 1. Mel  |  May 5, 2007 at 3:30 am

    I will totally agree with you on my junior high/high school experiences…….somewhat similar except it took me a while to want to go to college, I just wanted to get married! Thank you Lord for that unanswered prayer. Many years later I got married and what a total blessing that it was not to my high school sweetheart. Since I don’t have teenagers yet, but three little girls (and a boy, which is totally different and so much easier, by the way) that will eventually get there, no words of wisdom to offer, but I will pray for you…….and for me……..


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