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May 6, 2007 at 4:46 am 1 comment

This Saturday morning was unusal in that I didn’t get to sleep in. I had a Premier home show to present at a lady’s house at 10:30a.m., so I had to get on up and get moving early today.

After the show I got home and our family went to Cracker Barrel  for the first meal of the day…around 1:30p.m.  Sunrise Sampler over medium is good most any time, to me!  

Afterwards we went over to Target where our main objective was to check out some patio furniture. Well, and check it out we did. We pretty much test drove it. We ran into some friends from high school days whom we don’t get to see often, and started chatting there between the toy section and the patio furniture corner. One of us had to take a phone call, so the rest meandered over to the patio furniture, under one of those screened-in pavillion/pergala things they had set up in the store. We visited and caught up, there in Target, lounging on their patio furniture display just like we owned the place.  You’d have thought we were in our own back yard as our little children ran and played around the display. There really wasn’t much traffic back there in that lawn and garden area for some reason. We considered sending the kids up a couple of aisles to fetch refreshments. But decided, instead, to just meet for supper later. Supper? Yes. We left that store at 6:30p.m.  Our little visit lasted three hours! None of us could believe that Target did not come throw us out.  I could just imagine a Target associate happening up with his walkie-talkie in hand, ready to report us:  (Khhhhhhhhhk)…”Uhhhh, we’ve got a party of 8 back here in the patio furniture under the tent havin’ a reunion. Management please respond. Over.”

Somehow, we didn’t really care. It would only have made the story better if the store manager had come out and asked us to move along.  Crazy! It was like time stopped for us…for our little visit, I guess,  ’cause we were all completely bewildered over the amount of time that had passed while we sat back there talking and cutting up. And, what’s more, we ended up meeting an hour later (at 7:30pm) at Lonestar Steakhouse for supper and three more hours of fun and fellowship! 

Time is funny isn’t it? I mean, we just got caught up in the visit, not even thinking about how time was ticking on outside that tent. We were in there for a long time, but it didn’t seem like that.

Contrasting, the time we’ll spend dealing with the trials and tribulations on earth may seem like a long time to us, but I wonder if once Christians are all in Heaven, that we’ll look back in the light of eternity and feel like our time here was just as a moment.  The time we’re spending in this world will seem like a drop in the bucket in light of our forthcoming blessed eternity united with the Lord. One day tears, sorrow, and suffering will cease. And the perfect environment of God’s love will become our reality.  It will permeate every pore of our being.  In a moment…POOF!  This earthly world we know will be over.  And then God will usher in (for His children) a blessed eternity in which we will be united blissfully with our Lord. Won’t it be divine to finally get our arms around that reality!

What a tremendous blessing it was to spontaneously get to spend our day together with such good folks. Thanks be to God.

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middle schoolers’ mayhem cartwheels

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  • 1. Strathwood  |  April 26, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    God bless you =)


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