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May 16, 2007 at 11:01 am 1 comment

Last night we had a Premier jewelry “sponsoring workshop” at my friend and Premier sponsor’s home. It started at 6pm and I think I got home after 9:30pm. I am now fully able to convince just about anyone that they should sell Premier jewelry. I have now been made completely aware of ALL the positive aspects of such an intelligent decision. There is truly NO reason to not sell Premier. I mean, it’s really a NO-BRAINER for anyone who’s as big a fan of BLING as I am.  There is no way to lose. You sign on…you get your jewelry kit with over seventy pieces in it for 75% retail when you come in. And, let’s just say you do ten shows and you don’t wanna do it anymore. Then you sell the jewelry from your kit which you got at a steal…Except you sell each piece at full retail, and you’ve more than covered the expense of your original investment.  I mean, how can that be bad?  Talk to me, people! Jewelry fanatics…realize this opportunity! Young women…start building your business today, and you may never have to put your children in daycare! Kids in college? Pay for it with your Premier business! In debt up to your eyeballs? Build yourself a jewelry business and GET OUT OF DEBT! And, wear awesome jewelry in the meantime! 

When I think about the fact that I am getting paid to go to people’s houses, eat party food, laugh, talk, and let a bunch of ladies play in my jewelry samples– I sometimes get the giggles.  I have no quotas to meet EVER. I decide how many shows I want to do. I get paid the night of the show. No waiting for payday! And, best of all, I always get my jewelry at 50% off or FREE! Why would any intelligent person want to deny themselves this opportunity to TRY THIS? I would be delighted to share this opportunity with anybody who’s curious!  Now, I wouldn’t want anyone to try it who didn’t have a need that needed to be met, or just the desire to have all this bling and a some extra cash.  But, listening to the opportunity doesn’t commit a person to anything. It just gives you more info, and the ability to make an educated decision about something that sounds interesting.

Listen, I have sold other stuff. So, I know what I am talking about when I tell you that this company is incredible. Booking shows is NO PROBLEM because the company really does give a lot to anyone who hosts a show. The average home show hostess gets between $200-$300 in free jewelry for what? For throwing some snacks out and having their friends over one night!  I had two parties before I signed on and it was the HAUL of bling that I scored that got me thinking about selling it. I thought, I could have all this jewelry, and get HALF whatever the show retailed as my paycheck.  How SWEET is that???

Premier is Christian owned and operated, and that’s NOT just lip service. They run their company debt free. They give a full five percent of their profits to support Christian missionaries around the world. I REALLY LIKE THAT PART. It is an honor to work for a company who truly supports those who put feet on the Gospel message. And, the possibilities for being able to help someone else to be able to realize a dream as a result of working a Premier business are so BIG…I cannot NOT offer this opportunity to my friends. This company could make all the difference for you and your family. And, it’s FUN!!!!!  Premier works if you work the business. One day my family is going to be debt free, largely as a result of working a Premier Designs jewelry business. Join me!

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  • 1. Vicki Anthony  |  May 17, 2007 at 7:48 am

    You couldn’t have said it any better. I am really glad you came to hear ALL that Pam had to say. It was ALOT of information to soak in at one time but well worth hearing! 🙂
    I wish I would have heard all of that my first year in Premier! I might be debt free right NOW!


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