no use crying over spilled ANYTHING

May 17, 2007 at 9:41 am 2 comments

We got home from church and music rehearsal last night after 10:30pm. I was tired, and all I wanted to do was crawl in the bed. But, I have a nasty little habit of not putting the hang-tags (price tags) back on my jewelry samples after I wear them. That leaves me in a mess right before a jewelry show, having to re-tag everything I’ve worn.  You’d think I’d learn. But, anyway…I thought I’d get myself something to sip on before I sat down to the task at hand. I reached into the ‘frige to get a Sprite out which was hiding way deep into the second shelf. I was really excited because I did not realize we had another soft drink in the house before I spotted that can. In the process of reaching for that Sprite, I managed to knock some things over. I knocked over lots of things that did not cause any problem, and ONE THING that did. And WHAT was that thing? Was it a bottled water? Well of course it wasn’t. It was a stinkin’ half-a-can of V8! And what do you suppose happened to that V8 once knocked over?  Well lemme tell ya: It ran towards the back of the shelf. It lept over the back of the shelf. It oozed down the back wall. It infiltrated the protective plastic piece that fits over the refrigerator light bulbs. It completely coated the seven feet of plastic tubing that keeps the water cold which comes out the handy-dandy water dispenser on the freezer side.  I had no idea said water cooling apparatus was even back there.  And, I was truly horrified to learn that every square inch of the seven feet of cold water tubing was absolutely marinated in ‘mater juice. I had to completely disassemble the interior of that refrigerator. Perhaps I should interject that this is the first NEW, NICE refrigerator that we’ve ever owned. It’s only 2 years old! It’s just a baby!  And how did this tragedy happen? I’ll tell ya how! For the ten millionth time, someone had opened a drink, didn’t finish it, and stuck it back into the refrigerator. I have asked, begged, preached, nagged, hollered and stomped regarding this practice. But, my husband is the chief offender. And can’t you just seeeeeeeeeeeeee the twinkle in his eyes as I begin my rant? He is quite amused with my indignant outbursts. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would think he likes to incite me to rant. He says I’m cute when I’m angry. He likes the spark in my eye when I’m enraged. Isn’t that just lovely? Grrrrr! Well, hey…my argument IS valid. Soft drinks, once opened, are never gonna be worth a hoot again. They will be flat as a flitter in short order. So, my thought is, when you open a Coke— kill it already!  Or share it with somebody else! But DO NOT put it back in the frige once you’ve opened it! While I’m on the subject of refrigerator messes, let us also touch lightly on the subject of those dastardly little yogurt cups… and little pudding cups, and little jello cups, and little fruit cups…Most anything that comes in tiny containers that are usually attached one to another in groups of six that children think are the best thing since sliced bread!  Those things are trouble waitin’ to happen. Can I just tell you–you have to watch those things very closely! They are kamakazi, I tell ya!  They are always jumping off the shelf, and they NEVER-ever survive the fall. I have taken to referring to them as YOGURT bombs. I cannot tell you how many times I have cleaned strawberry Dora the Explorer yogurt off the tile and grout in front of my refrigerator. Ridiculous!! Suffice it to say, you’ve not heard hollering like I put forth last night when I saw that thick red ooze dripping off the coils of cold water tubing in that back of my frige. I am surprised the police did not come. I haven’t hollered like that in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. I hollered myself into a three ibuprofen headache. I had to take out two shelves, and three crisper tray drawers!  Upon realizing the magnitude of that travesty, if it had been any appliance but the refrigerator, I would have kicked it to the curb and never looked back before I would have cleaned that atrocious mess!  I told Terry and the girls last night, “Please note that I am NOT playing around on this anymore! Any open containers that I find in there will be poured directly into the sink so that we don’t end up pouring them down the back of the frige again! Does EVERYBODY comprehend? Do NOT put ANYTHING in there that’s been opened that has no lid!”So, on my way to work this morning, Terry called to tell me that he had opened a whole six pack of V8 and stuck ‘em ALL back in the frige.  (Just wanted to let me know.)  He was just laughing his head off as he told me this. CALLED ME especially to tell me that! I told him that was fine, but not to imagine that they will be there when he got home tonight. Took me half an hour or better to clean up that red river! And, then I STILL had to sit down and tag jewelry! Somebody better bring some free food to this front desk this morning. Otherwise there’s likely to be a hostage situation in this lobby.

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i always feel like somebody’s watching me spending time with the birds and the bees

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  • 1. tm  |  May 17, 2007 at 11:38 am

    Oh,now…Terry DID NOT laugh LAST NIGHT when I was screaming. He laughed THIS MORNING when he was calling me on the phone messing with me about it. I would NOT have done well if he’d laughed last night when it was all coming down around me. No, in fact, he actually helped me mop up V8 out of of the frige last night. And,well he should have. He was the culprit, after all!


  • 2. Regina Vietmeyer  |  May 17, 2007 at 10:23 am

    I am so sorry to hear about your disaster and at such a late hour on top of that! I am with you though on the leaving things open. It is not my husband who is the culprit at my house, it is my kids and my mother. Randy and I both get so upset and it still does not seem to influence a change in behavior. I think I will start pouring things out too and see if that helps. You may have started a revolution. I can’t believe Terry laughed. He should be ashamed of himself!


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