spending time with the birds and the bees

May 21, 2007 at 3:12 pm 5 comments

flowers1.jpgOkay, I’m sure those of you who know us well understand how big—NO! Monumental!–the following statement is: 

We planted flowers this weekend! 

Our friends understand how incredible it is that we have flowers in the flower bed.  We never have messed with flowers much. My parents are green thumbs. My sister and her hubbie love gardening. And I’ve always assumed that Mama and Daddy must have found me under a rock, ’cause I never have taken an interest in all that.  So for us to have posies planted is a huge about-face. We’ve gone from extreme disinterest in gardening to just OVER THE TOPSville. But, I DO tend towards being an extremist. Whatever I do, I’m passionate about it, or let’s just forget it. Ya know?

Choosing to be perpetually involved in ministry pursuits (as we usually are), we haven’t much time left over.  And quite frankly, the time we do have “left over” has historically NOT been spent buzzing around the flower beds. To be perfectly honest, it’s been good in years past if we just managed to get the grass cut. And, that has been known to be too little and too late, all too often. Neither one of us is big on the great outdoors. I hate to be hot and sweaty. Number one, I am as fair a fair-skinned woman as God made, and therefore I burn easily. Oh, and bugs! I HATE bugs. I hate bees, hornets, gnats, and especially mosquitoes. I just HATE bugs! And bugs think I am delicious.  I do like to hear the birds sing. There! See, I CAN say something positive about being outside.  But, if I had to come up with something else positive on that subject, I’d probably get a cramp.  So, I’m sure the neighbors are wondering what in the world’s with us.  As yard workers, we were definitely “the least of these my brethren”…and now we will surely be the envy of the cul de sac! I’mo tell you whut! 

Now, while you’re picking your jaw up off the floor, allow me to expound upon the fabulous display that is now our front yard: My Terry planted red Begonias, deep purple Salvia, purple Mexican Heather, White Dahlias, Red Dahlias, golden yellow Stella D’Oros, and Dusty Miller. He got all that planted in one of the front flower beds, (which already contained half a dozen boxwood shrubs, some Stella D’oros a white Crepe Myrtle, and three Nandinas.)  The other front flower bed has all of those things sitting in their little pots in the spots into which they’ll soon be planted. We just ran out of daylight. 

Now, Terry did all the digging and such as that. I just kept the ice cold Sprite available and faithfully sat out there with him while he worked.  Late last night at our Waffle House run with dear friends, I was telling my friend Vicki about our planting adventures and she said, “You didn’t help him plant any of that?”   And I said, “Vicki! Do you honestly think that I would be able to dig a hole to Terry’s specifications?”   Just as I knew he would, Terry just shook his head NO when I looked over at him for confirmation on my comment.   I looked back at Vicki, shrugged my shoulders and said, “See there? I did all I could.”   

You see, Terry and I approach most everything differently. He says I am a dessert first gal. That’s a sugar-coated way of saying he thinks I do everything backwards. I AM unconventional, I suppose. Terry is meticulous, logical, and a perfectionist. But, he’s creative, too. We’re both artsy sorts. We just approach tasks very differently. According to Terry, I quite naturally do things in the wrong order. Understand, please, that WRONG by definition is: “in opposition to the way Terry would have done it”.   I even stir backwards according to Terry. So, knowing all these things, I knew better than to even begin to think that I could dig a proper hole for a flower.  I knew it would cut down on aggravation for both of us if I just sat out there beside him (lookin’ perty), and throwin’ out the occasional complement on his fine gardening skills.   

At least we’ve got ourselves a system; yeah?

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  • 1. Mel  |  May 31, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    I wish I could see the flowers in person, but the pictures were wonderful. Very, very nice. I have flower envy!!


  • 2. Regina Vietmeyer  |  May 22, 2007 at 3:52 pm

    How fun! I am sure that your flowers look great and that your neighbors only wished they could keep up with the Malones… I think Terry and Randy would get along great. Randy thinks a lot of the same things about me so I’m with you, let’s just stand by our men looking purty and being supportive. I think that is a good plan.


  • 3. pcase  |  May 22, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    I solemnly promise to protect the posies! Photos pleeeeeze!


  • 4. tsm  |  May 21, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    Well, I may go so far as to document said flowerbed with a digital photo. Well, I mean, if Terry doesn’t think someone might take that photo and manipulate it in some perverted way, thereby exploiting our posies.


  • 5. pcase  |  May 21, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    Yes, jaw is on the floor. Dang. I may not even bother picking it up because it will take me a while to get a grasp on this.

    Frankly, I’m having a hard time getting past the fact that this is the SAME TERRY who left the riding lawn mower in your yard FOR WEEKS after happening upon a nest of hornets while mowing years ago. Could it be? Even golden yellow Stella D’Oros???? What the heck? You are killin’ me.

    Keep the humor coming – Love ya!


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