cuties, caffeine deprivation and canines (oh my)

May 31, 2007 at 8:40 am 2 comments

I have a dear friend who is a stay home mother of four precious children. All four of ’em are such cuties! They are each well behaved, and completely adorable.  And, she and her hubbie seem remarkably calm and confident in their midst. They seem to have it all under control.  Completely amazing!  As for me, I have my doubts regarding whether I could handle four small children on a daily basis. In fact, I’m pretty sure I would go burzurk. I have to be able to see everybody. For instance, I recently enjoyed visiting with my friend and her family at a huge mall. I spent all afternoon counting heads again and again to reassure myself that YES, they were ALL there…STILL.  I imagine that in her situation, my children would have to all be chained together and marching in a straight line in front of me when out in public. We’d be worse than the VonTraps (pre-Maria, of course).  I’d probably have the whistle, but not the uniforms. Although, the idea of everyone in the same color shirt is really a pretty smart idea, come to think of it.  

Yes, not that it’s any surprise…but, God knew what He was doing when He gave me two children, TEN YEARS APART.  Not that the older child helps me much with the little ‘un. EVERYBODY says that to me. “Oh, I bet she’s a lot of help to you with the baby.”  Uhhhhh, no. She’s occasional help, and almost always Jessye’s help happens when I firmly insist.  But, then on the other hand, I only had one child at a time in diapers. And, I’ll have only one child at a time in college. That’s a help in and of itself.  So, there ya go! 

I am so tired today. I probably should have taken a day of PTO (personal time off).  But, I didn’t. I suppose the next weekend will arrive soon enough.  I didn’t have as much caffeine as usual yesterday, that’s definitely still having an effect on me.  I awoke with a throbbing headache today.   I decided to be good at lunch yesterday. So, all I had was a Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich and a big water.  And last night after we finally got home from praise team rehearsal at 10:30, I had a salad. In the world of Weight Watchers, I am certain I came in under my daily POINTS allotment.  I hate dieting. Hate it! But, there’s nothing like having my picture made to make me feel like dieting. Well, I mean, I NEVER feel like dieting, okay? But, I would really like to drop fifteen pounds. I really wish I could convince myself to get up early in the morning to exercise for about twenty or thirty minutes. But, I don’t think I’m mentally ready for that big of a lifestyle change. I mean, I don’t even want to get up at six (much less five) and NOT exercise!  And I HAVE TO do that in order to get outa the house by seven.  Look, I just want a diet that’s EASY. I think I could do Atkins…except for the no sugar part. I MUST have sugar and cream in my coffee, and I really, really need two cups of that concoction in the morning. I am vehemently opposed to artificial sweeteners. So, usually I find myself back over in the land of Weight Watchers. I used to be able to count fat grams, and the pounds would just FALL OFF. But, I have had less luck with that in my late thirties.  I just want a miracle cure. But, I want a safe miracle cure. And, before one of you says it, the MIRACLE would have to be that I could eat whatever I want in whatever size portions I desire, and still lose weight. If anyone knows of a plan like that, please let me know. 

Maggie cried over wanting a dog again last night. She cried three or four times over the long weekend for the same reason.  That baby wants a dog…and NOT just a little bit. She is pretty much obsessed with the notion of having her own dog.  Terry and I were discussing Memorial Day while she was asleep. We may have to give in. It just seems so horrible to deprive the child of something she loves so much. And, afterall, her big sister grew up with a dog inside. (Now at this point, I don’t think Jess cares if we have a dog or not. I think she see that as we do: MORE RESPONSIBILITY.) And, she’s bound to know that she’s gonna be IN ON that responsibility. Hhhhhoh boy. I just don’t know! I like pets. I just don’t like all the messes and problems that come as a result of having a pet. I know I’ve visited this topic before, but, I guess it’ll be a recurring theme until we come to a firm decision on the dog dilemma.

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  • 1. Regina Vietmeyer  |  May 31, 2007 at 9:59 am

    Get that child a dog! I mean really. Every child needs an animal to love and it helps them learn responsibility. I know it can be a pain for us, but to see KK and Stubbs sleeping on the floor does my heart good. Her arm around him and the two them snuggled up together just puts a smile on my face no matter how horrible my day has been. Besides, you and Terry need one more thing to take care of!!


  • 2. Mel  |  May 31, 2007 at 9:09 am

    I think you are an AWESOME mom and a lot of things we used to discuss at work before I ever had any little ones still stick in my brain. You may have seen a different picture if Andy hadn’t been there……..he really is a calm, cool and collective, oh and the other “c” word that I am not consistent Dad. I think YOUR children are adorable and like I said earlier we look forward to hanging out again real soon. As for the puppy……… know my animal lovin’ heart couldn’t resist those cute little round cheeks on your sweet baby! Love you all so much…


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