ohhhhhh mercy me

June 3, 2007 at 5:53 pm 2 comments

Okay, I’ve already used sleep deprived in one of my entry’s title. But, in many ways, having a new puppy in the house is like having a little baby in the house. Plus, as we discovered on Maybelle’s ‘well-baby” check up Saturday morning, it may be that Maybelle was a little young to be sold. So, naturally that’s got me completely freaked out. Apparently hypoglycemia is a killer for teency little one pound puppies in the beginning weeks of their little lives. If their blood sugar level drops suddenly, they can just fall over and die on the spot if no one notices. So, I’m hovering over this pup like a newborn babe. Standing by with Karo syrup in case of an actual emergency. We’re lacing her food with something called  Nutri-Stat that they sold us at the point of purchase. The vet, who was initially concerned by Maybelle’s lack of interest in her  dog food, felt a little better when she saw how aggressively she went for a bite of that Nutri-Stat goop. It comes in a tube like toothpaste…it’s dark brown, smells like meat and looks like molasses. Nasty! But, Maybelle thinks it’s all that and a bag of chips.  And, since it’s supposed to keep her sugar levels up, we are mixing it in with her puppy food four times a day.

Maggie cannot keep her hands off this pup. We won’t let her wag the dog around. She must be sitting ON THE FLOOR (so there’s not far for the puppy to fall). And, she may pet her…NOT pick her up. We’ve been frightfully forth-right regarding the WHYs for these rules. And, Maggie has done very well so far. She can hardly stand it for Maybelle to cry, though. And, the pup often does that when we have to put her into her crate before we go somewhere. And when Maybelle cries, Maggie cries. Hard! Real tears. She cannot bear for the puppy to be unhappy.

We have a very merciful four year old. I guess we’ve known that for some time. But, that became more obvious following something the nursery director at church told me one day after Sunday School last year. Basically she suggested that we move Maggie on up out of the nursery class and into the four year old class. She took me aside and told me how my child was truly listening to the lesson, though many her age weren’t much into it. That particular day, they’d watched a video on The Good Samaritan in Sunday School class. Most of the kids didn’t even pay much attention to it, from what I was told. But, Mags was moved to tears over the victim’s plight. She was so upset that no one would help the man who had been beat up. Cheryl (who teaches her class) said that Maggie cried from that point on in the story. I guess that’s when we truly began to see the extent to which our little one is gifted in helps and mercy. I guess she got that from her Daddy. Because, I’m a negative 3 on the mercy meter, myself. High, high discernment….low, low, low mercy. And, quite frankly, I don’t know many high discernment people who do score high in the mercy department. Do you? I’m certainly not saying there’s no one out there walking around with both of those gifts. I am, however, saying that it’s a rare combination.

All that said, if you’re Christian, and do not know what your spiritual gifts are, I highly recommend that you find yourself a spiritual gifts inventory at Lifeway Christian Stores and work your way through those questions! It may very well help you to see what gifts God has given you so that you may serve Him  better and further His kingdom more effectively. And, everybody oughter want that!

Okay, one more Maybelle comment, then I’m out…We got her a toy that’s a little two- inch-long fluffy lamb. She LOVES it. And can I just say that when she gets a holda that li’l Lambi and starts shaking it wildly, it’s nothing short of HILARIOUS. Ohhhh, she’s soooooooo ferocious. All pound and a quarter of her!

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  • 1. tsm  |  June 4, 2007 at 10:52 am

    I totally agree…re: mercy and compassion. I’d say those are very closely related if not synonymous, wouldn’t you?
    And you are VERY compassionate, friend.

    By the way, Terry says that Maybelle actually ate her pulverized,mushy dogfood from the bowl this morning around 4a.m. (as opposed to out of our hands one bite at a time!) So, she seems to be making progress! It didn’t even have brown goo mixed in!


  • 2. Mel  |  June 4, 2007 at 9:47 am

    I’ll be praying for little Maybelle and thankful she likes the “brown goo”. We can’t wait to meet her……….. How sweet about Maggie, I can’t wait to spend more time with her and get to know her better. What a tender heart. None of mine have shown that type of mercy at this point.
    I would consider myself pretty compassionate and Hannah has those tendencies…………would you say those are the same? I think mercy and compassion are friends kind of like faith and love……….the gift of mercy is a very special gift and what a blessing to have that in your home!


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