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June 5, 2007 at 3:01 pm 2 comments

Even after reading a title like that– you STILL wanna read this entry? Well, all right then.  I offer no further apologies. Consider yourself warned. You may wanna stop and grab a cuppa caffeine first, lest you fall asleep midway through.

Okay, Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy Chillo is excellent Rx for whatever ails ya. Just had one, and I’m good to go now. Well, pretty good, anyhoo. My friend Leigh Ann is moving to Tupelo (which is a major bummer), so we had her farewell luncheon at Fox and Hound today. I’m so excited for her as she begins a whole new chapter of her life. But, I really hate to see her go, ‘cause the office is gonna be so stale and boring now that I just don’t know if I can go on here. (Leigh Ann and I started work here the same day. So, I’ve not tried this place Leigh Annless except for that week she was in Switzerland and France.) Hhhhhhhhhhhh.

Jessye has been visiting out of town friends for eight days. I am SO ready for her to be home that I am contemplating a road trip in the middle of the night. I hope that she’s good and ready to come home when she gets here, ‘cause I cannot listen to any lamentations about wanting to stay on there instead. It is TIME for her to be home and be HAPPY about it! 

Great day in the morning, there’s that man that always asks me to do stupid, tedious work that he doesn’t wanna do himself (like fill out applications for out-of-state engineering licenses.)  And he’s always begging for my chocolate stash, too. Burns me up. It’s gotten to the point where I thoroughly dread seeing him walk up. Everything in me screams, “OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! What now, for crying out loud?” 

Ohhhh to have this job be two minutes from my house! I’m to the point now that I think I could move for lateral compensation just to not have to drive 40minutes to work one way.  I especially feel that way now that my lunch buddy is moving away.  A few months ago, I would have felt a little more guilty about that than I do now. But, I’ll admit, I feel less loyal at this point. July 17th will be one year on the job here, and I like it. But, I would entertain an offer closer to home. And, hey, IT’S NOT LIKE THEY DON’T HAVE AN OFFICE IN THE SAME COUNTY I LIVE IN! But, I have been given no indication that I should hold out any hope that they’ll ever let me work there. (They want me to stay here.)


I have on a ring that I should have gotten a size five in…but instead I kept the size 6. It is driving me to the ever-loving edge. It spins on my finger. I’m gonna have to get a smaller size.

Happy TWENTIETH wedding anniversary to Joe and Pam! I can always remember your anniversary, friends–since today is also the TWENTIETH anniversary of mine and Terry’s very first date. God bless us ever’ one!

Maybelle is eating regularly, and eating well now. She is even willing to consume her pulverized, watered down, mushy dog food without the Nutri Stat goop in it. So, that’s pretty cool. She is still getting up in the night needing to go outside. And we happily take her. Okay, well, we take her. Happily may have been a bit of an over statement. But, getting up in the night beats cleaning up messes in the floor all to pieces. Maybe she’ll be house broken soon.  She is clearly a very smart baby.

Oh, I’ve gotta tell this—We were at Kroger night before last and Terry emerged from the pet aisle with a large bottle of some product. He brought it over and handed it to me. “Check out the name,” he says.  So, I read the words on the label:  “PEE PEE” it says. Then under that it says it’s pet-odor remover. You’re s’pposta put it where the dog had a potty training mishap in order to completely remove the scent from that spot. Apparently if you don’t do that, they’ll return to that spot again and again. I’m thinking, “Isn’t the Clorox Clean Up I’m using gonna be sufficient? But, nooooooooooo…Terry has got purchase the bottle of PEE PEE product. Now I ask you: What bone head named that? I was so ready to get outa Kroger before somebody saw me seemingly toting around a jug-o-pee. I mean, I just COULD NOT bring myself to put that bottle into my grocery basket with all of our CONSUMABLES!

Have I mentioned that it’s sure nice having a teency-weency doggie so that if there are any elimination indiscretions, it’s like a teaspoon’s worth? Eliminations! That’s our vet’s term for tinkle and poo. The literature on house breaking a pet says things like,  “Be sure to praise your dog when she elimates outside.” Terry and I laughed our heads off. I told him that’s gonna be OUR term for GOING OUTSIDE for sure! “Maybelle? Do you wanna go outside and ELIMINATE? Good girl! Good girl Maybelle! She’s such a good eliminator! Yesser CAN eliminate! Gooooooooood giiiiiiiiirrrrrrl!'”   I mean, I hate that there are any indiscretions, anyway, but at least it’s like an eye-dropper full at a time. That’s a plus, I suppose. Okay, I don’t wanna talk about puppy pee anymore. All done now. 

In fact, I think I’mo be all done with this entry. I hope to have somethin’ mo-bettah to tell later. But, tha’s all fer now.

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ohhhhhh mercy me pray for our pup, please

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  • 1. pcase  |  June 7, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    My dear friend Tracey – happy “first date anniversary” to you guys. We had a great day together celebrating 20 years – both of our blogs are full of it including a new photo! I cannot tell you how much I love that crazy guy – even more after all this time. God is really blessing us through our marriage and our new church. We SO appreciate your support of EVERYTHING!

    This blog was hardly boring, btw. I just enjoy reading while at the same time pretending you are telling me this same story in person. It’s like having you right here – almost.


  • 2. Mel  |  June 5, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    There was nothing boring about that one to me. It was a very entertaining blog actually. How ’bout move BACK here and then you can find a new job with some excitement and all that. I hear Donelson is a nice area to live. That doesn’t help at all does it???


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