on white legs and weight gain

June 12, 2007 at 4:37 pm 1 comment

Okay, I know it’s hotter than a two dollar pistol outside, BUT it’s colder than a well-digger’s toes in my office. And, therefore, I just turned on the space heater…at least until my piggies thaw out.  I dare not phone building maintenance and complain because my boss is always over-heating…year round. She keeps a fan blowing in her office. And, the rest of us must deal with the chill in order to keep her temperature under control. 

Jessye is home after a two week jaunt visiting friends in Nashville. It is sooooo good to have our firstborn around the homestead again!  She has been sorely missed. Well, except for the post shower wet towels in the floor and perpetually-there pair of underwear (ooooh, I made a rhyme) behind the bathroom door. That part I could do without. Why that child cannot find her hamper I will never understand. Afterall, I’m such a neat-nick myself, and all.

Maybelle is doing just fine now, thank God. And, thanks to you all for offering up prayers on her behalf. She’s such a love. We’ve got to get her back on the crate training routine, though. (She’s been hanging out in the Pack-n-Play this past week while she was sick.) 

It’s VBS week at our church. Maggie is having a blast, of course. We’re doing Group’s Avalanche Ranch, and it’s so much fun. Why do kids love the adventures of that Chatter Chipmunk? My goodness, he’s annoying. Yet, the kids chant his name every night right before they roll each evening’s installment of Chatter Chipmunk. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. But, I suspect Chatter may be distantly related to that squirrel on Sponge Bob Squarepants. (Same hick accent.)

I’ve started dieting this week. Had to do it. I wish I wouldn’t let myself get over the 135 mark. But, alas…that was sixteen pounds ago! Yikes! Remarkably I can still wear my 8’s and 10’s. But, it’s swimsuit season. (‘Nuff said.) Okay, no not ‘nuff said…just a couple more things. My goal is 130lbs. I’ve joined the health club in my building. I’m planning to work out during my lunch hour…and discreetly munch on some sort of dietetic meal while at my desk before or after that hour. Maybe I can motor up my metabolism and actually get this weight loss kick-started! 

And, wow, it’d sure be great if I could get a little color on my skin. I’ve always heard that tan fat looks thinner. But, I’m not sure ‘bout that. I saw a girl at the grocery store the other day who was so fake-baked that she looked like she fell into a vat of mud. And, to make matters worse, she had her little fair-skinned, blonde two year old with her. So, that really made her look over-cooked. And, she was— not thin.  Her ultra tan hide did not fool me even for a second. In fact, no matter how dark she gets, she will only look NOT THIN and an unhealthy shade of brown. So, that afore-mentioned myth is officially dissolved in my mind.

I don’t guess I’ll ever have time to get out in the sun enough to knock the ghost white off my legs. And, I’ve come to the conclusion that my paste white legs may NEVER catch up with my freckle-sprinkled arms, anyway. So, that’s really disheartening. Maybe I’ll actually use the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze tan-towelettes I bought a few weeks ago? But, then comes the age old question of WHEN I’ll have time to do swipe on a tan, and then stand around long enough for it to dry (no doubt with my whole family standing at the bathroom door petitioning me to prepare snacks for them…OR find their most important article of clothing which is hopelessly lost…OR take them to wherever there supposed to be instead of at home.) 

I have TWO Premier jewelry home shows this weekend, and two more coming up next week! And, I am sooooooooo excited about the new fall line coming out next month. It’s looking very much like I may be in the black with this jew’ry b’ness by then! Wooo-hoo! That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!  

We’ve got to take Jessye’s saxophone to the shop and see if we can get a professional opinion on whether or not to get a new one or not. She’s playing my sister’s twenty- some- odd year old sax. Her band director waffles between whether she needs a new horn or if her antiquated sax just needs more regular visits to the shop for routine maintenance  than it has gotten in the past school year.  We must decide if we will be keeping the seasoned horn we have, or stepping up to a newer instrument. I have a feeling there may be a new sax in our future. But, I sure hate to turn loose of that money when I am not certain Jessye will stick it out with marching band. Part of me says, lets do the routine maintenance thing again this year and buy next year should she choose to stay with the band program. Ya know? Saxophones are so stinkin’ expensive!

All right, well, I’m forty minutes from heading to the house to pick up my avid VBS participant. Then it’s back to the house to do laundry from can til CAIN’t! Woo-hoooo! 

Be blessed friends!

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pray for our pup, please just one of those days…

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  • 1. pcase  |  June 12, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    I feel your pain with the HOT weather. I am in San Antonio right now, with humidity playing havoc with my hair! I’ve given up and it’s pulled up for the rest of my time here.
    And as for weight loss, my WW points count is out the window until I get back to Music City. I cannot count points when there’s TEX MEX food to be consumed! I am beach bound in less than two weeks, so I guess I’ll have to take the body I got and accept it for what it is – until I geet back home and can concentrate on it again. Guess I’ll be testing the “will tanned make me look thinner” concept. LOL! Glad Jessye made her way back west! You need to be sending one of those fall Premier catalogs – I may have indulge! Love ya! pc


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