just one of those days…

June 13, 2007 at 10:11 am Leave a comment

I have so got my nights and days confused. I know this is because VBS started on Sunday night. We don’t usually have anything on Sunday nights, so I guess my mind decided it was Monday night, or something. Does that make sense? No matter. That’s what’s happened. I have been a day off all week. I thought half the day yesterday that it was Wednesday. 

I left the house THREE MINUTES later than the last possible minute to get to the office on time. THREE MINUTES, mind you. So, of course, I was TEN minutes late for work. There’s an example of NEW MATH for ya, I guess. Over the past eleven months I have determined that if I leave even one minute past 7:12 a.m., I WILL be late for work. No way around it. We sleep with our cell phones plugged in on the night stands, and our phones ARE our alarm clocks. Normally that works fine. But, this morning I snoozed through all of my three snooze alarms, and awoke at 6:30 a.m. clutching my cell phone like a teddy bear. And, doesn’t that just set the mood for the day? 

I don’t even want to know how bad Terry’s morning was, ‘cause I didn’t even have time to pick out Maggie’s outfit, nor do any a.m. puppy duties. So, I hope he got up right after I woke him to tell him I was leaving. I did confess to him that I’d overslept, and therefore had not done anything I usually do before I leave. I feel bad about that. But, I had to get on the road!

As I said yesterday: I’m dieting.  Dieting ROTS the soul, I tell ya. It erodes my day like an acid. Dieting makes me feel like an angry house cat…(back arched, with hair standing out on end, hissing like a snake.)  

And, on that note, I think I’ll read a little Max Lucado.  …(And, everybody said, AMEN!)

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on white legs and weight gain hysteria and hives

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