hysteria and hives

June 18, 2007 at 11:38 am 5 comments

Good Monday morning y’all. It’s back to the office after a nice weekend!  A two Premier home show weekend! And, I’ve got two more coming up at the end of this week. I wish I had two more coming up next week, too. 

Went out with good friends TWICE this weekend. We did a late night meal at the Longhorn on Friday after the home show. I was soooo excited when we got a Longhorn in our city! How cool is that? But, funny thing is– in Nashville where we used to live, Longhorn is somewhat of a hole-in-the-wall.  I mean, I love Nashville’s hole-in-the-wall Longhorn, don’t get me wrong! But, here it’s NOT the hole-in-the wall AT ALL.   And the food is great, just like it is in Nashville. I was so excited about finally getting to go to our new Longhorn, in fact, that I ate twice Friday night! My jewelry home show hostess prepared dinner for her show guests (that’s a home-show hostess first for me: a sit-down meal followed by a jewelry showing! Fun! We ate at five thirty, and then had the show.)  But anyway, after my show, we met the Anthonys for my fourth meal of the day around nine! If I don’t look out, everybody’s gonna quit calling me by my name and deem me “Big’un”. 

Saturday afternoon we went over to Mama and Daddy’s and played in the pool. I think my freckles have multiplied.  I was a little rosy on my shoulders, too.  Maggie had a blast. Child thinks she can swim. She has “floaties” on both arms, and an inflatable doughnut around her waist, and my hands poised…hovering in mid air around her the whole time she’s in the water. Terry and I tag teamed so that either one of us could have any time in the pool on our own.   

Later on Saturday night I had my second home show of the weekend to do at seven, so I left about 6:20 to go and set up.  Terry needed to go work, too.  But, Mags pitched a fit ‘cause she didn’t want Terry to leave, and Jessye was zonked out on the couch—not even trying (much) to wake up for a round of babysitting.  So, Terry ended up just waiting ‘til I got home at NINE-THIRTY PM before he finally went to the church to get everything ready for the service. I could not believe it when I called his cell phone on the way home from my show and he was still there!  Now, I’mo tell ya…that would not have happened if the Mama had been the last one to leave the house needing to go to work!  Jessye would have been awake in short order. I read the kids the riot act when once Terry left.  I believe I began my lecture with the words, “Do you understand what has transpired here tonight? Because YOU (Maggie) threw a hysterical fit, and because YOU (Jessye) refused to get up and watch your sister, your father will essentially work ALL NIGHT LONG. He spent half the day with us, having fun at the pool together, but when it came time to go to work…what happens? Fit throwing and selfishness from y’all.  So, now he’s gonna pull an all- nighter! What a happy way to begin Father’s Day!” … … …Moving speech, huh?  Anyway, sure ‘nuff, Terry got home Sunday morning in time to take a shower and get dressed again. Then he turned around and went right back over to the church. But, I mean,  it’s not like that’s the only all nighter he’s ever worked.  And, I feel sure it won’t be the last.  Nonetheless, the girls knew better.  It’s hard enough to have to leave them when they’re happy and wide awake!

After church Sunday we went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch. Had to wait half an hour, which ain’t bad a’tall, especially considering it was Father’s Day.  Then we took a Father’s Day gift to my Dad. I guess we might have ended up staying maybe an hour total. We didn’t intend on staying even that long, but since my sister’s family was there, too, we stayed more than thirty minutes.  We’d visited the day before, I was tired, and I KNEW Terry was nothing short of exhausted, since he didn’t sleep at all. So, we kept it short and then went on home so Terry could catch some zzzz’s on the couch.

We got a text message from Vicki and John late in the afternoon that simply said, “Waffle House at 9pm”. I grinned ‘cause I knew their eldest son had be workin’ hard to get us all back to the Waffle House. He’d be suggestive-selling me on the notion since LAST Sunday night on the first night of VBS. (I don’t need much coaxing to go out to eat, typically. So, he knew he had an ace in the hole with me.)  Due to a late night youth activity at church, Jessye called about fifteen minutes after we’d received our food, needing to be picked up from church. So we hardly had time to visit. Terry said that felt more like a school lunch period than our usual dining out experience. You remember school lunch periods:  By the time you get your lunch tray and sit down, lunch is over and it’s time to go to algebra. We just weren’t through visiting last night, but duty calls, and it was late for those of us who had to get up early Monday.  

Ohhhh-forgot to tell that Mags seems to have symptoms of a UTI, and therefore she thinks she needs to tinkle about every fifteen minutes. Hope my telling about that UTI is not t-m-i for y’all.  Just the facts, ma’am! (Terry’s taking her to the pediatrician this morning.) So, anyway, Saturday while we were at Mama’s swimming, thanks to Maggie’s “condition” we had to get out of the pool three times in an hour and a half to “go potty”.   So, of course, while at the Waffle House last night, Maggie HAD TO go! I am never thrilled with public toilets. But, the idea of a Waffle House bathroom is especially ookie. But, no matter, Mags was in a complete panic by the time she admitted that she had to go. (Classic!) So, I ran her to the ladies room, only to discover it was LOCKED, and had a sign on it that said OUT OF ORDER. Maggie about came unglued. Terry was paying our bill. Vicki was standing by our table to wait for a to-go box for me, and I grabbed Maggie up and ran outside the restaurant, not knowing if she was gonna make it out the door or what. Then I spotted the gas station next door. So, we ran like the wind to the gas station to use their ladies’ room, with me trying to calm Maggie down the whole way. I’m sure we looked like quite the pair to those people standing outside Waffle House.  About half way over there I realized that I had not said ANYTHING to Terry nor our friends about where our four year old and I were headed. So, I’m thinking, Okay, in a minute, they will all come out of the restaurant thinking we’re in the parking lot…and we won’t be there. They’ll think we’ve been abducted. But, is that what they thought? No. They came out and we weren’t there. The people who were standing outside the restaurant asked ‘em if they were looking for “that lady and little girl”.  Then they explained that we had just torn out across the road to the gas station. At which point my husband laughed and quite calmly told Vicki and John that the WH facilities must not have passed Tracey-inspection.  When Maggie and I got out of the gas station everyone was waiting for us in the Waffle House parking lot. Of course I explained that the restaurant’s bathroom was just out of order. (I’m sure it would NOT have passed inspection, though.) The one at the gas station surely didn’t. But, what’s a mother to do? I HATE public bathrooms. I can hardly wait til both my girls are tall enough to HOVER instead of having to sit on a public toilet seat. But, we’ve got a ways to go with Maggie before we get there.  

I’ve got to call and get us back on the list to get the grass cut. I’m sure my neighbors on either side would say AMEN to that. (The houses on either side of me are for sale! One neighbor moved to Kentucky, and the others are trying to go back to their home state up north.)  There are actually four…maybe even five houses for sale in my cove. And, it’s a relatively new-build cove. I think I am correct in saying that every house in the cove was built in 2004. It’s just that there are so many new subdivisions going up in our area that people can build EXACTLY what they want, I guess. That’s all I can figure.   

Speaking of grass-I’m not sure if it’s grass seed that’s coming in on the dog’s fur that’s has set off my allergies, or what…But, I had a pretty tough allergy attack last night right before we met our friends at WH.  My face broke out in hives, and also my ankles and calves. Now, I’ve experienced hives on the face before, but it was a reaction to lobster. I had shrimp at lunch, and have never had an issue with any shrimp, nor any other seafood except lobster…specifically: langoustines…But, I guess it wouldn’t surprise me much.  I just can’t believe that it was food that set me off this time because it had been HOURS from when we ate when I started breaking out in hives. Usually it happens pretty quickly with food allergies. So, it may have been from snuggling the puppy up around my face. (???)  Maybe she had something on her fur that set my allergies off?  I dunno, I kinda doubt that, too. But, anyway, I’m still broken out today. At least it’s not itching anymore, but my face is HOT from the rash.  But it was pretty bad at first. I thought I’d just claw my face off the first hour. 

Okay, know what smells grrrrreat? Armani’s newest scent: ATTITUDE. Love it.  Had to get that for Terry. But, I know that come June 29th, the real Father’s Day gift will be his number one goal of the day. If you’re into technology and new gadgets you probably already know what comes out June 29th. It’s the long awaited I-PHONE.  He’s wanted one since the moment he heard it was comin’ to the marketplace. And, I think he’s just gonna have to have one. 

I’ve put Jessye back on a real chore schedule. I hate to do that, (mostly because it’s no fun to enforce the chore schedule.) But, Jessye truly does best on a schedule that involves a checklist. I mean, if I don’t check up on her chores daily, she will start slacking off, and little by little, she won’t be doing ANYTHING…again!  And, she can present argument after argument for why it is that she shouldn’t have to clean her room…ever. Afterall, it’s HER ROOM. Her space. If it doesn’t bother her, it shouldn’t bother me. Blah, blah, blahhhhhhhhhhh.  Sounds familiar! Sounds just like me. And, I’m really hoping she will turn out better than I did on household responsibilities. I HATE cleaning house. HATE IT! So, I’ve done much creative thinking trying to come up with a way to instill into Jessye the concept of responsibility and of serving God through serving family, etc.  But, I struggle with how to make something I DESPISE seem like fun. It’s kinda like trying to put a bright red ribbon around a pile the dog left in the yard. Ya know?  No matter how you package it, there are some things that nobody really wants.  I’d love to hear any suggestions.  Jessye is sooooooooooo much like me personality wise that I know I don’t need to leave her alone on this. I know how that works out.  My mother begged, hollered, cried, and occasionally tried to clean my room herself. But, in the end, I think she finally gave up on trying to make me clean my room.  I’m sure she just got tired of the battle and finally said to herself, “maybe when she’s an adult and has her own place, she’ll CARE.”  For me, that did not work out. I grew from a child who hated house work into a woman who hates house work.  So, I’m thinking that despite the fact that I have done some of those same things with Jessye that Mama tried, I CANNOT just shut the door and let her be a pig. I recognize too much of ME in the child. She will NEVER be a responsible household manager if I don’t do something. So, what do I do? I mean, it takes more than caring what your house looks like. It takes more than just wanting to not be humiliated when people see your mess. It takes actually daily DOING something to make that all happen…DAILY! It takes working at it in order to make the dream of what you want your house to look like become your reality. So SOMEBODY tell me how to make all that sound good to a fourteen year old when I’m not good at it myself. Somebody tell me! 

By the way…I just love your comments! Your comments are what make writing this blog fun for me. So, keep ‘em coming. Even if you read my blog but don’t know me…I’d be tickled to hear your comments. I wish I knew exactly who does read this thing! That would be a hoot.  So, all I’m saying is, lemme know you’re out there!  

God bless your day.

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just one of those days… just another manic monday

5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Donna  |  June 21, 2007 at 7:25 am

    Not that I’ve been able to completely inspire my girls, but there is a great “Student Control Journal” at flylady.com (http://flylady.net/images/student_CJ.pdf – direct link to journal). The point is to get them to light their own fire – ooooooh independence!!. I use quite a few of the fly lady’s methods myself and have printed and given this to my kids. Unfortunately we are still mostly on the once a week cleaning, usually following my “I know it’s your room, but it’s in my house” speech. The methods I use of hers are very helpful. My favorite is the separate hampers. I have a HUGE closet in my room and have put 6 colored hampers in it. Everyone sorts as they put their clothes in them, whites go in the white one, etc. Every morning I look to see which one is fullest and put it in to wash. A quick reminder to Christy and they are dry and ready to fold when I get home – sometimes she folds and puts away (special treat for me!).

    Love ya,


  • 2. pcase  |  June 20, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    Tracey – if you can imagine this – I was sitting in a doctor’s office, reading your blog on my cell phone! I could not believe my phone was able to store this entire blog! I read every single word.

    I’m not sure THIS is the place for me to lay out the ups and downs of how chores do and do not get accomplished at my house. But I know one thing – the CELL PHONE and SWIMMING POOL hold the key to cleaning success around our house.

    It’s a simple thing. I love email. So, I email the “chore list” … one almost every day. When Chelsea hits the email, there it is. Her list for the day. She has learned that each item on the list must be completed before leaving the house.

    If she leave jobs incomplete or not started – then leaves for one of her “social appearances”, then she knows the cell phone will make it’s way to my handbag for a day or two. Same goes for a trip to gramma’s pool. I can take that privledge away in a snap. You see, gramma’s pool has become a “hangout” for about six or seven of Chelsea’s close pals. They love the swimming & hot tub. She hates telling them that she can’t go to the pool.

    Therefore, we’ve accomplished a lot this week, from wall-to-wall vacuuming, dusting, dishes loaded & unloaded, bathtubs cleaned and more. I’m quite amazed.

    But some good advice up top – I agree with Regina, too, that taking away the car is a good one. Chels lives and breathes for heading out on her own.

    Susan – I’m giving your “1 Item a day” to-do list a try when we get back from vacation and see how that works for us!

    Love ya Trace – hang in there. Hey, let’s plan a Premier party up Nashville-way sometime!


  • 3. susan  |  June 20, 2007 at 10:55 am

    would jessye totally balk at the idea of the two of you cleaning the room together to absolute perfection and then starting to maintain it from there?

    i’d suggest going through the closet and getting rid of anything she hasn’t worn in the last year (mexico missionaries need it anyway!) and making room for her to put stuff where it belongs.

    another thing that helps me personally is to have 1 item a day to do, so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming: Monday – dust; Tuesday – laundry; Wednesday – vacuum; Thursday – bathroom; Friday – free day

    i also love the fact (and i know i’m admitting to a severe psychological problem) that i have matching clothes hangers, all white tubular plastic. they don’t get tangled up, and they look so nice all in a straight line…


  • 4. Mel  |  June 18, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Hi friend!
    It sounds like ya’ll been busy down there! I so enjoyed each paragraph, the highlight of my day, really.

    I have no good advice on the house cleaning thing, I sorry. Everyone says to start them young, but for me I’d just rather do it quickly and quietly. Andy is good about getting everyone to do a quick run through and clean before leaving or going to bed, but he is more organized than me in that way! I am sure it must be harder to deal with teenagers that have our likenesses, because one of my girls in particular who is more like me can really push my buttons more than the others………..hmph!


  • 5. Regina Vietmeyer  |  June 18, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    Sounds like your weekend was crazy, but good. Mine was so busy it seems like I didn’t have one. The open house went well, I suppose for a Father’s Day. Randy and I spent the day out riding around with the dogs while the realtor showed the house. Fun, fun. The dogs loved it and so did we.
    As for the cleaning house thing, you know that is not my strong suit either, but Randy is really good and getting the girls to cooperate. Basically if you don’t do your chores, you don’t get to do anything… but stay in your room. Lucinda has the potential to lose her car priviledges if she doesn’t take care of her responsibilities at home. It works for us most of the time. We have worked to be consistent in the punishment and after a while, they know we mean business and “viola” they do their chores… not always perfectly, but at least they make an effort. Hope that helps!


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