just another manic monday

June 25, 2007 at 11:33 am 1 comment

Well, chores are going well for Jessye, y’all.  Thanks for all the input. The adjustment is well under way. And, perhaps I’m not quite as hated as I was at the beginning of last week. (Well, I said PERHAPS.)  We’ve decided that her chores are not attached to allowance. (Not to say that she does not receive allowance; she does.) But, she is taking care of her chores because she is a member of the family, doing her part. Afterall, NO ONE is EVER going to pay her for cleaning her house when she’s out on her own.  (Alas!) She should, therefore, come to that sad realization early. Her motivation to keep house has to come from somewhere besides the motivation to make money. She can baby-sit for that. But, if she doesn’t take care of her chores daily, she does not get to do anything fun that she wants to do, nor will she have any technology available to her: the cell phone and the TV will go away immediately. On any given day that she wants to go do something, she usually can within reason, so long as she has completely taken care of her chores FIRST.  Anyway, so far, she’s taking care of her responsibilities well. Yeaaaaa! 

We had a good weekend. Went out with Vicki and Katie on Friday night. We visited and dined on Mi Pueblo while Terry and John went to another Premier husband’s cookout. Oh, and shockingly, my family slept ‘til eleven o’clock Saturday morning! I mean to tell you THE WHOLE FAMILY slept that late!! It was amazing! I don’t think that’s happened in at least four years. Then Sunday night we did another Waffle House adventure with the Anthonys.  (We’re getting to be regulars there.)  Won’t be long ‘til when we walk in the wait staff will kindly ask people who are done eating to get up because WE need a place to sit down. But, anyhoo—this week we actually got to eat our whole meal without having to jump up and run off to pick up Jessye. (That was neat.) 

I’m reading some good books, and am about to start another one today. I’m reading Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns, Everyday Deserves a Chance by Max Lucado, and am about to start Living the Abundant Life by Roger Weldon. All good reads.  Additionally, I am ONCE AGAIN going to give weight loss a chance. (I mean, it IS Monday isn’t it?)  I think I am at my all-time (non-pregnant) high: 154lbs.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my!  My choices for what I can put on each morning when I stare into the abyss that is my closet are pretty limited. And, I am soooo tired of that reality.  My eating habits must improve. I have put on seven pounds in two months. *GASP!*  Wow, I am so sleepy. I wish I enjoyed black coffee. But, yyyyyyyyyick!  I just don’t! Without that two and a half tablespoons of sugar and creamer, I just don’t want any java. But, I don’t do days without coffee.  So, there are some calories that I just HAVE to endure, lest I should fall asleep on the switchboard. 

Speaking of answering switchboards, here’s a random thought:  For the love, when people call an office WHY don’t they ask to speak with someone by referring to them by the person’s whole name? Here’s my gripe: It’s just as easy to call and ask for John Jernigan as it is to call up a company and simply grunt “speakta John” at the woman who answers the phone. Ya know? I mean, chances are there’s more than one fella named John in any bunch, anyway. So, why not be professional and efficient when using the telephone for business? Oh, and I really hate it when they do that, and I MUST say “can you tell me which John” or “could I get John’s last name, please?” and the caller says emphatically, “John JERNIGAN” in such a way that indicates that he thinks I have some sort of intelligence deficit because I couldn’t read his mind.  You know the type of tone I mean:  a tone that could have been otherwise translated as “DUHHHHHHH woman, what other John is there?”   I’m just saying, that kinda mess happens waaaay too much to switchboard operators. It’s like those kinds of callers want to suggest that if I only had a brain I would somehow realize that he meant John Jernigan instead of say…John Gorton, John Monroe, or Jon Montgomery (who also work here, by the way.)  When I hear a caller with that “you’re an idiot” tone in his voice, it really makes me want to come through the phone and choke that person.  (Now, is that wrong?)   Personally, I identify myself so much of the time with my entire name that most people call me by my first and last name. But, then again, I think some names just roll off the tongue like that, while others don’t. I know that my husband is often called by his first and last name very often. So, I dunno what it is that causes that tendency for some names. I used to get called by just my maiden name a lot (back when I was still a maiden).  And, teachers often called me by just my last name. That may have been partially because my mother was a teacher at our high school. So, I was identified as the offspring of one of their fellow faculty members. But, I digress.  Okay, clearly I’m out of things to tell. So, maybe I’ll just stop here.  

Coffee anyone? Anyone?            

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hysteria and hives finally friday

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  • 1. Regina Vietmeyer  |  June 27, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    and to finish out the song…

    It’s just another manic Monday
    I wish it were Sunday
    ‘Cause that’s my funday
    My I don’t have to runday
    It’s just another manic Monday

    Hope the rest of week is going well…


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