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July 3, 2007 at 1:01 pm 2 comments

Okay—Anybody out there dealt with hair loss (other than post-partum hair loss)?  ‘Cause I seem to have some major shedding going on right now, and I have no idea WHY…stress maybe? But, my hair has been shedding like crazy for the past three weeks. I THINK that this week it’s not doing it as much as it has been. And, I really hope that’s true. Because, I swear, maybe I’m paranoid, but it feels thinner all over to me.  My part is not widening or anything. You can’t see my scalp when you look at me. But, this situation scares the poop outa me, nonetheless. I wonder if this is yet another thing on the list of things that go wrong due to aging? I mean, I feel like menopause is probably approaching. I’ll be forty in January. But, man, I’d really like to keep my hair. All of it. So, chime in. I’ve heard suggestions that I may be vitamin deficient, or over stressed. But, it’s NOT my diet. It started before my diet did. Now, I just did a little online reading, and I kinda wish I hadn’t now. (Quite frankly, that’s almost always a bad idea for me. I remember, when I was pregnant my ob/gyn’s nurse told me that I really needed to limit my amount of time reading on the internet.”)  All I can say is, if this shedding business doesn’t show SIGNIFICANT signs of stopping THIS WEEK, I’ll be making an appointment to see Dr. Jenkins for a full blood work-up.  I am NOT a run to the doctor for every little thing type person. But this is MY HAIR! The stuff I’ve fussed with since I was old enough to be trusted with a hot curling iron…I mean, my HAIRSPRAY is on my list of faves and craves. Yeah? Sheesh! This is serious!  I think I’ll start taking some vitamins. Maybe I’m iron deficient. (Internet suggests that IRON OR ZINC deficiencies may cause that. OF course, it also suggests that DISEASE can cause this problem, too. )  The reason I’m thinking it could be an iron deficiency is that I am COLD much of the time. That’s been going on for a couple of years, though. I used to not be cold so much of the time.   Nowadays, I walk in my 70 degree air conditioned home and think, “brrrrrrrrr. It’s cold in here.” But, I don’t usually mess with the thermostat, because no one else thinks it’s cold.  Later Terry comes home and says, “It’s hot as a firecracker in this house!”  (And there I am, under a blanket.)  Also, I find that I fall asleep much earlier now, while sitting in my chaise lounge watching television.   Hhhhhhhhhhhhh!   Is there a doctor in the house?

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