lush lawn and loads of laundry

July 4, 2007 at 6:29 pm Leave a comment

Wooooo-hooooo! Terry’s DYNAMITE crepe myrtle has bloomed. It’s really pretty. We’re pruning it like a tree (instead of a bush), and it’s in the front yard where our two year old oak tree once stood. (We gave our oak to a neighbor who has a very sunny, HOT southern-exposure back yard.)  Funny thing about that RED crepe myrtle. If you examine the inside of the bloom “berries”…(okay, I’m sure there’s a scientific/horticultural name for that berry bloomie thingie….but….) you’ll find on the inside, SNOW WHITE crepe myrtle petals. But, once they burst open to bloom, they turn red. Is that bizarre or what? It would almost seem that the color “develops” in the sun or something. But, I CERTAINLY don’t know.

Okay, I’mo have to have a li’l talk with our lawn service feller. He is going to HAVE TO lower the blade on the mower. I mean, the man cuts the grass, and overnight it needs cutting again. Now, YES, we have had it fertilized. But good grannies, I cannot afford to have the grass cut twice a week. It’s lush, though, baby. It’s gorgeous. But sweet niblets! That grass is ready to cut again before the lawn guy can get the stinkin’ mower loaded back onto his truck.

“Sweet niblets”, you’re asking? Well, if you are askin’ that, then clearly you’re NOT getting your quota of Disney Channel’s show, “HANNAH MONTANA”. That’s the teen star’s explative phrase of choice. I thought it was cheesy, too. But, sometimes it just pops out as a result of the fact that the show plays on a TV screen near me a whole lot. Cute li’l show.

Let freedom ring! Happy Independence Day. Currently I’m not free. I’m chained to a Kenmore washer trying to get half my family packed for a beach trip. We’re still not saying BEACH in front of the Magster. She would be more than a little bit put out if she knew that Daddy and Jessye were beach bound. So, that’ll continue to be our little secret. As a result of this youth trip Terry and Jessye are going on, Maggie will have to go to school much earlier for the next four school days. I have to be at work at 7:45am, and it’s a forty minute drive over there.  So, Maggie and I will have to leave here by 6:30a.m. tomorrow morning. Okay, that estimated time of departure makes me wanna cry just thinkin’ about it.

Went to the Cracker Barrel for lunch today. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo.  I’m still doing the T-FACTOR diet. Counting fat grams! I was down a pound this morning. So, that’s better than it has been the last three days. I was beginning to get discouraged again.  I will finish out this week on this. And, if I’m not down another pound by the weekend, I’ll be returning to a Weight Watchers way of life.

Ohhh, the washer has finished this load. I better get up from here! There is much to do before I’ll have that hubbie of mine packed for this trip.

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