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July 5, 2007 at 10:33 pm 5 comments

Well, it’s settled. I’m making an appointment with my doctor for next week sometime. I talked to him at church tonight and he said the number one reason for hair falling out is: STRESS. Although my other symptoms: cold when everybody else is hot, sleepy too early, having trouble losing weight…All those are thyroid symptoms, too. So, I guess we shall see. My gyn ran blood tests back in February, and she said my thyroid readings were normal. ANd, that’s the same doctor who referred my mom to an endocrinologist. So, she DOES know what she’s looking for, I guess. But, February was months ago, and hey…let’s get real people: My hair is falling out. As the nun on the MADELINE cartoon sang, “Something is not right. SOOOOMEthing IS not RIGHT!”  Let me guess: You don’t know that song. Hhhhh.

 You know what’s really bad tacky? Chipped nail polish. Just looks like wreckless abandonment of grooming. Looks trashy. Hate it. And today I noticed that I had that look going on. And, that just will NOT do. Discovering it at work, with no acetone on hand,  I did the only thing I could do.  I picked all the “Did Somebody Say Party” OPI fingernail polish off my nails.  I know that’s bad for my nails. Mama always said so, growin’ up.  But, I couldn’t stand to have chipped, tacky lookin’ nails. So, I very discreetly got rid of the problem. Now, I didn’ t let anyone SEE ME pick polish off my nails, because of course—THAT would be REALLY, REALLY TACKY. Almost as tacky as the chipped polish itself. Worse, maybe.

Today on my lunch hour I walked two and a half miles today on the treadmill in about thirty five minutes. Again I walked 4.5mph.  But, this morning I weighed stinkin’ 152.5lbs again. I could just scream! Pass the chocolate. Heck, if I’m gonna gain if I do and gain if I don’t, then get me a bucket of chocolate truffles, already.

Speaking of truffles: Here’s another one for my list of things I’m passionate about:

11) LINDOR TRUFFLES.  In the words of Handsome Jimmy Valiant, let me just say, “Mercy Deddy!!!”  These truffles are HEAVENLY. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout, folks. That chocolate is LIKE BUTTAH! One bite and ecstacy is upon us. Completely larapin. And, I just so happen to be fresh OUT!

Hmmm. I just thought again about the fact that Maggie and I are home by ourselves, and I have not done a walk thru to check for booger-bears in the closets and under the beds. And, I am CERTAINLY not gonna be able to try sleeping ’til I do that!

Maybelle is busy roughing up her stuffed animal toy, “Lambie”. She’s growling ferociously, y’all. Her bark sounds like somebody stepped on a squeaky toy. Did I mentioned she’s big two and a quarter pounds now? She’s growing a lot. She’s actually a little bigger than a healthy guinnea pig now.  Our big ole doggie!

Okay, I didn’t sleep worth a hoot last night. Terry was at church all night trying to get last minute stuff done before the youth trip. He and Jess are at the beach now. Maggie still doesn’t know. I think we won’t have to worry about anyone giving it away now until Sunday morning church rolls around. This afternoon I told Terry that Maggie didn’t know yet where they were, or even that they were gone anywhere at all yet. He started with the “POOOOOOR Maggie” stuff. Then he started making me a list of “fun” stuff I should go take Maggie to do while they’re gone.  I said to him, “Look buddy. DON’T tell me what to do! You just get on down there and enjoy your beach venue, and don’t be bossin’ me from Florida!” He laughed. 

Anyway, last night I did Terry’s laundry ’til I could no longer see to fold the clothes.  The girls and I went to bed after midnight, but I didn’t sleep much.  I finally gave up and got out of bed this morning about four thirty. So, I’d say it’s about time I started that walk through. Slumber is upon us. So, naturally, NOW Maggie wants a snack. 

Ohhh wait! I’ve gotta tell ya Maggie’s latest manipulative phrase.  I guess they’ve learned to play Simon Says at school, right? So the other night we were out in the blue-hair blue minivan, and Maggie said, “Mama? Simon sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get me some Sonic!!” Then there was an impatient pause when I didn’t respond. “Mama? DO YOU KNOW how to play Simon Says? IF Simon says it, THEN you have to do it! If Simon didn’t say it, then you don’t have to do it.”  And then she repeated, “Simon sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go to SONIC!”  

…Well OF COURSE we went, silly.  (Simon said!!) Duhhhh! Do I need to explain the rules better?)

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lush lawn and loads of laundry sax and drugs

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  • 1. pcase  |  July 6, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Hey gal – meant to chime in earlier on this, but haven’t had a chance. About a year ago, I was losing so much hair that Joe thought our cat had dyed her fur and started sleeping in the shower! I had been using a combination of Biolage hair products at the time. I am not even sure why I decided to try a different line of hair products, the “shedding” almost came to a complete halt.

    I now rotate between Shampure (by Aveda) products and that Bath & Body Works line I mentioned in an earlier comment. The switching of the products seems to make a difference too.

    Meanwhile, I have a pretty heavy vitamin ritual now, too. I combine a multi, as well as vitamin A, E and a B-complex, plus fish oil – every day. Plus iron and calcium supplements recommended by my doc. I know. I am vitamin obsessive.

    But hey – no sick days hardly EVER. And I’ve finally got an Alpaca growing on my head! Nevertheless, a quick trip to the doc will help you get a quicker handle on it so you can move forward from here.

    Let us know if your doc thinks we’re all nuts!



  • 2. Mel  |  July 6, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    Yes, I CAN totally relate, especially right now with PMS, job, and the house on the market, etc. ALL at the same time. I know that the Lord is trying to TEACH me SO many things right now, I wish I could just get them down and get on with it. One minute, yelling, then crying, then laughing hysterically at that whole thing………all the while our poor kids have NO idea what is going on. Oh, to be like a little child again!


  • 3. tsm  |  July 6, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    Well, I’ve changed hair gels. Stopped using it about a week ago, due to the same line of reasoning you’re using. And, I think it may be A LITTLE better. Just not ENOUGH so for me to rule that styling gel as the culprit. But, on top of that…my nerves just ain’t what they used to be. So, it may be that there is more than one contributing factor. I am one stress ball of a woman. Mostly I just want to go to sleep to escape. I wish I had a dollar for each time the thought, “WHY CAN’T EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP?” crosses my mind. Can you relate?


  • 4. Mel  |  July 6, 2007 at 11:14 am

    Love the new layout!!!


  • 5. Mel  |  July 6, 2007 at 11:13 am

    I’ll be praying for your doctor visit to go well. You haven’t changed shampoos or any hair care products, etc. I am sure you have already thought of that, but just trying to help. We SOOOOO love LINDT’S truffles. In fact we just devoured an entire bag of the DARK chocolate ones this week. Oh my, so good!!! My Aunt lived in Germany for a while a few years back and sent us LOTS of those!!!! Call me this weekend if you get lonely……Andy works all weekend long!


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