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I overslept this morning. So, Maggie and I were in OVERDRIVE from the time my feet hit the floor…running like scalded dawgs.  As I pulled into the driveway at her preschool, Maggie expressed her concern. “Mama, are you gonna get fired just like Fred on the Flintstones?”   (I take it Mr. Slate gave Fred the ax on a recent episode she watched.)   Mags has taken to watching some of the older cartoons on Boomerang network.  Fortunately for me we have “BOOMERANG on demand” through our cable company. That makes things so nice for mothers of four year olds who believe we ought to be able to “turn on” their favorite show anytime of the day or night. My mother didn’t have it so good. But there’s a long list of things that I do not understand how my parents made it without. And, at the top of that list would be cell phones in the purses of teenage daughters.  I cannot fathom life without that. Well, yes I can. And, I think without that wonderful device on my teen, I surely would have been hauled away in a white jacket with arms that tie in the back by now. And, I’m saying that PRE driving teenager. There’s just NO WAY! I’d snap if I didn’t know I could get-a-hold of Jessye when she becomes a licensed driver. I’m very pleased to say that I’ve got a year and eight months before she will hold a driver’s license. Thank you, LORD! 

I walked in my sleep last night.  (Perhaps if I could manage to stay in the bed all night, I might not OVERsleep the next morning?) I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that I talk in my sleep. (Well, of course!) Yes, it’s incessant babbling to endure round the clock for poor Terry!  But, in addition to sleep talking, I also sleepwalk. Sometimes Terry awakens me. Sometimes I think he just gets a bowl of popcorn and watches the show. He’s not home from the youth trip yet, so my sleep walking had no audience last night. I woke up in the middle of it all. (Don’t worry, so far I’ve not left the house. I almost ventured out once on a trip in high school. But, my room’s chaperone was able to get between me and the door, and finally was able to wake me up. I was 18 at the time. Scared my chaperone pretty bad.)

Anyway, last night I dreamed that the dog had tee-teed in the elevator. So, I knew I had to clean it up quickly before it ran off the edges of the elevator floor into the elevator shaft. So, up I sprang from my bed to go get something to clean up the dog’s indiscretions. I dashed to the kitchen, rolled off about four feet of paper towels, and hurried back to my bedroom. It was at that point I realized that we do not have an elevator, and therefore, I must be dreaming.  And, sure ’nuff, this morning when I awoke (an hour late), there was  indeed a four foot long pile of paper towels in my bedroom. Hhhhhhhhhhh!

There have been dozens upon dozens of sleep talking and sleep walking episodes with me. One time I tried to dig a hole in our mattress. Sat up on my knees and started digging at our fitted sheet like I was gonna bury something. I woke up during that one, too. But, I tried to act like I was still asleep so as to avoid some of the hoooo-hoooo-hooooin’ Terry was  doing as a result. It’s so humiliating!  Now, Terry HAS learned not to try to argue with me when I’m sleep talking, though.  When I’m sleep talking, despite the fact that the things I’m saying may not make any sense at all, if he tries to correct me, it makes me really mad. And he thinks THAT’s hysterical, of course.  I’ll be sound asleep, and emphatically explaining the most insipid story you’ve ever heard.  As you can well imagine, he likes to play along and ask me questions about the stupid stuff I’m babbling.  Good thing I have nothing to hide, huh?

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  • 1. tsm  |  July 14, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    I’m laughing ’cause when I first read that comment I imagined leaves and GUMBALLS in your sheets, instead of leaves and SWEETGUM balls. I was trying to imagine your sleepwalking to the nearest store to Mama and Daddy’s house. And, that was better than a mile away. But, it’s kinda skeery either way. So cut that out, will ya?


  • 2. susan  |  July 14, 2007 at 9:11 pm

    Ok, I have to ‘fess that when I was 17, I awoke with dried leaves and sweet gum balls in the bed with me. I remember nothing of the event, but based on where my parents’ house is, the thought of it is pretty skeery. Their house is on a MAJOR thoroughfare.

    Emma and Rob both walk in their sleep, too, but it is usually just to our bed.


  • 3. pcase  |  July 10, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    Ok – so why is this sleepwalking thing news to me? I was quite aware of the sleep-talking Tracey… but not the sleep-walking one.

    That runs in my family too. My sis once left the house and walked around the block around my house. This happened when we were in our teens. A neighbor called my father at 2am to tell him she was walking around in their yard in her PJ’s! Crazy. Leaving the house in the middle of the night was a regular thing with her for a couple of years. My parents were VERY light sleepers after that one incident and managed to either follow her or stop her until one night she just quit. The never figured out what triggered her middle-of-the-night strolls.

    As for me, I’m the sleep talker of the family. And I’m talking about FULL ON conversations with no space between words for anyone to respond. I just babble on and on – then stop mid-sentence and sleep. Joe, too, enjoys reliving it the next day.

    Hope T and J are having a ball at the beach!


  • 4. tsm  |  July 10, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Well, Terry hollers and groans in his sleep! Sounds like something’s after him! So, I faithfully wake him up (per his request) when he does that. Now that he’s done a missions trip, and a youth trip with church, there are many witnesses to back me up on his sleepYELLING. HILARIOUS!


  • 5. Aprille Roberts  |  July 10, 2007 at 11:56 am

    As far as the sleeptalking goes, you are sooo right. It is a really good thing that you have nothing to hide. However, after the mattress digging episode Terry may have checked later to make sure you didn’t have money hidden in that mattress that you were trying to dig out! 🙂 Better check it for some new stitching!

    I totally agree on the things that we have that our parents didn’t. Every time I drove somewhere as a teen my parents made me call them to let them know that I had arrived safely. And woe unto me if I ever forgot to call. I only remember forgetting one time, but that was enough! Of course, not only does the thought of my children driving concern me, but also the thought of them talking on the cell phone while they are driving – that really concerns me! I have a hard enough time with that myself. I will have to try to drive home the importance of waiting until you have arrived to call me, or waiting until you are stopped somewhere to call me, and do as I say, not as I do!

    Oh, and back to the whole sleepwalking/talking thing, not only should the fact that you don’t have an elevator in your house have awakened you from your dream, but also the fact that little Miss Maybelle has no hope of peeing enough to actually run over the floor and into the shaft!

    Michelle’s little boy sleepwalks also (he is 7 years old), and he did actually try to get out of the house one night in his sleep. Thank goodness for the chain lock! Also, my friend Karah has a son who sleepwalks. He has just turned 10, and is as big as a 13 or 14 year old! She says it is a very scary thing when he sleepwalks because she will be in the throes of a peaceful slumber and will suddenly be awakened by what looks like a man in the dark. Pretty startling. My kids don’t sleepwalk, just sleeptalk – Jordan does a lot of yelling in his sleep – most likely at his sister. We usually hear “Get out of my room” or “leave me alone” or “shut up!” (which he knows he is not allowed to say and I guess is the reason he only uses it in his dreams!)


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