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July 12, 2007 at 9:58 am 2 comments

Well, I’m awaiting the report from Doc Jenkins regarding yesterday’s blood work. He says my thyroid is NOT enlarged, so I’ve sort of given up hope that blood work will reveal that my thyroid is the culprit for some of my symptoms. But, I do have a prescription for Paxil CR for the rest of my symptoms.  Greg (my doctor) thinks I’m experiencing hair loss due to stress.  And, isn’t that just peachy? Because my hair loss is definitely CAUSING stress. So, this is NOT good news.  Greg says that sometimes when you have a major stressful event or events, that all your hair follicles sorta RE-SET at the same time. So, while we all lose some hair everyday, when they all decide to re-set, you start losing LOTS and LOTS of hair at once. (Oh goodie.)  So, maybe a li’l something to keep my anxiety level down will help? But,  supposedly it take 2-3 weeks for Paxil to kick in. (So, more waiting and watching is ahead, I guess! But, when are we not in that mode, really? Ain’t that just the essence of daily life?)  Anyway, I turned the Rx into the pharmacy last night, but I couldn’t wait for them to fill it ‘cause I had to be at sound check at church at 6pm. And, then, this morning the pharmacy wasn’t open yet when I was on my way in to work. So, I will have to pick it up tonight and start my journey into the wonderful world of Paxil CR tomorrow morning. Additionally, I will be taking a multi-vitamin, and 1000 milligrams of calcium a day to try and build up my bones before they start going the other way (assuming that hasn’t already begun.)  As crazy as it sounds, I would be delighted to hear that I have an under active thyroid. That would mean there’s a reason (BEYOND EATING TOO MUCH FATTENING FOODS) for why I can’t seem to get any weight off easily these days. Well, maybe when my serotonin levels are up in a couple of weeks I’ll be happier about the idea of getting myself back on Weight Watchers, at least? Heh! Fat chance! I am NOT into sacrifice. 

I’ve gotta get myself some running shoes. The trainers downstairs at the gym say that I am going to tear my feet up trying to walk in flats. And, doc says I’ll have shin splints as a result of that. So, I guess I’ll be making a shoe purchase soon.  But, I mostly think running shoes are U-G-L-Y. And, therefore, I am not at all looking forward to the shopping experience.  Besides the fact that I think they’re typically stupid-lookin’, I am somewhat afraid that I will purchase something NOT HIP. And, I’d like to avoid that, too. One positive thing about having appropriate shoes for the treadmill is that I should be able to move a little faster. If I get my speed much over 3.5mph, my heels start coming up outa my flats.  Oh, did I tell ya: The first two days on the treadmill, I thought I was WONDER WOMAN ‘cause the digital display said I was walking 4.5mph. I found out on day three that I had chosen the treadmill that was not calibrated properly. (Naturally I had chosen the treadmill that was smack dab in front of the television; I’m sure you understand my treadmill choosing criteria.) So, I moved one treadmill to the right, and was saddened to discover that my true walking speed is a mere 3.5mph.   Now, that’s not slow by any means. But, it’s a bummer to spend your first two days of walking on the treadmill thinkin’ you’re some kinda super-human PHENOM, only to have the trainer come along beside you on day three and say, “You DO know you’re NOT REALLY moving as fast as it says you are, right?”  

I have a similar story about working Sudoku puzzles. I’d never tried, so I thought maybe I’d start by reading the instructions. (Perhaps not thoroughly…but, I read ‘em.) Then I began to work my first Sudoku.  Ohhhhhhhhh, it was sooooooooooo simple! I thought it was unbelievably easy. I thought to myself, “Eugene YOU genius! Somebody call the Guiness Book of World Records! After I’d worked through a whole book of beginner Sudokus, I thought I would move on up to the next level. Heck! I’ll go a couple of levels up.  I started working those with relative ease, as well. Then one day Jessye noticed I had a book of EXPERT level Sudokus. She says to me, “Mama, you’ll have to show me your secret; I just don’t have the patience for those things. I just can’t do ‘em.”    Ohhhhh, sure! I’ll show ya how, I thought. It’s easy and it’s so fun! So, I sat down to share my wisdom with my fourteen year old. At that point Jessye broke the news to me that I was not completely following the directions.  Apparently, it was easy to me because I was just trying to get all the numbers horizontally and then in the individual squares. But, I did not realize that I also was supposed to be working to get the numbers right from top to bottom!  Can I tell you? That AIN’T easy. So, I went from the Sudoku genius to the Sudoku Jethro in about three seconds flat.  Shucks Uncle Jed. I done graduated the 6th grade, and I’m either gon’ be a brain surgeon, a fry cook, or a double naught spy. Y’ont me ta cipher for ya?

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  • 1. Aprille Roberts  |  July 19, 2007 at 9:54 pm

    I guess I may be the only person in the world who has not worked a Sudoku puzzle, no, I don’t think anyone in my family has done one. I was intrigued this past weekend as I was having a yard sale and there was one in a magazine, but not intrigued enough to do it. I like word puzzles better I guess, but then as I said, I have never tried it.

    I absolutely love my running shoes. Mitch has been with me the past couple of times I have picked athletic shoes, and he is really on with what looks cool in athletic stuff. I am mostly concerned with the way they feel though. I used to be a Saucony person through and through, they feel wonderful. But the last pair I bought were Nike. I have never like the way they felt, but this pair were exceptional. Mom mom and I went and bought a pair of crocks – the flip-flop kind – not the closed-toe clog kind – and they were like walking on the moon. The closed-toe ones are not even the same thing, not even close – I tried both. Anyway, I have walked and run in those crocs because they felt as good as my running shoes. Of course, I am SURE they MUST be a safety hazard on a treadmill!!! Anyway, they feel good.

    Have you done well with T-factor? I was trying to figure out what I will try next.


  • 2. pcase  |  July 12, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    You are a crackup! I love Sudoku! But I NEVER say it right. I say SOduko … SUdoko …SUkudo … You name it. I don’t EVER say it right. I love to do those when I am on a plane. Many of the airline magazines have the puzzles in there. NOTHING hacks me off more when I pull that airline mag out of the little magazine holder thingie in front of my sear – to find out that some other previous airline passeneger HAD ALREADY DONE THE PUZZLE! But I’ve spent my fair share on cheap Sudoku puzzle books in airports. More embarrassing is when the person sitting next to you offers to help because they feel sorry for you – especially at “jethro level” and I’ve only worked one puzzle between Nashville and Dallas. But great fun all the same!


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