summer cold and summer’s end

July 24, 2007 at 5:00 pm 1 comment

I’m sick. I’ve got a cold. And, I have a bit of laryngitis as a result. That makes answering the phone for a living a true joy, lemme tell ya.  I had to run to the pharmacy this morning for Sudafed. Folks, if you haven’t purchased that lately, let me tell ya, you have to sign your life away to document the purchase. I filled out my name address, telephone number, date and time on a clip board at the pharmacy. Then I had to show my driver’s license. Just when I was rolling up my sleeve thinking surely I’d have to give blood next, they let me pay for the stuff and go on my merry way. Anyway, thanks to being under the weather, I am highly unmotivated in general. More so than usual, that is. But, despite my snotty nose and bad attitude, I’m trying to do better about eating and exercise. I’ve read the latest issue of PREVENTION magazine cover to cover in an attempt to rev up my will power. Today I walked only a mile and a half. But, hey! I walked, at least. Below is my “food journal” for the day. The POINTS system is Weight Watchers terminology, for those of you who are NOT familiar with the lingo.  I can have between 18-23 POINTS a day. Actually, I can probably have more than that, since I’m over 150lbs these days. But, I’m going to eat 18-23 POINTS a day, anyway. Maybe I’ll get down below 150lbs sooner that way. 

1 cup coffee                                        2  POINTS

½ cup coffee                                     1  POINTS

Cup of fresh strawberries               1  POINTS

Cup of fresh pineapple                     2  POINTS

Turkey sandwich on wheat             4  POINTS

Baked Lays                                        2  POINTS

FUZE banana colada fruit drink     4  POINTS 

Yesterday I did great on my eating until I got home. Then I totally binged on junk food. Chiefly chocolate and Cheetos. I hope to do better tonight. I’m thinking I’ll whip up some white chili sans the beans.  I wish I were motivated to exercise early in the mornings. But, I’m not even motivated to get out of the bed even without the threat of impending exercise. I am not a very happy morning person.  So maybe evening workouts would be better for me? How I wish that our local high school would permit walkers on their track. But, they won’t. I miss that luxury from when we lived in the Nashville area. The local high school’s track was actually paid for by the community. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have any problem sharing it with the community. 

Well, summer is drawing to a close. This week the high school band is in “pre-band camp”, doing individual sections work. Next week band camp starts.  Two weeks of that, then school starts. I had to call a guidance counselor today to see about getting a class switched on Jessye’s schedule. Apparently she signed up for the wrong English class. So, we need to see about getting that remedied before school starts if possible. I’ve got to find out when orientation is for beginning freshmen. I can hardly believe Jessye is starting high school. Our heads are spinnin’ over the thought…(hers AND mine!)  

We picked up Maybelle on Saturday after our trip to the Biltmore. She weighs 4 pounds! That little rascal! I thought she’d never be over three pounds! So, at this point we’re kinda wonderin’ how big she WILL get. She’s not even four months old yet. I thought puppies grow for a full year. But, I guess that growth is not in even increments, maybe? I know she won’t be over eight pounds. Again, I can’t believe she’s four pounds. She’s NOT a teacup Yorkie. She’s a toy Yorkie. Or, that’s what the girl at the pet store told us. We’ve yet to receive the dog’s papers from them.  We’ve already called them once. Not that it matters anymore! She’s ours now! And, she’s so much fun to have. As Maggie says, “Mama, I’m so glad we have a P-U-P-P-Y.”  *sigh*   Maggie is learning to read. I guess our days of spelling out things we don’t want her to hear are drawing to an end!

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  • 1. Aprille Roberts  |  July 25, 2007 at 8:16 am

    I absolutely cannot seem to wrap my mind around the fact that Jessye is going to be in high school!!! That is unreal!!! Thank goodness you still have a preschooler to keep you grounded! LOL!

    I’m going to have to check out how many points I can have on WW and maybe do that one with you. I have got to pick something and go with it. Hope it goes well for you!

    Hope you get to feeling better too! What has probably happened is that your body wants to go back on vacation to the Biltmore or wherever, not to work, so it’s on strike against going to work! Thus, the cold/laryngitis thing.

    Love you!


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