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July 26, 2007 at 12:23 pm 2 comments

I’ve made it two days without blowing my Weight Watchers POINTS plan. Yeaaaaa me! (Well, I guess that may not seem like much, but I’ve gotta celebrate the little victories!) So, woooo-hoooo! I haven’t gotten on the scale, so I don’t really know what my starting point was. But, whatever! I mean, I’ve got a ways to go. So, maybe I just won’t get on the scale ‘til I can SEE a difference? I consumed 17 POINTS worth of food yesterday. Day before that I finished the day with less than that. So, I’m doing well so far.

I have still GOT to get some running shoes. Not gonna run. But, the trainers at the gym harass me about wearing flats when I’m on the treadmill. They insist that I’m going to tear up me feet or get shin splints. So far, that has not been the case, but, I’m tired of hearing about it on a daily basis. 

The report from Jessye’s first day of rehearsals with the woodwinds section of the band was that it was HOT, HOT, HOT. She said they had to stand in a small room with no air conditioning for three hours, and that she felt faint and dizzy some of the time, as did some of her classmates.  As best I recall, that was true of all of my high school experience in the spring and summer months. (No air conditioning in our public schools way back when.) That made Algebra and Chemistry especially fun. I can distinctly remember sweating intensely, and the sensation of peeling my arm off the top of my desk. That was a common occurrence, apparently. It definitely has imprinted my memory bank!  And, y’all, I just don’t do well at all in intense heat.  I don’t sweat near as much now as I did when I was a kid. (I probably got it all out of my system grades 7-12!)  But, what I do NOW is break out in a heat rash. And, I mean, in the time it takes me to walk from my building, get in my van, and crank up the AC, my chest and neck will be crimson splotched.  Simply lovely! 

Today at lunch I’ve got to go get gasoline. The warning bell chimed today on the way in. I hate to spend any of my lunch hour getting gasoline. But, I guess it’s unavoidable because it is nearly impossible at five o’clock to stop for gasoline. Well, it’s not the stopping part that’s the problem. It’s the getting back on the main road that’s so frustrating. NO ONE wants to let you out of the gas station driveway when it’s quittin’ time.  Last time I tried that, it was coming a monsoon on top of the usual MEAN traffic situation. I didn’t think I’d ever get home that afternoon.  Why do I let myself get into this situation? It’s soooooo much easier to get gasoline in the smaller city in which I reside than it is in the big city in which I work. Nashville drivers are so much nicer. But, in this part of the country, we have some of the most impolite, hateful, out-for-number one drivers with whom I’ve ever had the great misery of sharing the road. And, it’s EASY to become one of ‘em, I might add. It’s like jungle warfare out there.  The typical driver’s attitude in this city is, “I’m NUMBER ONE, and YOU don’t rate!” Heaven forbid anyone should extend any courtesy and common decency to their neighbor while behind the wheel.  People just lose their minds when driving! Face to face most of ‘em would probably NEVER dream of behaving so horribly. But, put ‘em in the driver’s seat of their automobile and watch ‘em morph into something hideous! 

I feel better today. Still got a “Hollywood voice”.  But, it’s a little better.  It just take nine or ten days for a cold to run it’s course, I s’ppose. So, by those calculations, I oughta be fine by tomorrow or Saturday. And, I’m so ready to be FINE. 

This morning the whole family had to get up the same time I did! And, it was truly a treat for me.  No, really!  I told Terry so this morning. I wish we’d all get up early everyday. Terry said that maybe we’d all be sleepy at the same time that way. Currently I’m the one who’s sleepy first. But, I guess that makes sense, doesn’t it? I get up before everyone else.  And, I am usually the only one who has to be awake early at our house. It’s just nice to have other people awake besides me in the mornings. I envision us all getting up at…say five thirty? Going outside on the back porch…listening to the birds tweet while drinking coffee and chit chatting.  Of course, the other dream I have is of getting up and doing some sort of work out tape before getting ready for work.  Get the old metabolism crankin’ early in the day! Then I could make breakfast for everyone! Hmmm. I guess that would require getting up at five instead of at five thirty. (Well, I mean, if you’re gonna dream, dream big!)  I wish Jessye would get up and work out with me. It would be infinitely better if I had a buddy on that venture.  But, the possibilities of that ever materializing are probably slim to none.  

Okay, one more thing I’ve got to share. My friend Pam turned me on to this. There’s a search engine out there called, and with it you can type in a song title, and it will play the song in it’s entirety for you. It’s an incredible tool! Had to share that with my readers, too! Be sure to try that out!

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summer cold and summer’s end blahhhhhhhhhh

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  • 1. Mel  |  July 30, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Sorry that I missed your call the other day! Thank you so much for all your prayers, we feel them! Things have been a little crazy around here, but going really, really well. We now have TWO offers on the house and are just waiting for our first buyer to make a decision. The Lord has been so faithful in His promises! Everything is working out so beautifully and we are both filled with so much peace. Now…….we just gotta find a place to live, ha, ha! I’ll try to call soon!


  • 2. Aprille Roberts  |  July 27, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    I absolutely could not stand to drive in that city every day! I have been there during rush hour a few times, and that was nightmare enough for me. Nashville was certainly busy at times, but you are so right – there was actually a little bit of courtesy there, a little compassion – JUST A TINY THOUGHT FOR THE PERSON IN THE CAR NEXT TO YOU!!! I actually had my mom with me one day in Bellevue – which is pretty mild as far as traffic – and some guy got mad at me, and at the red light he actually got out of his car and came up and started banging on my window, telling me to roll it down. Uh-uh!!! No way! PSYCHO ALERT! Anyway, I guess that stuff is everywhere. People in Texas are really courteous too, and also in Benton Co. here in Tennessee, they actually pull off onto the shoulder of the road to let you pass them. Mitch could not get over that the first time he saw it! Courtesy – a lost art, a forgotten culture, just a memory of years gone by…
    Love ya girl!


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