cavities galore

August 1, 2007 at 10:26 pm Leave a comment

Maggie has like seven cavities! Bless her heart, CLEARLY she has inherited my crummy teeth. Speaking of which, I need to get myself to the dentist, too! Terry and Jessye have awesome, strong, cavity defying choppers, and for that we are thankful. 

The pediatric dentist has said that it is likely that Maggie will need some caps on some back teeth, in fact. And, the work will be done in one of two ways:  1) Because Maggie is not afraid nor nervous at the dentist, and is a good patient, he has given us the option of trying four office visits to do all the necessary work OR  2)we can do outpatient surgery at the hospital. OH MY GOODNESS! Does that seem a bit extreme?

We have decided to try the first visit for dental work at the office. And, if it goes well, then we will continue for three more visits. But, if it’s not a good visit, and Maggie freaks out over the shots and the drilling, then we may have to consider the hospital alternative.

Just when I thought I was calming down and evening out a little, this has come along and upset my apple cart!

 Meanwhile, I walked a mile today, and then I did a mile on the eliptical machine. Loved it. And, it burns bunches more calories than treadmilling did according to the digital display on each. So, unless I am crippled as a result of my new work out machine tomorrow morning, then this will be my exercise of choice for awhile I think!

 Okay, I’m going to bed. The kids are startin’ to whine and ask me for stuff.

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