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August 6, 2007 at 10:14 am Leave a comment

Friday night we got to go see a little preview of our daughter’s high school band half time show. It looks really great! Brought back memories of my marching days. I remember Jessye being concerned that she wouldn’t be able to march and play at the same time. Clearly this is NOT an issue. Lots of backwards marching in this show! I can’t wait to see the finished product at their first game! It was many a year before I actually attended a football game sans a wool band uniform. 

The youth group at church just added a ton of new kids last night as the entering seventh graders just joined the ranks following their very own weekend youth retreat. And, to celebrate, there was a late night pool party last night! Jessye had a great time. And, her friend Laraby’s mother dropped her off at the Waffle House on their way home (where we of course were doing our usual Sunday night thing with the Anthonys.)  

Vicki and John and the boys finally got home from Myrtle Beach. Seemed like a two week trip to us—probably ‘cause we couldn’t make the trip with as we’d wanted. We hope to be able to plan a trip together next year, though. Band camp for Jessye kept us from being able to join ‘em this year. Can’t miss band camp or you can’t be in the band. Period! But, I’m running really low on Personal Time Off days, anyway, thanks to Malone flu week back in March.  And, we’ve got five more months before this year is through. We will ALL be getting the flu shot this year. We’ll probably have to knock the kids out to manage this, but we’re definitely all getting the vaccine this year as soon as it’s available.

I could definitely use some more sleep this morning. Coffee just ain’t cuttin’ it. Anymore, I just can’t stay up half the night if I wanna be worth a hoot the next day. Truthfully, I neeeeeeeed to be in bed before eleven. I hate trying to work sleepy-headed. Seems like it oughta at least eleven by now! But it’s only 9:23a.m.  (Ugh.)

I’m excited about our annual community outreach event coming up week after next at church! Richie McDonald, lead singer of the country group, Lonestar, will be coming in!  Should be a great turn out, considering he was voted songwriter of the year last year!  We definitely need to see about getting flyers up at the local grocery stores. But, Terry says Richie will be doing an interview on the big country station in town soon. So, I’m sure that’ll take care of booking the place solid.   Tickets are free, but, you have to have one in order to reserve a spot. Should be a fun night! 

Here’s a cool link for music-lovers. What was the number one song on the day of your birth? How ‘bout your anniversary? Your children’s birthdays?  Check this link out and find out! I’ve spent considerable time at this site now, running everybody’s birthday I know. Number one on my birthday was “HELLO GOODBYE” by The Beatles.  How ‘bout you? http://www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneInHistory/SelectMonth.htm  

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