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August 30, 2007 at 8:46 pm Leave a comment

I woke up Thursday morning minus two pounds!  Yipee! That’s rather encouraging! Four pounds woulda been neat. But, I’m glad to lose two pounds.  Afterall, it has not been an easy diet week, y’all.  As I’ve blogged before, the free goodies just keep coming. Today I was brought a slice of chocolate chunk chocolate cake. I received it gladly, and gave it away. But, I asked like six people before I finally got a taker. Somewhere in there I did begin to question if eating that cake was my destiny. I sure did have to try hard to give away that delicious treat. What’s wrong with people? I was slobbering over it, and I managed to find people who were on a diet four times, and one who was actually ALLERGIC to chocolate. (Bless his heart!)

Ohhh…and then! Then!  Get this!:  After lunch, the president of the company came in with no less than nine kinds of ice cream, and set ’em up in the break room. It’s company tradition to call the ladies in the office first. Usually I page the good news, but today I decided to make descreet phone calls to the handful of female employees so as to not alert the ruthless when hungry men in our office.  After all the ladies had served themselves, I paged,

“Gentleman, there is ice cream in the break room. There is ice cream in the breakroom. Release the thundering herd!”

I did have one small bite of Cookies and Cream. But, that’s all folks. And, I was all but BOO’d for my restraint. Those people are HEARTLESS, I tell ya!

Okay, Terry just got home. I’mo prepare SOMETHIN’ DELICIOUS for supper. (That’s what he always says he wants when I ask him what he’d like for supper.) “Something delicious!”

G’night all!

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