labor day weekend debrief

September 4, 2007 at 7:06 pm 2 comments

Jessye’s first marching performance went great.  And, I got to see my first cousin, Paula, too! We were playing their team! I had no idea, of course, since I was just there to see the star sax player! =) Our good friends Vicki and John and their darling boys joined us for this game. That made it MUCH more fun than it would have otherwise been.

Sunday after church Maggie wanted to make a cake. Actually, she wanted to make a cake on Friday as well as on Saturday.  But, it was not until Sunday that we finally got around to baking. So, we made a strawberry cake. Once we got the cake in the oven, Maggie said she wanted party hats. I thought I had some left over from a birthday party, but I guess we didn’t.  So, I told her we’d just make some….and we did! I made four little party hats, and we decorated them. We even put curl ribbon on each sides and to tie them under the chin. We snapped some photos, naturally. Maggie woke Terry up from his Sunday afternoon nap to tell him it was time to start the party. So, Terry’s party hat was covering some mean bed-head. 

Sunday night we ate at Texas Road House, and embarrassed the Anthonys during our thirty minute wait for a table by joining the kids in throwing peanuts at each other, singing loudly, and finally dancing. You can’t take us anywhere, apparently. Although, I think the dancing may have encouraged the hostess in her endeavor to seat our party of seven, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday, while at a friend’s Labor Day cook out, I was walking one direction, while looking back over my shoulder. I finished my sentence, turned around, and ran smack dab into her refrigerator. I amaze myself! If someone would follow me around with a video camera, I am confident I could single-handedly provide adequate subject matter for one of those bloopers and home videos shows.

This morning after driving my forty minute haul to work, I gathered up my purse and my keys, glanced in the passenger side floorboard, and discovered Jessye’s school book bag. So, I called Terry to announce that news. Then, I went upstairs to my job long enough to ask DeLois to cover the switch and explain to Patsy (my supervisor) what had happened. She was completely understanding, as usual.

I had been so drowsy driving in that I decided to get a cup of coffee for the road. So, I poured a cup of coffee, put a tablespoon of sugar and cream in the tiny stirofoam cup, stuck two stirrers in there…and promptly turned it over, flooding the countertop.  Because I hadn’t even stirred it yet, big clumps of powdered coffee creamer and sugar like wet sand oozed out into the stream of java. It ran under the industrial coffee maker, of course. So, I had to clean all that up before I could start my forty minute drive back across the state line. At least it did not get on me, and miraculously, it did not run over the edge of the counter top to drip down the cabinet fronts onto the breakroom floor. So, I tried to look on the bright side.

Okay, I’ve got some potato stroganoff calling my name, so bye fer now. 

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pooooooooor li’l ol’ piccolo player diary of a dream

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  • 1. Tracey  |  September 5, 2007 at 10:13 am

    I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the story about the suitcase-bobsledding adventure before now! But, I do know the story about you managing to drop a dutch oven full of that ever-so aromatic cabbage soup once while dieting.

    Let me assure you, I have fallen down the stairs. I have fallen up the stairs. I have tripped over my own foot. And, as I wrote yesterday, I’ve had a head on collision with a Frigidaire. I am a walking slapstick routine.


  • 2. pcase  |  September 4, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    Tracey – let’s start with Terry’s bed head. One of the funniest videos I have is of Terry from one of our church camping trips. I won’t soon forget that “Terry was spikey on top when spikey wasn’t cool” look! So, I’ve got a good picture in my mind of Terry’s Sunday “mean bed-head”.

    Glad to hear Jessye’s band performance went off well! We’re off this weekend, but back in full force next weekend with another home game.

    And as for that long string of occurrences that led to your trip back down south, I can totally relate. Look, as you know, I’m just one accident waiting to happen. I’m the one who road my suitcase like a bobsled down a flight of stairs one morning before heading to the airport. To this day, I am actually thankful there was no one home to witness THAT one. And real glad I’m alive today to talk about it!


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