escaping evil doers

September 9, 2007 at 11:31 pm 2 comments

Okay, my dreams have been just bizarre this week.  A common theme for the past two nights has been that of me running from evil assailants. A couple of nights ago I spent the evening trying to escape evil people…the chief of whom was a woman who seemed so nice. She was smart, and had dry humor. And she talked to me like a friend. But, the whole time I knew that she was my kidnapper. So, I felt shocked that she was being so nice, and had to remind myself that she was a bad ‘un. Plus, I had to see to it that my entire family escaped her clutches, so that really increased my stress level. And, inevitably, all escape routes were dangerous. For instance:  At one point we had to escape through a secret doorway…I think it had a curtain over it. We got through it, and there was a ledge, and the only way to get outside to safety was via huge machinery that had many jagged-edged wheels that turned, with belts running over the wheels. The whole fam had to safely slide down these belts…hoping not to get mashed or cut, or ground up. It was really taxing trying to get my family to safety.

 Okay, then last night, I dreamed I’d be abducted by some crazy cult. They had me held captive in some dark basement. But, it was like I was below street level or something.  Well, then…all the young women of the cult came to me, with perfumes and lotions and makeup, etc.  It was like my own personal spa day, or something. But, I soon realized that they were preparing me to be the virgin sacrifice. Of course, then I was completely terrified, and my plotting to escape kicked into overdrive. Eventually, the opportunity came for me to make a run for it. But, when I started making my escape, the scenery changed. I was suddenly in the basement of the house I grew up in. Running very familiar paths in the house…Taking the staircase three or four stairs at a time, as my little sister and I typically did.  I went out the carport door, and bounded up the steep incline driveway. I lept into a car and began driving like a bat outa Georgia, trying to get away. Next thing I know Terry and my sister Susan were with me. I was desperately, frantically explaining my plight to them, telling them they had to hide me somewhere that the cult could never find me.  Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  It was horrible.  I was relieved to wake up.

I don’t know why my dreams have been so nutty lately. But, it’s been a really weird week in my subconscious, I s’ppose.

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diary of a dream seventeen

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  • 1. tm  |  September 12, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    Yup. I recall that one. Freaky! But, not as freaky as one of your recurring dreams/visions you shared with me on the way back from Maben together that time…the week before we all started getting the flu last March. I’ve tried to block that one out. (No doubt you have, too!)


  • 2. Susan  |  September 12, 2007 at 9:07 pm

    Dang! We must be related! Did I ever tell you the dream about being in a house that has doors that keep opening onto rooms I never knew were there, until I get to a room with the two dead people in it? Oh yeah, I think I have. I could write several horror movies, just from my dreams.


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