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September 22, 2007 at 10:26 pm 5 comments

I got talked into working the company golf tournament this year by DeLois. (Sorry Leight Ann. Don’t be mad!) I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to last year, and I didn’t. But, DeLois just hammered me about it until I finally caved.  And, guess what? It was fun. I already plan to volunteer again next year.

I arrived at the golf course at 6:35am. Stephanie asked me to drive the golf cart and, then plan was that she was gonna jump out and make pictures. I did not want to go. But, I know NOTHING about golf, nor golf course ettiquette. Plus, I am completely NON adventurous. But, I agreed. I drove at first. But, Stephanie quickly took the wheel, and I was demoted to comic relief and confidence support for the photographer. But, it really was fun. We laughed and joked all day. She drove us through at least a hundred flocks of gnats (flocks?? Uhhh…wait. Ohhh, swarms maybe?)  Okay, well whatever...) whatever the collective noun is that properly describes a group of gnats, I can tell you we are sure to have eaten parts of some of those collections. We choked and sputtered and sneezed with all the golden rod and chick weed in bloom in the woods around the course. I didn’t EVEN take a Claritan that morning. Dumb, dumb, dumb me. I left for home at two p.m. from the course, following the awards luncheon.

Terry and I (with Maggie in tow) went to our friendly neighborhood chiropractor yesterday. Dr. Thompson is a friend who goes to our church, and Terry has been a patient there for some time. I finally got around to getting in there myself yesterday afternoon. Loved the office atmosphere. He has got such a cool set up in there.  The decor’ is fab! This is no surprise, as he is one “with-it” cat. Can you dig it?

So, I filled out all the new patient paperwork, and actually saw the good doctor. According to Dr. Brad, my back is somewhat of a mess. I haven’t had an adjustment in a few years. Okay, eighteen years. But, my back doesn’t hurt. It may be, however, that the current goofed-up state of my spine may be contributing to anxiety related symptoms. Apparently I actually had something stickin’ up off my spine enough for him to see it before we even got started. That was kinda bizarre. ‘Course, he’s a pro, so it may be that it wouldn’t have been obvious to someone who’s not a “spine specialist”.  But, anyway I have now been duly adjusted, and will be back in there next week as well, per Dr’s instructions. Heck, I’da gone back in there five minutes later if he’d have agreed. When I awoke this morning, I’d have gone, if I thought he’d have allowed it. But, I guess I’ll wait ’til Friday! =) And, may I just say, the roller tables in there rock! Man alive! I’d like to switch our matress out for a couple of those babies! Woooooo, they’re INCREDIBLE!

Last night Terry and Maggie and I went to see Jessye march at an away football game that was just fifteen minutes down the road. It was the first time the band wore their real uniforms. They marched pre-game since it was the opposing team’s homecoming. I guess they thought our school would be a sure win for them. But, it was tied up at the end, and therefore went into over time. They ended up beating our team by one measly point. But, it was their homecoming, afterall. So, I guess that was kinda neat for the opposing team.

We didn’t stay for the game, and I would have loved to have taken Jessye with me since there was actually a bomb threat of some sort made at that team’s school yesterday.  It was all over the news, and there was a live remote team from the local NBC affiliate waiting in case anything big broke loose. The threat itself was truly thought to have been  a prank….just kids messing around.  But none the less, there were “special forces” (swat team members with rifles) all dressed in black on roof tops surrounding the field keeping the grounds under surveylance through binoculars. That was quite a sight to behold, y’all.

Afterwards went with friends and ate catfish at a new little country style restaurant. It made me think of the catfish place in White Bluff, TN where we used to eat sometimes. The place in White Bluff had an enormous fiberglass catfish outside the restaurant. I used to threaten to climb up there and ride that thang. But, had I done that, I don’t think incriminating video footage could have been avoided. And, the story surely would have made the local newspaper. I mean, it ain’t ever’ day a woman saddles up a giant catfish, afterall. And in a newspaper for a town as tiny as the rural Nashville outskirts we used to live in, one just didn’t have that much exciting news to report. I mean, there used to be a town historical club column on the front page. Hello?! History on page one where the big story should be prominently displayed. That speaks, huh?

Ya know, I really am pretty much opposed to having symbols of live versions of whatever you’re about to eat in the restaurant on the restaurant sign, or greeting me at the front door. Ya know? That kinda thing really icks me out. I’m far from vegetarian. But, I don’t want to look eyeball to eyeball with a catfish before I go inside and eat a catfish. Ya know? I don’t want a pig on the barbecue place sign. I don’t want a chicken on the chicken place’s sign. I don’t want to see a cow outside the steak house. *BLICK!* Ya with me?

After catfish, Vicki and John and us met over at Rob and Shelley’s for a rousing round of the boardgame version of THE NEWLYWED GAME. I was kinda concerned going into that, but in the end it was fun, and Terry and I romped everybody good. And, that was BIG fun! I DO like to win!  I’m more than just a tad competitive.

But, some of the questions in that game, well, some of the questions just needed skippin’. So, I (being the designated “Bob Eubanks” for the group)  just skipped anything inappropriate.  I mean, y’all! It just makes me MAD AS A HORNET to discuss people that were dated prior to mine and Terry’s divinely-blessed blood covenant union (i.e. … marriage)!  No need in stirring up messes, I say. So, those sorts of questions don’t work very well for me.  But, we won the game. Did I mention that we won the game? Yep, yep, yep. So, that part was good.

Okay…FOR INSTANCE: Get this! One of the questions for the women said, “Which of your girlfriends will your husband say he finds most attractive?” Well, y’all, that right there’s a recipe for trouble. So, I wrote down the answer, “NONE OF THEM”. And, then when it came time to ask each of the men, “which one of your wife’s girlfriends did she say you find most attractive”, I posed the quesion to Terry like this:


Terry:     “Well all righty then! None of them.”

me:          “Ohhhh, good answer, honey.”  (And, no, I did not assign us any points for that one. I marked it as if we’d lost those points.)

There were some giggles and “oooooooooos” from our friends. I didn’t think John Anthony would ever shut up laughing about my reaction to that question.  He hee-hawed until he was red as a beet.  But, hey…I felt it was better to just say right up front that if you answer this question with the name of ANYBODY I know, I WILL be through-the-roof-furious, and will despise WHOMEVER you name going forward. So, let’s avoid that, shall we?  Meowwwwww-Hiss!

Ya know, Cranium is such a good game. I think we should probably stick to Cranium.

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  • 1. tsm  |  October 30, 2007 at 11:09 pm

    You DEFINITELY should take up blogging,Steph M.! It’s so fun! Glad you enjoyed this one! I’ve been at this for five months, girl. You’ve got some archives to explore on this site!

    See ya under the green roof!


  • 2. Stephanie (Miller)  |  October 30, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    Tracey – had to check out your blog after Brad’s advertisement for it in Sunday school… needless to say this is my favorite entry… you crack me up, and I think we are too much alike for our own good. (re the question about which girlfriend…)

    See you soon, and maybe this will encourage me to be-a-bloggerdom.



  • 3. Steph  |  September 26, 2007 at 7:11 am

    Somehow, I just am not believing Leigh Ann is really that upset…I think deep down, she’s so relieved that she didn’t have to work the golf tournament this year (more accurately, she didn’t have to coordinate/facilitate/organize/manage the golf tournament).
    She was probably sitting in her nicely decorated office (without stained carpet or a desk chair that appears to have been used as a potty training aide), behind her computer (up-to-date technology with unrestricted internet access) where she calculated her nice big ole paychecks she will probably use to add more furnishings her newly attained home located within close proximity to all her family & friends. However, she probably did not digest as much protein as we did from the swarms of gnats we met on the golf course.


  • 4. Leigh Ann  |  September 24, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    HA! I am a little upset that you worked the golf tournament this year! You owe me!!!!!


  • 5. pcase  |  September 24, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    I’ll start with the big honkin’ catfish! Yep, I know that place between White Bluff and Dickson. Heck, we ate there at that place with you guys.

    And I SURE remember your threats to ride that giant catfish, as it stood as stately as a bucking bronco in one of those bull riding places (the ones I’ve seen in the movies, of course). Wish you’d ridden it, ’cause I’d have a photo of you to upload to this comment!

    As for board games, I stay away from most of those Q&A thangs myself. First of all, I become a total idiot at the first sign of a Q that requires any thought at all. Now, I’m not saying I’m stupid or anything, but around 5pm on Friday, I shut down all my “good thinkin’ ” and turn into a weekend goofball.

    If I have to sound intelligent, connect sentences or do anything related to logical thinking (especially anything where my memory might be needed) YOU CAN FORGET IT!

    Just slap me down in front of some mindless TV with a big bag of Nacho Doritoes, and a diet coke. Amen.


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