ohhhhhhhh i have the best idea!

September 22, 2007 at 4:37 pm Leave a comment

My friend Pam’s recent blog entry has really set my mind a-whirl! She was discussing a day of working her job from home. She actually did a ton of laundry…while working her office gig! This has really got me thinking…

Ohhhhhhhh how I would LOVE to work from home! Would that be cool or what? Oh my stars, I would be on top of the world! And, I know it’s technologically possible. I mean, if I can answer the phones for one of our offices in another state, (which I do as it is) then I know VERY WELL that I could answer the phones for them from the comfort of my home! It would just mean adding some telecom equipment here at the house!

And there could be like a cardboard cut out of me waving at guests who happen by in our big city office…you know, like with an arm that waves, and a plastered-on smile that never goes away?!  This plan would surely be sufficient for the most part! I think I’ll propose that to upper management next year around review/raise time. Yeah???

Told Terry about this dreamy notion, and he agrees that one hand (of the cardboard-cut out ME) should, indeed, wave.  And, he proposed that the other hand should gesture towards say…a plate of muffins, with a sensor in place that would trigger upon a guest’s entrance into the lobby which would automatically cue up the play back of a voice recording of me hospitably offering guests a delicious welcome snack:

“Hello! Have a muffin! Hello!  Have a muffin! Hello!  Have a muffin! Hello!  Have a muffin!” could be the non-stop welcoming message.

Oh, yessssssssssss.  I’m liking this concept.

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