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October 5, 2007 at 11:07 pm 1 comment

Y’all this week has lasted a month. Here are our last six days in review for your reading enjoyment? Okay, well, it’s not enjoyable…it’s pretty much just informative and exhausting to consider. How’s that for motivation to click the little “more…” button?

HAVE I MENTIONED YET THAT I REALLY, REALLY hope Jessye will choose to NOT participate in the band anymore after this year? It is bleeding us DRY, no lie. It is so stinkin’ expensive to be involved in this, even with selling cowadunga tickets and cookbooks, and whatever else they suggest we push. IT’s AWFUL and I will work hard all summer to talk her out of this choice for her sophomore year. Maybe her friends’ parents will feel the same way? I can only hope. Because, that’s pretty much the only reason she wants to be in the band anyway…all her close friends are in it. So, clearly, I’m gonna have to get them all involved in SOMETHING ELSE. I’ll think of something! I don’t know what. But, something! Maybe Jessye will get to do something in drama this spring, and want to be more active in THAT? But, the money we’re shucking out for band is just ridiculous! Okay, on with my week in review:

Monday night while the girls and I were at the band booster meeting where I wrote yet another fun check for $400 towards that stupid trip the band is making in January which we are STILLLLLL not through paying for, Terry called to say that a call had come from the nursing home his daddy was in saying that they had taken Louie to the emergency room because they thought he had a UTI and that his breathing sounded “gurgle-y”. So, Terry and his sister went down there to see about their Daddy.

Tuesday? Uhhhhhhhh…can’t remember anything from Tuesday.

Wednesday, church, and then a phone call afterwards that lead to a family meeting regarding further care of Terry’s dad. That lasted til after one in the morning. Then we had to be up at the crack of dawn to get to Maggie’s appointment on Thursday.

Maggie got her dental work done (four caps) on Thursday. It was done at the hospital, under anesthesia. We had to be there at 6:30am. But, we they didn’t take her to surgery until after noon. We left the hospital at 2pm.  Waking up from anesthesia was not fun. Maggie was pretty hysterical. It was really sad to see her like that. She saw that i.v. and thought her arm was broken or something, and panicked. Her breathing was more like panting, with cries in between, and she eeked out the words, “what hhhhhhhappened?” And, another time we could make out, “I don’t want silver teeth.” Anesthesia is just YUCK! I hated that she had to undergo that.

Her teeth are sore. She was nauseated, hadn’t eaten since Wednesday night, and still groggy from anesthesia. Then, to make things even more interesting, she developed fever.   So, I stayed home from work today.  Well, as you can guess, that sent my nerves racing. But, I called the dentist and he said it’s not abnormal for them to have a little fever after surgery. She has since perked up and with the assistance of Children’s Tylenol every four hours, she’s doing all right with the tooth pain. (I didn’t say she’s not complaining.)

Meanwhile, more on Terry’s dad’s situation— Terry’s dad is not in good shape at all. Terry and his sister and brother are having to make some decisions about his care right now. His dad is 84, weighs 112lbs now…and his health is seriously declining. He’s an Alzheimer’s patient, and he has lung cancer. He’s in the hospital with pneumonia and a urinary track infection. His language/communication is not what it has been. But, he’s mostly non-responsive right now. He did tell people to “shhhhhhhhhh” today. So, I guess, that’s somehthing.  And he did eat some pureed food at least. He’s on a waiting list for a V. A. nursing home from what I understand. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Terry is completely exhausted, and I think he may be coming down with something. We both got in to see our chiropractor friend Dr. Brad this afternoon late, so Terry felt much better after that treatment and some supper. Well, what we could eat of supper. The baked potato was good. The salad was good. But for the first time ever we were served bad steaks. I don’t mean bad as in they didn’t know how to marinate it, I mean bad as in RANSID. Yeah, buddy. That was ohhhh-so-special. Needless to say, we reported it, tipped our very nice waiter, and did not pay for our food after speaking with the manager. Afterwards we drove through Arbys and Wendys. 

But, overall, Terry is pretty zapped as a result of all the emotional and physical wear and tear this week has brought.

Okay, I’ve gotta go. Maybelle’s got one of Maggie’s house shoes and she’s doing her very best to shred it. Sooo, ‘night all!

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you’ve gotta see this the last seven days in review

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  • 1. Regina  |  October 7, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    Just wanted you to know I am praying for you guys. Sounds like you had a rough week. I hope this week is much better. Let me know how Terry’s dad is doing.



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