the last seven days in review

October 12, 2007 at 2:05 pm 2 comments

Saturday October 6th:        Jessye went to a marching competition and their band scored all superior marks for their performance. They also placed second overall! The rest of the family got together with our small group from church and had a great evening at the Evans residence. 

Sunday, October 7th:           After church we ate at On The Border with Mama and

Daddy.  It would appear that Maggie is allergic to avocado. She tried guacamole for

the first time. She really liked it, but it made her ears and throat itch almost

immediately. So, it was off to Wal-Mart for Benadryl immediately. Nothing too bad,

but with allergies ya just never know how severe a reaction will be.  Interestingly

 though, both Terry and I used to have similar reactions to guacamole as children. We

 grew out of it, though. And thank goodness! I like me some “GUACAMOLE LIVE”

from On The Border! Boy howdy…

Sunday night we went over and had supper with the Malone crew at Terry’s brother’s

house. That was fun! It’d been quite awhile since we’d seen everybody.  So, we

actually got to spend time with some of both sides of the family on Sunday! Good


Monday October 8th:     I have been given the go ahead to do some reception area updating at work! Woo hoo! I don’t have much budget allotted for this transformation, but maybe they’ll turn loose of more once after I do what I can. I hope so, anyway! I’ll be taking the lobby to a more contemporary style! Yipee! 

When I picked Maggie up from school I noticed that her cheeks were bright red. Terry said that she’d played with Maybelle that afternoon. So, we just thought it was pet allergies. But, it hung on even through bath time. So, then we started wondering if it was from the guacamole still? Or maybe the anesthesia from her dental procedure somehow still working its way out of her little system? Hmmm….  

Tuesday, October 9th:         I got a flu shot today at work from “The Shot Nurse”.  Terry couldn’t make here in time, so he has a gift certificate for a free flu shot courtesy of my employer.  Jessye and Maggie will be getting their flu shots from their doctor. Of course, I’m the only Malone that doesn’t seem to have any needle phobias, so we may have to chloroform the kids first, but they’re getting the flu shot this year. I do not want a repeat of last spring’s Malone Flu Week. That was traumatic. 

I have been shopping furniture, etc. online, printing pictures and sketching out the dream lobby! I am soooo excited about this redecorating project! Just thrilled! 

Maggie’s cheeks were still red, and her arms, too, on Tuesday. 

Wednesday, October 10th:  My friend Pam’s birthday! Happy birthday Pam!

 I am probably driving everybody crazy with the planning of this lobby update at work. I’ve already tried to get MORE money. I think I came closer today. But, so far, I still need about twice the budget I was allotted for this venture.  Oh well, I’m grateful for what budget I did get. 

At chucrh tonight doctor and nurse friends felt pretty sure that Maggie’s rash was anesthesia related. Her face wasn’t red anymore. But her arms still were, and her legs, too on Wednesday. 

Thursday October 11th:      Terry took Maggie to the doctor just in case. Dr. Barrett says it was Fifth’s Disease (Slap face measles).  There’s nothing you do to treat it, and he confirmed that once the rash is there you are no longer contagious. It’s a sneaky little virus, huh? Meanwhile, Maggie may continue to break out when she gets hot from sleeping or playing. But, she’s not contagious now. Nooooo, she was contagious when she didn’t have any symptoms. That’s right. You’re contagious BEFORE the rash happens. Before there’s any signal there may be something wrong…THAT’s when you’re contagious. Hhhhhh! 

Terry’s daddy was transferred from the hospital to a VA Nursing Home on Thursday.  His sister, brother, and nephew met the staff there as well as the hospice representatives. Everyone seemed nice, Mary said.  Terry’s dad weighs 100.5lbs now. (He weighed 112lbs three weeks ago.)  All of this is very tough for Terry to deal with, needless to say. 

Friday October 12th:            Away football game tonight for Jessye. And, there’s another band festival tomorrow at another local highschool.  And, next weekend there will be another one. And, the weekend after that, too. Well, you get the picture. 

I think I’ll do some furniture and décor’ shopping for my reception area this weekend!  This is gonna be sooooooo fun! : )

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one long week spittle-choked and Charmin tail

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  • 1. pam  |  October 13, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    thanks for the birthday shout out! Love ya!


  • 2. Mel  |  October 13, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    Happy to be reading your news again. Hope Maggie is doing better! Hannah started running fever earlier today so it looks like we won’t be at church AGAIN tommorrow, I think there has been something for the last four weeks or so. Maybe Andy can go and take the other munchkins, but then you wonder if anyone else has something lurking in the wings. Oh well, at least it’s just one so far!


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