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October 19, 2007 at 2:14 pm 1 comment

Woke up late this morning. Lept from the sheets, grabbed clothes, ironed on the chaise lounge so as not to have to go through pulling out the ironing board. Had no choice but fire up the curling iron. My hair requires daily time with that appliance. But, in my haste I managed to burn the FIRE out of the back of my neck! It looks really, really bad back there now. But, while it is a horrendous red mark, it is the shape and length of the barrell of my curling iron.  If anyone asks me, I’m gonna say that’s where I had my tatoo removed.

I also took time enough to smear some foundation and lipstick on…grabbed my big coffee cup, through my daily prescription’s bottle into my empty cup, and ran for the car.

Got in, cranked her up, and remembered that I am running on fumes. So, I had to stop and get gasoline. I just got ten dollars worth, so hopefully I won’t run out on the way home. Isn’t THAT a sad state of affairs!

 So, I had to actually call DeLois this morning and admit that I was going to be past 8am getting to the office this morning. I HATE to be late. Hate it! HATE IT!

I counted POINTS yesterday (that’s Weight Watchers lingo, people!) I weighed a pound and a half less this morning. And of course when I arrived this morning, my supervisor had brought me a blueberry muffin the size of a softball. Somehow, I managed to give it away. I tried the PROGRESSO soup for ZERO POINTS. Yesterday I had their Southwestern soup. It’s good. Today I forgot my soup can for lunch, so I had a three point bag of pretzels and a water. I’m at 8 points for the day.  I rode the stationary bike at lunch for 3.75 miles. Burned just over a hundred calories in about fifteen minutes. I haven’t been exercising much since I had my stationary bike accident a couple of weeks ago. How did I manage to have an accident on a stationary bike? Well, I was moving so fast that my knees came up a little higher than usual, and I thought my left kneecap would surely go sailing across the room I hit it so hard on the handle bars that I folded up over the bike and groaned loudly. At least I didn’t scream, and I didn’t holler anything ugly. My knee couldn’t have hurt worse if someone had hit it with a hammer. And, can I just tell ya—that incident really thwarted my enthusiasm for lunch time exercise. But, today, I finally got myself back in there. My friend Vicki and I are trying to diet together…again. I have to do something, otherwise someone will surely mistake me for the Christmas ham this holiday season.

Tonight is homecoming at Jessye’s school. The band will march the half time show, and then they MUST be picked up and taken home right after they march.  The  instructions for band members is that they are to go home and take a shower and rest. Then they have to be back at the school ready to board the bus around 11pm to leave for St. Louis for the BANDS OF AMERICA marching competition. They’ll be back Sunday morning around 5a.m.

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spittle-choked and Charmin tail whewwwwwwwww whatta week

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  • 1. pcase  |  October 20, 2007 at 12:47 am

    Well, friend. This is an interesting Friday wrap-up. I hated to hear about that “bike accident”. Yikes! And the curling iron mishap this morning? I can picture it.

    I can’t quite top any of that.

    It was homecoming at Harpeth tonight too. Everything was so surreal as I approach every moment with Chelsea as “…this is the last time ….” Living with a senior in the house is just more than a momma can take sometimes.

    Enjoy these days with the girls. I can tell you that Chelsea and I have never been closer. It seems she feels it too. She is so grown up. She and I are enjoying every minute of our time together.

    I am even a chaperone for tomorrow’s band contest – simply so we can hang out. She WANTS me to ride her bus!!

    Keep us informed about Jessye’s band trip and results. You know I always like hearing that.

    I’ve taken a “blog break” this week due to a busy work schedule – but I’ll share some “hair stories” in some upcoming blogs.

    Blessings my friend


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