whewwwwwwwww whatta week

October 26, 2007 at 10:52 am 1 comment

Longggggggggggggggg week y’all. Excrutiatingly long.

Last Friday night around midnight Jessye went with her high school band to St. Louis to march in a competition called Bands of America.  They scored all superiors. Yeaaaa! But, due to the vast number of bands in the competition, they did not make the finals competition. They did, however, stay and watch the finals. They arrived home at 4:30 Sunday MORNING. 

Sunday night I pulled an all nighter getting the house in shape for a jewelry show we had at my house on Monday night.  I think I slept about an hour and a half before I got up and went to work Monday.  

Tuesday morning I overslept. AND, Terry left for a conference in Atlanta Tuesday morning. So, I had to pick up Maggie from daycare at two o’clock and bring her back to the office, for the first of four days I’d have the Magster in tow at work. Talk about office adventures! Hohhhhhhh yeah.

Wednesday morning, I had to take Jessye to school at 7:45am, and then wait an hour, and take Maggie to school at  9:00 a.m.  During that hour I decided to make a double recipe of biscuits to take in to the office with butter and raspberry jam. (Ours is a very family friendly office, and my supervisor was completely fine with my bringing Maggie in, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to soften the blow a bit, ya know? ) Then I went back to pick Mags up at 2pm again. Thankfully, a friend from church picked Jessye up for me Tuesday and Wednesday after band rehearsal. 

Thursday? See Wednesday.  I made bicuits again for the office, too. And I brought ham and cheddar cheese and butter for the office.  Oh, and I’ve messed up my back some how or ‘nuther. I can’t get a deep breath, and I am doing a bit of yelping in pain when surprised by a sudden shooting pain in the middle of my back.

And today I took Jess to school, and Mags is with me ALL DAY LONG. She is currently camped out under my desk on her Ariel sleeping bag watching “The Emperor’s New Groove” on our portable DVD player (with headphones on, of course).  She’s doing great, with the exception of an occasional outburst of giggling or talking to the movie. Hhhhhhhhhh. I don’t get it. Both my kids talk back to the TV. Hilarious. 

So, anyhoo…nine minutes to go ‘til my lunch hour. Thankfully most people will be gone home by the time we get back. Our office is officially closed on Fridays at noon. As the receptionist, though, I must stay here and be the cheerful voice that breaks the news to our clients who forget that little tidbit of information. (Weeee.) But, at least there won’t be many people here this afternoon. Sure, there will be a few. But, there shouldn’t be many left by noon. Typical Friday. 

When we’re done here today, I’m headed straight for my chiropractor’s office. Breathing shallow is no fun. I long to be able to  breathe deeply without feeling pain.  I wish I had some idea of what I did to get myself in this shape. (No, I wasn’t turning cartwheels. https://traceymalone.wordpress.com/2007/05/06/cartwheels/) 

Terry will be home by midnight he thinks from Atlanta. He said his conference has been great. Boy, will I be glad to see him! Tomorrow Jessye has state marching competition with the band. I hope they do well. That would be soooo cool!

And, tomorrow I will be painting canvases for this office lobby! Finally!  Maggie will be doing her own little craft project that Ms. Stephanie gave her.  Stephanie gave Maggie a kit that includes a child’s white umbrella and a set of paints, and a black fabric marker. So, I’m going to use the marker and make her some pictures to paint. She is soooooo excited! That will work out great, because otherwise Maggie would be begging to paint the whole time I’ll be trying to work on the canvases. Perfect timing!! Thanks Steph! 

And that’s a wrap, folks. Whewwwww! What a week!

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friday frenzy c is for cookie

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  • 1. Lil' Bit  |  August 23, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Awwww…you’re welcome. (I admit it…I “searched” my own name) I’m soooo glad Maggie liked her umbrella.


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