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November 2, 2007 at 2:25 pm 1 comment

I am LOVING this weather, y’all. Give me the forty degree temps any time! I love it! It was forty five degrees on my ride in this morning! Wooooo-hoooo! Fall and winter are my favorite months. Mostly, though, I just hate the HOT weather seasons.

Now speaking of FALL–Don’t forget to fall back Saturday night before bed! Don’t wanna hear about anyone getting to church an hour early!

Red is so big for fall! I am looking for a good red lipstick for fall…MUST have WARM undertones…I can not pull off that blue red that most companies market.  If anybody knows of one that fits the bill, please advise. I’ve got red polish. Oh my word, I’ve got ten tons of polish.  I have a basket of polish that would rival the collection at your local Walgreens. I just need THE RIGHT color RED lipstick!!I have decided that I prefer SHINY finish polish as opposed to frosts. I haven’t always felt that way. But, that’s my opinion du jour.

Had Back Yard Burgers for lunch today. I am sorry for anyone who will be within range of my exhale this evening, because I suspect there is no amount of Colgate that will solve this problem: I had a BYB Black and Bleu Bacon Cheeseburger, and order of onion rings and a Dr. Pepper for lunch. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo beyond full. Sure was good though. Onion rings have only been available at BYB for a few months…and they are fabulous.  Or, as Maggie would mis-pronounce: FAB-LEE-US.  They put Sonic’s to shame. And, that’s saying something. I like Sonic’s onion rings. But, their batter is sweet. The batter on the rings at BYB is not sweet. It’s light and savory…A completely yummy indulgence.

Last weekend’s band contest was devistating for Jessye’s high school band. Last year they got 2nd place. The two years before that they took first place. This year? Sixth. Jessye said kids were squawlin’. Mostly seniors and some juniors.

Tonight is the last home football game of the year, and we play our cross town rivals. Well, we’re playing the other high school in our city. So, it’s a big game. Ya know what? I have NO IDEA how the football season is going.  I mean, I have my suspicions, us being a young school program and all. But, I don’t know. We just keep up with the band’s stats!  Terry is supposed to be flipping burgers in the concession stand tonight. I wish he weren’t. That’s a bummer for me. Hhhhhhhhhhhh! But, I think Vicki and John and their boys may come hang out and watch the band with us. So, should that work out, it would  certainly improve the situation considerably from my point of view.

Jessye gave us a scare last week. She wasn’t waiting to be picked up outside the band hall after school when Terry came to pick her up. Terry didn’t have his cell phone with him, so he went in the band hall to see if she was there. She wasn’t. No one was there. So, he went home to see if she was by chance there (maybe she’d been dropped off there by her best friend’s dad…Although, that would have been not good either, since we didn’t know that was the plan.) Anyway, she wasn’t home. Terry called her phone. No answer. So, he called me to ask if by chance Jessye had called and asked me permission to do something since he didn’t have his phone with him. She hadn’t. So I called her phone. No answer. Then I thought maybe she’d be near her friend Amanda somewhere. And, I just happen to have Amanda’s cell phone number. So, I called it. Amanda answered. I asked her if Jessye was with her. SHE WAS! So, I asked to speak with her. She had walked across  the field to the middle school campus to visit with a teacher from last year who’d just returned from training in California. His National Guard Unit is preparing to be shipped to Iraq. So, Jessye is pretty concerned about him. (That does not excuse not being where she was supposed to be, not having her phone turned up so she could hear a call come in, and above all NOT CHECKING WITH HER DADDY TO SEE IF THAT WAS OKAY WITH HIM!) I explained that she needed to get herself to the band hall post haste. Then I called Terry back and told him, “She’s alive and well, and headed back to the band hall.” I explained where she’d gone and why. But, that was little consolation for a father who had decided that something horrible may have happened. Jessye had never NOT been where she was supposed to be before. So, he was pretty freaked. Needless to say, she was grounded. She lost cell phone priviledges, and didn’t get to go to a party that was scheduled for the next evening at a friend’s house, and no television. In fact to insure that there would be absolutely no television viewing, Terry went around and pulled all the cable out of the walls, and tooke the cable box. (I think he made his point.) I didn’t get to watch tv either because of that stunt. It was as if ALL OF US were grounded or somethin’! Hmph! And, I’ve been so good lately! I don’t think I deserved that punishment!)

I still haven’t painted the canvases for the lobby at work. I’ve GOT to get to that or endure growing resentment over it around the office.

But, I’ve got so much housework to get done! And I’ve gotta do my Beth Moore Bible study homework before Sunday morning! And I’ve gotta get some show invitations out for a jewelry show I’ve got on the 13th…etc., etc., etc!  If it’s not one thing, it’s another. There’s just not much time in my weekend for painting. I’ve just got to MAKE some time for it somehow!

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c is for cookie all the things a mom tells her kids in 24hours

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  • 1. Mel  |  November 6, 2007 at 11:21 am

    what Beth Moore are you studying????


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