ahm tard, maw.

December 10, 2007 at 9:17 pm 2 comments

Shhhhhooooooooooooo, I feel tired. I guess it’s just trying to recover from a very busy last week. It was nonstop. And then we traveled south to visit with my maternal relatives yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone. And, I hated to leave! I always do hate to leave.  Anymore, we see each other about once a year. Sometimes twice. That’s especially true of my cousins. I do get to see my aunts and uncle a little more than that. But not much.  Anyway, we had to get home with school and work the next day.  We got back to town around 9 o’clock, and then met our friends at Cracker Barrel for a late supper. Old Timer’s breakfast over-medium, y’all. Good anytime; day or night!

I wonder if Michelle and Greg miss me this week. We spent so many days rehearsing for our Christmas party last week that I feel like I’ve got an extra sister and a brother now. Hilarious to me is the fact that Greg is actually starting to sass back at me. But, he cannot keep from apologizing if I look at him with shock. Michelle? Well, no apologies coming from Leta Michelle. Our Christmas party gig Saturday night was soooo much fun! I feel like I need to write a thank you note to that Sunday School class! It was such a wonderful evening!

Friday night, was my office Christmas party. It, too was a a good evening. I sang there, too, with two other associates. But, most fun was the venue itself: the polar bear exhibit at the zoo! Piped in music played as we mingled about inside the polar bear exhibit. Behind glass we watched the polar bears swimming about joyfully! How cool is that?

This weekend we will finally have Maggie’s birthday party. It will be at a dance studio; and all who come will be involved in a thirty to forty-five minute HIP-HOP dance class! Then there will of course be party food, etc. After that the kids will get to play in a gym. And, best of all, there’s an open pit in that gym that’s filled to the brim with upholstery foam. So, you can swing from a rope and let go over the pit, and fall into complete cushiony softness! It’s a blast! Cain’t wait!

 Jessye is taking Family Dynamics this semester. For the next four days she’s got herself a five pound bag of sugar to tote around at all times. It’s supposed to be “her baby”.  She’s not allowed to put the baby down…at all…for four days.  This is gonna be great.

My bones ache. I guess it could be the weather…or fatigue, as I was saying before. But, I just wanna go to bed. And, I CERTAINLY don’t need to do that yet. I’ve GOTTA get up from here and go wash some clothes!

Okay, I guess my time on the computer is up. Heaven forbid that Jessye shouldn’t be able to sit here all night and instant message.

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  • 1. susan  |  December 24, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    only 5 lbs? 10 is more appropriate these days.


  • 2. pcase  |  December 16, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Girl – I feel your pain. Our family did the “west Tennessee tour” Saturday. You know the one. 12 hours of hopping and skipping from house to house, making sure we drop in on all of Joe’s family in one day. “Ahm tard, Maw” is an understatement. But it is finished. We visited as long as they would have us. We toted Chelsea’s boyfriend with us. So they all had the chance to meet him. Meanwhile, he learned A LOT about the family in 12 hours. It was like a “live version” of the movie Christmas Vacation. Now, we’re home to stay. I’m off work ’til Jan 2. I’ll find something to do. LOL.


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