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December 27, 2007 at 11:24 am 1 comment

Happy Thursday everyone! Even all you people who are NOT working this morning! And, believe me when I say, I KNOW there are a whole bunch of you who AREN’T WORKING! The traffic has been so light, and the parking lot so empty compared to a normal day. The office is sooooooooooo slow this week. Ain’t nobody here, people!look like there was any hope. But, I gave it a good drink of water, and voila! She’s revived today. I just pruned off the dead and now no one would ever know she was so near flat-lining just a day before. Those peace lilies are so resilient! I’ve said time and time again that I really am NOT a plant person. But, this one was free, so I am trying to keep it alive. Typically, though, if you’re unable to cry out for food or water at my house, you’re in trouble. I guess when all the foliage is completely limp and some have turned yellow, that’s as close to a cry for help as a plant can come. And, that’s usually But, that’s all right by me, I assure you.  Quiet is good most of the time!

I came in yesterday to find the poor li’l’ol’ peace lily in my office was totally wilted and had several yellow to brown leaves. It really didn’t when I water it…when it’s so far gone that it seems impossible that it should ever recover. 

I got a new phone for Christmas! It takes pictures! It’s a metallic red Samsung flip phone. I have no idea what the model number is. (Are you rolling your eyes?) Hey, this is my FIRST phone that makes a picture, y’all!!  I am EXCITED! I’ve gone nuts making pictures!  You know you’re behind the times when even the FREE phone is an upgrade.  

There’s a light in my lobby that’s about to blow, and it’s doing the strobe-light effect right now. Makes me feel like I’m about to pass out. I think I may go flip the lights on and off for awhile and see if I can encourage it to go on out. The office Christmas tree is standing there mocking me. I am NOT in the mood to disassemble that thang. Ain’t gonna happen today. I’m thinking that’s gonna happen on Monday. I’m sure no one will be here Monday, either. Most people are not coming back til after the new year. 

Okay, so among other things, Maggie got a bicycle for Christmas! She has ridden that Disney Princess bike a hundred miles around and around from the living room, through the kitchen, by the front door, and back through the living room since Christmas morning. She was such a sight in just her shirt and underpants, with her helmet and kneepads on, riding that bike the morning of the 25th!  Jessye got a new phone, and clothes, clothes, clothes. I got a new phone and clothes, clothes, clothes. Did I mention that my phone makes pictures?  Terry got a new phone and a shiny red Telecaster and an amp, and some cologne. 

Okay, so the countdown has begun.  My birthday is JANUARY 4TH…ten days after Christmas!  And this year I’ll be the big 4-0!  In eight days! Oh my!   Truly I’m okay with that. I don’t think I’ll ever have issues with birthdays. (I like presents too well!)  This year on the morning of my birthday, Jessye and Terry will board a charter bus for New Orleans with the high school marching band, so that’s a bummer. Plus, Maggie does not have school on Fridays, so I’ll have to bring her to work with me, I suppose. But, Vickie and I will be attending a Premier leadership dinner that evening.  So, I’m looking forward to that.  And as far as working with my five year old alongside me at work that day, at least Maggie’s got a little hand-held V-Smile learning game now, so that’ll keep her occupied at my office. I wonder if it has a headphone hook-up? (That would be good!) 

I finally caved and let Jessye have a myspace.  But, I have the password, and am on there everyday myself checking everything out! She’s a smart girl, afterall, and I am confident that she’ll behave herself. I wish I could check it from work. But, I can’t due to the websense block. I’m glad that so far I can still get to my wordpress from work, though. Hope that’ll last!  

I think I’m gonna start shooting pool at Mama and Daddy’s some. I used to be a pretty decent billiards player, having grown up in a house with a pool table. But, my chops aren’t up for it anymore. Need to work on that. Maybe Mama and Daddy would wanna shoot some pool again, too?  Sounds like fun to me. We went and shot pool last Friday night after the Christmas party for the praise team, tech team, drama team & choir. And it was fun! So, I guess that’s why this urge is stirred up in me again.   

I cannot believe it’s not even eleven a.m. yet. Goodness this day’s poking by!  Okay, well, I may write more later. I mean, what else am I gonna do? Read I guess.  


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  • 1. pcase  |  December 27, 2007 at 9:44 pm

    Wow – big 4-0. Allow me to encourage you. This decade has been the best yet. No regrets. I have a lot of regrets from my 20’s. Spent most of my 30’s making up for it, it seems. In the 40’s, I’ve just been lovin’ life. Those marching this road before me share that 50’s have even greater opportunity. I think it is that whole “empty nest” thing. So, hey – come on over and join me in 40-land. It’s all good!


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