skippin’ school, wavin’ bye, and a year round tree

January 2, 2008 at 5:54 pm 1 comment

I wouldn’t go back and be a high school kid again for anything. Ughhhh! If there were a way my oldest child to skip it all together and get on with the rest of her life, I’d agree to it.  I hated high school. HATED IT! The juvenile behavior of most teenagers is just more than anyone ought to have to endure. All I wanted was outa there! I mean, it’s just the pits as far as social situations go. People don’t have good sense, and SOOO MANY lack morals.  (Not that THAT PART changes that dramatically when we become adults. Except that sometimes morally deficient adults are occasionally concerned enough about their reputations to at least attempt to conceal their lack of scruples.)  But, I’ll just say this:  There are definitely some girls whose mother I’d LOVE to take a long lunch with in order reveal to them some real eye-opening facts about their daughters. Well, I mean, I’d love to do that, if I could like DISAPPEAR forever immediately after said theoretical luncheon. Heck, I could provide some insight on a whole bunch of this town’s sons, too, for that matter. But, I guess I’ll just have to leave those revelations to someone else, (lest I should accientally mar my witness.)

Today lots of us from the office went to lunch to bid a co-worker farewell.  Terry called while I was there. He could hear the background noise, and said, “Where ARE youuuu?”  I said, “Fox and Hound”.  He said, “uhhhh-ohhhh! Now what are you doin’ there? Don’t be partyin’!”  (Yeah RIGHT!)  So anyway, I went to the farewell lunch, even though I’ve blogged about the guest of honor in a not so favorable light in months past.   This particular co-worker actually made me cry one time he was so stinkin’ hateful.  But that was BP. (Before Paxil!)  Even then I threatened to breathe fire on him if he was ever mean to me again. ‘Member that post?  For your review:    And, furthermore, just let me say regarding this co-worker’s departure, “Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na! Hey, hey, hey GOOD BYE!” Oh wait, was that childish? ‘Cause I’m okay with that.

Remember last week when I was lamenting the need to take down the office Christmas tree? Well, I’ve had a change of heart. When I arrived this morning, I printed off several sheets that say “happy 2008”, and several that read “brand new year!”.   Once printed, I cut them out and placed them on our office tannenbaum.  I got some fun comments as passersby noticed the additions. By Friday I’m thinkin’ I may very well print out some pages of b&w head shots of me,  some that say “the big 4-0”, some that say, “it’s my birthday” , and of course, some that say “so what’dja bring me?”.     

After that, I guess we’ll do an Elvis tree. His birthday is January 8th.  Then what? Martin Luther King, Jr.? Ohh, and there’s President’s Day, of course. Then Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day… EASTER!    

…Oh yeah!  This is going to be FUN!  

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  • 1. aprilleroberts  |  January 2, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Oh, and Memorial Day would be fun too. You could decorate with little soldiers all over the tree! Whaddayathink? Maybe a tank for a topper? So, is Friday the actual day of your birthday? I’m reminded of a quote for this occasion – I’m 32 and you are going to be 40. Here goes…

    Sally — “…and I’m gonna be 40”
    Harry — “In eight years…”
    Sally — “But it’s out there!…”

    Love that. Happy birthday early. Love you much!


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