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January 10, 2008 at 12:39 pm 1 comment

Maggie has been sick all week.  I have been taking care of Maggie all week.  I have not been to work all week.  Maggie has now been to the doctor TWICE.  She’s STILL negative for strep. When we went the second time (to the doc) (YESTERDAY), they also checked her blood. There were mixed messages there. Her white count was only slightly out of the normal range. But, additionally her MONO number was a bit suspicious. So, he prescribed amoxicilin just in case this IS bacterial, not viral. But, said if she isn’t dramatically improved by Saturday, he wanted to see her again.

Jessye came home from New Orleans with a sore throat, deep bronchial cough, and achiness. So, we took her to the doc yesterday, too.  She had over a hundred temp yesterday morning. They swabbed her tonsils to check for strep: negative. Swabbed her nose for flu: NEGATIVE. But, they said it may be too early to tell for flu? So, she’s home today, too. Still sleeping.

My mother has DCIS. (Breast cancer in a milk duct.) She had a needle biopsy last Friday. We found out the labe results indicated a malignacy on Tuesday. Yesterday she went back to the surgeon and they scheduled a lumpectemy for January 16th.  After results come in from that surgery, we’ll know if they’ll need to go in again or not. Once surgery or surgeries are done, a determination will be made as to what sort of radiation they will do. They can sometimes just radiate the area where the lump was. But sometimes they have to radiate the whole breast.  So, while surgery is scheduled, there will be much waiting and seeing in weeks ahead. Mama has a good attitude about it all, says she is NOT scared. She’s just very tired in every sense of the word.

Maggie is awake now. I just dosed Amoxicilin and Children’s Motrin. Now I’m off to snuggle her. She’s got 101.2 fever right now.

More later, y’all.

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  • 1. aprilleroberts  |  January 10, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    I was so sorry that Maggie was sick, and now Jessye too! Have you tried that Airbourne stuff? It is really, really good. You put a tablet in water and take it every three to four hours, I think, to boost immunity if you’re exposed to sickness. You might want to try it if you haven’t! I let Michelle know about your mom too, she is over the prayer ministry at our church, so she’ll get her name to the others on the prayer team. I love you and we’re praying for you. You and Terry stay well!


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