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Below you’ll find the last two and a half weeks in review. If you want to read the oldest first, then by all means, click on KEEP READING, scroll to the bottom of this post, and read your way up! 


Tuesday February 12th:      up another pound and a half. Hhhhhhh. Okay. Positive attitude. POSITIVE!!! This ain’t no stumblin’ block. It’s just a steppin’ stone. I was at Mama’s about 6:50am this morning, and even that was sans Mary Kay. I put that on in the parking lot of my office building before my ride up the dilapidated elevators to the middle of the skyscraper in which I work.  Mama still seems to be in excellent spirits. I will call on my lunch hour to check on how she’s feeling. She was a little bit tired after yesterday’s treatments. I expect that may become more and more the case as the week rocks on. But, maybe not.                                              

Jessye has an orthodontist appointment today at 3pm. She’s missed like two months worth of appointments for first one reason then another. I know! I know! It’s terrible.  But, it’s truth.  Her teeth look SOOOOOOOOO much straighter than they did two months ago. It’s really just amazing. But, I don’t think she’s gonna get ‘em off for several more months yet. We’ll see. It may be sooner than they’d first thought if they way her teeth look are any indicator. We’re gonna let her get her teeth ZOOM whitened when she’s out of braces, too, so they’ll be dazzling white. I wish MINE were dazzling white. I wish I may, I wish I might, have my teeth so dazzling white! Errrrr…uhhhh… Okay, that was random. I must be hungry I feel a little light headed. And, clearly I’m thinking a little light headed, too.  Groovy, maaaan.  Okay! Moving on. 

Monday February 11th: up a pound. What?? I’m not cheating. I swear. I’ve been so true.  Mama started radiation today. I am her a.m. ride to the hospital. I pick her up at 6:45am. Her appointment is 7:45am. So she has a fifteen minute wait in the hospital lobby before she goes back. So, she takes a book and does a little devotional reading while she waits. Then, Terry takes Jessye to school and then he and Maggie drive to the hospital to pick her up from her a.m. radiation appointment. Works out great! She has to wait five hours in between, then she has her afternoon appointment. Her lab results qualified her for a shorter round of radiation than most. She gets bigger doses, I’m sure. But, she will only go five days total, twice a day. Then her treatment should be done.  Yesterday afternoon Ms. Bunny Krag took her to her pm radiation and drove her home. Bunny also made supper Monday night for her. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends who want to help share this load! Today Jeff Bonds, a dear family friend and former student of Mama’s, will be doing the honors. I don’t know who’s up for p.m. radiation transport tomorrow. Former student, church friend, and breast cancer survivor Donna Sularin brought Mama a delicious supper of homemade spaghetti, bread, salad, and a loaf of banana bread. Mama went on and on about how good it was! 

I got honked at in traffic TWICE just trying to maneuver may way around this ME FIRST-GET OUTA MY WAY MENTALITY town. I despise driving here. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT! Yesterday, as on most every day of the week, I pulled out onto the major thoroughfare upon which our office building is located after picking up some lunch via a drive through window. I was absolutely astonished to see that NO CARS were coming from either direction! It was surreal. I pulled out onto the street across four empty lanes into the far right lane. When suddenly I heard the sound of someone’s horn. A woman who must have been making 75mph plowing down the far right lane was really put out that my car was in her way. I guess she must have topped the crest of the hill as I had pulled out in the previously totally empty as far as the eye could see lanes. She must have fallen over the steering wheel, ‘cause she honked like a freight train coming through an intersection at me. And, ohhhh, what a mean look she gave me as she sped past me. I honked a happy little rhythm in response and beamed her a winning smile. When she looked back in reproach I waved to her gleefully and blew her a big ole’ kiss. What a hag!   I guess the good news is, she did not choose to turn around and come after me; nor did she shoot me. (Yaaaay me!)     

The second time I got honked at was in trying to get around the two cars in front of me who had just collided. I waited and waited with my left turn signal on, hoping someone would let me over and past the wreck. But, alas, no one would. So, I just stuck a tire out and floored it. They honked. A lot. Next time I’m in that situation I’ll put my right front tire up on the curb and pass ‘em on the right through that lady’s front yard instead.  That definitely would have made more sense. You know what they say, “When in Rome…!” 

Sunday, February 10th: ‘Nuther half pound. I’m down 9.5lbs now. 

Practiced at 3pm today with children who will be leading worship services next Sunday.  I get to sing with some darling fourth grade girls this Sunday. We’re singing a song called “My Heart Your Home”. I think Christy Knockels from Watermark sings it. Although, I’ll not swear to it. Good song. I wish it were at least a half step lower, though. 

Later we went to Cracker Barrel with Vicki and John and Dylan and Landon. I had three eggs over medium and six strips of bacon. Probably the only carbs I consumed all day. 

Saturday, February 9th:  No change in weight 

Friday, February 8th: DOWN BY ANOTHER POUND! Now I’ve lost 9lbs! 

Thursday, February 7th:     DOWN BY A POUND AND A HALF! Now, tha’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! 

Got an email from Jessye’s teacher to give me heads up that her Geometry grade needs pullin’ out of the trash heap. I had no idea there was an issue as my high school freshmen’s grades may fluctuate during the middle of the nine weeks, but she usually pulls out an A at the end. Sometimes a B. But typically an A.  Anyway, the teacher and I emailed back and forth a couple of times. Ms. King feels that the time Jessye missed at the beginning of this nine weeks being gone on that band trip and then being sick really did set her back. I talked to Jessye and she said that she had not fully grasped one of the concepts that had been taught in her absence, and then the next couple of lessons built on that lesson. Had to understand that first part before you could learn the next two lessons. She should have confessed to the teacher or to us or to a Geometry whiz friend. But, she didn’t. So, now she’s gotta bat clean up and see if she can improve her average in there! Her Biology grade ain’t no thing of beauty either, quite frankly. But, it’s not as bad as her Geometry grade. Ughhhhh! I think Jessye has finally reached a place in her scholastic career at which she can no longer just coast. Up until this year, it’s been fairly smooth sailing. Now she may have to APPLY HERSELF (gasp!) Tragic, isn’t it? 

Wednesday, February 6th:  Down by another half pound! No I’m to 6.5lbs lost total.  Mama had surgery to install her catheter and some sort of saline solution filled balloon into the site where cancer was removed from her breast. She said there were some uncomfortable moments when she felt like yelping. But, she was able to stifle it. (Mama was raised to stifle emotions and feelings, etc.)  I don’t think that’s healthy. I think perhaps she feels the same about that, because she certainly did NOT teach us to hide our feelings of pain or emotion. Thank God! She is going through so much emotionally right now, as well as physically, of course. Cancer, needless to say, is an enormous burden to carry.  But, Mama is doing marvelously well under the circumstances. We are so grateful to God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us in this tumultuous time. 

Tuesday, February 5th:   No weight change. 

My sister had sinus surgery today. No fun. It took two Loritab post-op to get her pain under control, and she left the surgery center with her nose still bleeding. That kinda freaked me out, and I wasn’t even there to witness it. Meanwhile, storms rolled into the area, and were so fierce in appearance on radar that schools were turned out early all over the region. We spent much time in the master bedroom closet.  The girls reacted differently. Jessye never stopped texting her friends throughout our inconvenient incarceration. Ohhh what lack of concern!  Her attitude was like, WHATEVER. When can we get out of this closet? Maggie, do you have to sit RIGHT on top of me? Uhhhh!  Sure, the warning sirens are going off all around us.   But no matter!  The weather man has said that we had a TORNADO EMERGENCY declared by the National Weather Service. He further said that’s never happened the entire time he’s been forecasting weather. That really hit home with me since our weather man has been prognosticating since I was in diapers. So, Jessye’s texting away. Maggie’s looking for a place to hide her head. Maybelle just wanted to get out of the closet. She became so vocal with her whining and carrying on that I would not have been surprised if she had spoken. Heaven knows she tried! Jessye even looked up from her texting fury long enough to raise and eyebrow and say to me, “Th’ dog ‘s trying to talk.”  Maybelle’s utterances WERE really bizarre. I’ve heard that dogs sense storms more than we do. So, she probably was giving PEOPLE-SPEAK her best shot that night. We survived the tornados unscathed. But, it did strike in our area several places.  

Monday, February 4th:  No weight change. 

Sunday, February 3rd:   No weight change.   I let Jessye drive today in the mostly empty church parking lot. (We lived.) 

Saturday, February 2nd:   Weight’s down another half pound! (woooooo.) Now I’m down by 6lbs. 

Friday, February 1st:  Weightloss amount unchanged. 

Thursday, January 31st:      weight loss amount unchanged.    

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gotta love it! WANTED: HAIRSPRAY! Emergency! EmERgenCy!!!!

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  • 1. pcase  |  February 12, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks for catching us up. I was wondering what wuz going on over west of here. Hey my diet is going pretty good – I’m not blogging about it regularly, but as of today I was down 7 pounds. I’m doing so well. I haven’t had a soda in at least two-three weeks. I just quit those things. I’m part of a big video project taping tomorrow – I’ll share more with you soon. It will eventually be up and running on our company website! CRAZY!

    Just keep encouraging Jessye. Chetch had to quit “skating” through her classes by the time she hit her sophomore year. Now, as a senior, she knows EXACTLY how to make 70’s at the beginning of the semester, then score some 100’s and some bonus work, and land a low B/high A. She’s nuts! (but definitely a chip off the ‘ol block!)
    Love ya!


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