update on our brain surgery patient

May 19, 2008 at 12:22 pm 1 comment

Brain surgery went well, (according to the neurosurgeons) on Friday. There was a post surgery scare that, in my estimation, was well minimized by the surgeon. Basically they took the breathing tube out prematurely. Daddy couldn’t breathe well enough on his own yet. And, therefore his bloodpressure went up dramatically. Realizing the problem they had to reinsert the breathing tube. But Daddy was already coming out of sedation. So, he fought the process. All the afore described scenario landed him in ICU Friday night. Mama and I stayed at the hotel that shares a parking lot with the hospital Friday night since we of course could not bed down in ICU with him.  So we received a call at six a.m. Saturday morning letting us know that he had been moved into a regular room.  Once we got to the room Saturday morning, Daddy seemed like he was doing well. He was conversational, and seemed to be doing better about the pauses in his speech where he is unable to say the words that are in his head. We had Saturday morning cartoons on for entertainment. But, as I told some of you, we could not get Tom and Jerry cartoons turned up loud enough to drown out the hollering from a neighboring patient down the hall who was calling out, “MAMA! Mama! Sandra! Jim! Help us! Help us!” over and over and over again.  All the patients on our hall were neurological surgery patients.  All I could think was I wished there were some way for my Daddy to not hear that older lady’s frantic pleas. I’m sure that paitent (whomever she is) was just disoriented, confused and on strong pharmaceuticals.



We’d noticed Friday evening that some of his front teeth were knocked out.  We assume that this must have happened in the process of trying to reinsert the breathing tube in an awakening surgery patient who couldn’t breathe well.  So, he’s missing teeth in the front now. Risk Management at Baptist hospital will definitely be hearing from us if they don’t contact us as they were supposed to! But, teeth are replaceable, of course. And there are bigger issues at hand.

Interestingly, while the surgeon had told us that the breathing issue had been a minor hiccup, on Saturday morning his partner had quite a different description of the event. “Ohhhh,” he said after examining Daddy’s chart, “YOU’RE the one who scared the hell out of everybody last night. And, I mean scared the hell out of EVERYBODY!    (Isn’t it interesting how two different people could have such a different interpretation of the same event?)

Well, Daddy’s home as of yesterday afternoon. And, he’s disoriented and is doing some hallucinating, but he KNOWS he is hallucinating, at least. He’s gotten where he’ll say, “Susan, is there something on the bed right here where I’m pointing? Or not?”   And, Susan will say, “No, Daddy. It’s just sheets. There’s nothing there.”   And, he’ll say, “Ohhhh-kay,” as if clearly he sees something, but he understands that he’s hallucinating.

Mama says she thinks he’s a little better this morning than he was last night.  (???) (Last night he thought evil people were peering down at him through a {non-existent} hole in the ceiling.)  He had a Darvacet at 2:30pm yesterday, and was talking out of his head and swatting at nothing in the air when I went home about 6:30pm.  So, now Mama’s just giving him TYLENOL.  Hopefully he’ll hallucinate less and SOOOOOON. That’s freaky!  The thing that concerns me is that he was taking Darvacet while in the hospital, too, and WAS NOT HALLUCINATING then. So, I dunno what’s up. Maybe it’s partially just good old fashioned FATIGUE and stress playing a part on this, as well. It’s nerve- wracking, even for us onlookers. I know it’s horrible for the patient. 

Anyway, he’s stringing more words together now than he has been, at least.  So Mama feels like he’s doing a little better. (???)  He’s requesting specific foods, but then he doesn’t want to eat it when his selection is ready. He decided he wanted some sweet potatoes, and sent Susan for them. So, they’ll give that a whirl. Maybe he’ll still want them once they’re prepared!

More news as I have it to report.  I will go to Mama and Daddy’s tomorrow and stay, as Susan needs to work tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers on his behalf!




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  • 1. Maresa  |  May 19, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    So, so glad to hear he is doing well…how is your mother holding up? I can imagine all the stress you all are under…its so scary-from the onset! You are in my prayers and wish you lived around the corner, I miss you much!



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