daddy daily; volume 3

May 29, 2008 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

I talked with Mama on the phone last night after praise team music practice, and got the report on how the therapists feel Daddy is coming along. The therapists DO feel he is making some progress.

(Mama and Susan and I haven’t witnessed much progress in him, ourselves, frankly.) But, we don’t see him doing his therapies each day. We just see him lying in bed, mostly.


So, anyhow, the speech therapist said she felt like he was a little more cognitive yesterday than he has been. He was able to correctly identify most of the flash cards she showed him. The deal with the flash cards is for him to be able to verbally identify the picture on the card.

All the therapists agreed that he is IS cooperative, and that he IS willing to attempt everything they ask. So, that’s good to hear. They’ve got him up walking every day. And, he’s working on some of the equipment for them in the gym. As I said yesterday, he has some difficulties with feeding himself. But, he is attempting. There is much chasing food around and around the plate, and missing the mouth. He misses the plate with his fork, as well. But, he’s trying. He is eating by himself, however messy and frustrating the process clearly is.


He does get up to go to the bathroom. But, they don’t want him to walk without assistance…even to the bathroom. Daddy finds that HIGHLY aggravating, and assists he can do it himself.  They’ve got a bed alarm on, thank goodness, or he would probably get up by himself all the time. He probably does anyway.  I bet he doesn’t call for a nurse. The bed alarm signals he’s gotten up again, so the nurses converge.  Anyway, there are clearly still many issues that must be overcome before he can come home. Mama cannot handle these things on her own. She’s not very physically strong woman in the first place. But, with her back issues, she just cannot handle it all.  So, it would not be good for Daddy to be home in his current state. I think Mama would be in bad shape FAST if he were, just out of trying to care for and keep up with him.


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