daddy daily volume 4

June 6, 2008 at 10:32 am 1 comment

Monday June 2nd: Daddy did much mumbling that we couldn’t understand. He’s trying to communicate. But, most of time his ennunciation is not clear enough. The rehab center has appointed a 24 hour sitter to be there to assist him and WATCH him, basically,

because he is a falling hazzard. He keeps trying to get out of his bed.

Tuesday June 3rd: Had our first “FAMILY MEETING” with therapists and a doctor today at the rehab center.  They basically said that they felt he did better last week than this week. And, that he has become increasingly agitated. We asked that they take him off of Librium which is a sedative/calmative because he seems so drugged on it. We also asked if Paxil might be an alternative to help him cope.  So he did not have Librium at all beginning today, and started him on Paxil at his evening Rx time.  Daddy became very insistent that he wanted to go home with me tonight and was angry when I said he couldn’t yet but that it would be soon. He actually told me to get out of here, among other things. But, I didn’t . I’m hard to shake! And, he’s NOT himself, afterall.

Wednesday June 4th: I wasn’t there on Wednesday due to church ministry committments. But, Mama indicated that the day was much like Tuesday. They did discover that he’s having a little difficulty with swallowing. But, it’s just things that need chewing up well that are a problem. They suctioned out his throat Wednesday. 

Thursday June 5th:  Daddy seemed MUCH more alert today. I think that’s just proof positive that the Librium was causing him to be a little loopy. I am glad he’s not taking that anymore. It’s easier to assess what’s what when he’s not taking something that makes him so groggy! He does much mumbling still that we cannot understand. He’s trying to talk, but we can’t understand what he’s saying.  There is still confusion as to why he’s there sometimes. He insists that he has NOT done anything wrong. We continually reassure him that we know that he hasn’t, and that he is NOT being punished. And, as it has been, his most clearly enunciated words are fueled by anger and frustration. He has very little difficulty clearly saying that he has GOT TO GET OUT. And to TAKE HIM HOME NOW!

His sisters, my Aunt Janette and Aunt Janie came to visit him on Thursday. Mama tried to prepare them for what it would be like, but, I know it was still difficult for them to behold their brother’s current state. And, they saw him on a GOOD day. Somedays you can’t understand a thing he says. But, yesterday, he apparently had some clear words. And, that gives me hope, ya know? Even though those clear words have everything to do with him wanting OUT of there! At least we know he CAN still talk clearly. There is still much mumbling that is indiscernable to deal with most of the time.  Mama said that Aunt Janette reminded him of a story of when they were children when Daddy was pulling her in a wagon, and he dumped her over into a creek? or something…and she still had on her Sunday shoes! He laughed! And, he often does not laugh at appropriate times. He laughed appropriately at the story. So, for me, that was encouraging to hear!



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  • 1. Billy McCord  |  June 7, 2008 at 8:50 am

    Tracey, had no problem finding you. I enjoyed reading your updates. I will look forward as they get better and better. He is on our prayer list at Shady Grove UMC and be assured those folks pray for everyone.

    For my columns go to either of these:

    The column will be under opinions in both.
    It is called “As I See It…”


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