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June 8, 2008 at 12:28 am 2 comments

Hey there! Daddy’s still in ICU, but is more stable. Now, Mama was there with him all day long. And she said this moring he was sleeping HARD. IN fact she says he slept hard most of the day. They could hardly wake him up he was so sleepy. She indicated that THAT was kinda nerve racking. Said he ate a pretty good breakfast, not much lunch. And I think he had some of his dinner. I think that’s what she said! Anyway, Daddy’s pulse rate’s high right now. (They took him off Betapace which lowers heart rate since it had gotten too low yesterday and some this morning. But, now the pulse rate’s a bit high, and, I think that may be adding to some aggitation he was feeling tonight. The nurse in ICU told me Daddy was agitated, and I think she was was glad to see me. She hoped I could calm him down some. (Little did she know, that might not necessarily work out that way!)

But, tonight it did! The TV was on, though the volume was down. I found a Gaither’s Homecoming special, and we turned up the volume to hear the singing! Then a family sang “Go Rest High”, and I was singing along. The show was over shortly after that song. So, I turned the tv down and started singing God-praising songs. I guess I sang about 30 minutes, maybe. Each time I’d stop after a song, Daddy would look over at me, letting me know he had noticed the halt in the melody. And, I’d sing another one.

I remember while we were in ER waiting for there to be a bed available in ICU the second time he was in ICU with all this brain surgery and recovery time, Mama and Susan and Daddy and I all sang, with us girls standing around his bed. His blood pressure was like 201/57 that night, as I recall. And each time we’d sing hymns in those hours we waited for a room, his blood pressure would drop considerably lower.

Tonight as I sang he calmed down soooo much. The hospitalp-appointed sitter mouthed to me as I sing, “he’s calmer!” I just nooded and kept crooning. About 9:45pm a nurse announced over the intercom that visiting hours were older and that the next visiting hours would be tomorrow morning early. So, I stood up and told Daddy I love him. Leaned over and asked him, “How ’bout a kiss?” I put my cheek in front of his lips and he kissed my cheek. Then I kissed his cheek, too. I told Diane, the sitter for the evening, “You know why singing hymns and praise songs calms him down? It’s because the Bible tells us that God inhabits the prayers of His people. God is strong in here as we sing His praises. And that’s where the peace that passes understand that only He can bring is ushered in.”

Daddy seemed very calm and restful as I left tonight. It was a blessed visit.

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  • 1. Pam Case  |  June 8, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    This is my favorite update of all so far – keep up those tunes, girl. Although, I’m thinking you might want to sing some tunes like we sang when we were painting your basement before you sold the log home in middle Tennessee! Do you remember how crazy those days were, trying to get the house ready for selling? Seems like FOREVER ago. Love on your mom and dad for me. Hello to the rest of the fam. I’ll be online off and on – definitely on my blackberry – headed to the airport in 30 minutes.


  • 2. Billy McCord  |  June 8, 2008 at 6:53 am

    Wonderful! I hope he will continue improving. I do appreciate your updates.


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