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Okay, today they moved him from ICU back to STEP DOWN ICU. Today his words are much, much clearer. He is chattering as usual. But, as of this afternoon, we have been able to understand the words! It’s just that for the most part he’s not talking to us, but instead having conversations with some unknown somebody. Again, it’s almost like talking to somebody who’s dreaming. Except, his eyes are open. But, don’t know who he believes he’s chatting with. Every so often he’ll turn to me and say, “Well, I don’t know. What do you think?” One time tonight I said, “You talkin’ to me?” And he said, “Yep.” So, then I said, “Well, you’re the professional on that. I guess just whatever you think would be best. You know more about that than I do, for sure.” And, he’d say, “Okay then.” And, then continue the discussion about I’m not sure what. But, maybe about building a house, sometimes I think. Occasionally he has mentioned different building products, and like “crossbeams”, and wonders aloud what the price of such and such is. So, I dunno. But, he’s been focused on SOMETHING all night. Occasionally I can get him to include me in the conversation with the person that isn’t really there. And, when he asks me what I think, I feel like I don’t wanna get him all aggitated again by answering, “What are you talking about?” So, I just went along with him tonight. I felt like that would keep things more calm.

Anyway, this afternoon his speech has been mostly comprehendable, and at least while I was visiting, he was not particularly agitated and upset. I don’t know how he acted earlier in the day. So, YAY for all that! And YAY for a wonderful set of caring nurses on the ICU step down floor! These are blessings!

Speculation among nurses I”ve talked to who make it very clear that this is only their guesses: But, two nurses have suggested that cardiologists on Daddy’s case are discussing and suggesting that this is really not a cardiac problem, but instead an issue with the shunt. And, the nurses are thinking that he might be transferred back to the hospital where he had his brain surgery, because our local hospital is better suited for cardiac things? I dunno. But again, all that’s purely speculative from nurses who each say, “well, you didn’t hear that from me, but…maybe thus and such…”

This morning Mama’s sisters Robbie and Ann came to visit Daddy, and Mama and they all feel relatively sure that Daddy did not even recognize Robbie and Ann. Meanwhile, he’s called Mama by name, and Mama said he asked, “Where’s Tracey?” three times today. So, I am honored by hearing of that.

PLease keep those prayers going up on Daddy’s behalf!
Love to you all!

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