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June 10, 2008 at 10:36 am 6 comments

Well, I am tired today. And emotionally ready to explode. This is probably gonna be waaaaaaaaay more info that you want. But here goes: 


I didn’t get home til after 11pm last night. They moved Daddy from ICU step down to the 9th floor where he still has a heart monitor on, and an i.v. with fluids to keep him hydrated. They got him transferred in there at 5:45pm. No nurse, or PCA came in and introduced themselves. No nurse came in our room even to say so much as “kiss my foot”.  I knew we were in trouble pretty much immediately.

  Finally a girl came in, sat down his pitcher of water and a glass and left without looking at us or saying hello. I pushed the nurse call button and requested a bed that was long enough for my six foot one daddy. His feet were on the hard plastic footboard of the bed. They said they’d see about that. Next, we called for assistance getting him to the bathroom. Understand, it’s after 8pm and we still haven’t met our attending nurses. They answered the page, but never came. I went to the nurses’ station to present our case in person. I explained that Dad was pretty frantic and that we really needed some assistance. After FIFTEEN minutes had passed, our sitter unhooked Daddy from the i.v. and got him out of that bed herself.  Daddy was just frantic. It took much verbal coaching and pure strength on the part of our sitter, but she got him in there. He was scared he was going to fall. I was scared they were BOTH going to fall.


Well, he’s so weak having not walked since FRIDAY that his heart monitor started going off. Voila! We got ourselves a nurse, then! The heart monitoring team had the nurse paged to go see why his heart monitor was going off. And, that’s the first time we saw our nurse. OVER THREE HOURS after we’d been in that room!  Even after calling, and going to the nurses station, etc…Anyway, she talked VERY LOUDLY, and harshly as she “assisted” with things. Just awful! All but yelling! That old crunchy nurse sounded rough as a cob! Fair treatment would have meant grabbing her up and slinging her out in the hall by her three foot long dyed-red hair. Hello? She deserved it, but since I wasn’t in the mood to go to jail, I didn’t. = )  You know me, I’m SUCH a rebel-rouser, and all. (NOT!)  But, I’m pretty sure that if I’D had on a heart monitor, it would have been in alarm mode, too. Right along with Daddy’s!


Long story short, I went back to the nurses’ station, where the two gals there were busy texting on their cell phones. I asked that they find out how I can get in touch with the presiding doctor. I think they suddenly got some indication by the “I’m-trying-not-to-yell” look on my face, that perhaps they weren’t gonna get by with their standard method of operation that evening. They ended up giving me the doctor’s cell phone number. I called the doctor to get some advice on how to handle this situation, and as I was leaving him a message, he called me back.  I told him exactly what we were dealing with, and asked him what my line of recourse is. He told me to report it via the service hotline, but also assured me that he too would call and talk to a nursing supervisor and get in touch with the nurses on that floor.  He was very compassionate and helpful.  And, for that I surely THANK GOD!


And, he did call up there and get after them, OBVIOUSLY.   I surely got some looks then.  And, then we finally got the longer bed.   I hate to have to complain, but just as Mama told me a couple of weeks ago when she had to have one of the sitters removed from our room in the rehab center, “I’m not trying to win Ms. Congeniality!”  I just want people to CARE and do what they’re supposed to do!  


I am not gonna sit back and let the sitter be the only nursing care my father gets all night. We are, after all, IN A HOSPITAL!  If we weren’t in need of special care, we wouldn’t be there! We will definitely filling out our patient satisfaction survey.


Another thing, Daddy didn’t sleep night before last (Sunday night).  He had nodded off at one point, according to the sitter.  But, then nurses came in to check blood pressure and all that, and he was awake after that for the rest of the night. He didn’t sleep much at all during the day yesterday either. So as of last night, he’d basically been 24 hours without significant sleep.  So, I politely asked that old mean nurse if he could get his evening meds sooner as opposed to later so that MAYBE he’d sleep and not be awake all night again. She said, “okay, it’ll be just a few minutes.”  Ya know, I really think she may have delayed his meds purposefully as a result. But, maybe not.   One way or another, it was a few more than just a few minutes. It was an hour and twenty minutes later before he got his evening meds.  When she came in she was apologizing and apologizing for all the delays. (I was thinking, TOO LATE, honey! Spare me the Pollyanna Sunshine routine. I’ve already seen what you’re made of.)  Believe it or not, I managed to be cordial enough, but smiled and said, “my goodness, are you working this floor all by yourself tonight?” with as much sincerity in my voice as I could muster. She smiled and laughed nervously, but did not answer other than that.


I left about twenty minutes after Daddy finally got his evening meds. Daddy was still awake.  I asked him if he thought he’d be able to get some good rest tonight, and he said, “yes ma’am,” that he would try. (His speech was not great yesterday. It was much better on Sunday afternoon than it was yesterday.  And he’s still doing a lot of talking but not necessarily to us. It’s like sleep talk.) And, I told his hospital appointed sitter that if the nurses didn’t continue with their conduct and assistance availability about-face after I went home, to call me and/or Mama, and we would come and get everybody minding their manners and doing their job again.


So, anyway, I am beat like a drum.   The sitter didn’t call me for help last night after I left.  So, I’m assuming things went okay after I left. I know she would call me otherwise. Unlike the nurses we had last night, our sitter ACTUALLY CARES.   Meanwhile, Mama’s back is giving out on her from standing up too much. And she’s starting back on taking Bayer back pain meds today. But, I’m concerned she’s gonna end up having to lie on an ice pack for twenty minutes out of every hour before the week is up.  And, THAT’s going on even though she’s going home and sleeping in her own bed each evening. I KNOW she’d be completely out of commission if she weren’t sleeping at home through all this. And, she may be before this is all said and done anyway. I’m not trying to be negative. That’s just reality. She broke that back of hers LAST SUMMER.


I really, really hope the day shift on the ninth floor is better than the night shift. Wouldn’t take much! And, I’m sure night shift will pass the word on to the day shift that I called and reported them for lack of assistance last night.  And I really, really, really hope that we don’t get the same people on that floor for tonight’s shift. I may turn vigilante, if so!


They did yet another CT scan yesterday. We should have results from that today.


And now…you’re up to date. 

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  • 1. Mellany Evans  |  June 15, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    I got an update from Terry the other night. Hope things are getting better. It was good to see you on stage at church this morning. Just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you and praying for you, your mom, the sitters and the medical staff (sounds like they may need it if they don’t shape up! ha) and most especially, we’ll be praying for your Daddy. Hang in there and I hope you all get some rest. I will bring you a box of assorted things like when you moved (toilet paper and candy – the necessities of life!). Love Ya! Mellany


  • 2. Aprille  |  June 10, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    It absolutely galls me to read about your experience and all of the other comments above from people with other terrible experiences. Mitch and I had a terrible experience at the hospital where I had Jordan, and it was with one of the nurses. I’ll tell you about it another time, it’s lengthy! Anyway, there was one nurse there that was absolutely precious, she was there for the births of both of my children. She still talks to my husband and me and both remembers the names of our children when she talks to them if she sees us in a store. That was the only place we had ever met her too. I’m going to pray that God is going to bring your dad some truly caring nurses and doctors, and that all of the nursing staff at that hospital are going to be filled with compassion towards ALL of their patients! I agree that you should write a LONG letter to the hospital’s administrator voicing all that you have had to deal with, not to mention what your ailing father is having to tolerate! I truly hope that things get better and your next update will be full of good tidings of great service from the hospital staff, and also that your dad is doing much better! Love you! Happy 18th engagement anniversary by the way! :0)


  • 3. Billy McCord  |  June 10, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Tracey, thanks for the updates although not good. Ann and I can sympathy with you because we had similiar experience at same hospital when her father was dying. They took him to scan and I went with them although they said I could not and I said I could and was going. He had been on the hard gurney for a long time and was crying his back hurt so badly. When the scan was over they rolled him in the hall and there he was left. I asked when he could return to his room they said they must contact transportation. After about 15 minutes I told the nurse I was going to push the gurney and him to his room and she said I could not. I said I could and, “get the hell out of my way.” Needless to say transportaton came right then. I wish I coud tell you things got better but it did not. I could write a book on our experience which I shall never forget. I hope things improve for all of you. bqm


  • 4. CC  |  June 10, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Unfortunately, my daughter-in-law, Kathy is having similiar experiences during her hospital stay (but also with her dr.)
    However, the seriousness of her condition doesn’t even compare to your dad’s. Nonetheless, the frustration level of our son competes with yours…..grrrrrrrr! Continue to hang tough! CC


  • 5. Gale Harrison  |  June 10, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Tracy: I am in utter disbelief…my jaw is open. I am so sorry that you all had to go through that. How scary to think that no one cares in a HOSPITAL!!!!!

    We will continue to pray for your strength and recovery for your Father.

    We love you

    God Bless



  • 6. beth mccammon  |  June 10, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    I had an experience very similar to yours when my grandmother was in the hospital dying. None of the nurses seemed to care. Long story short, I was not happy with the nursing services and instead of going off on the nurses who were sitting on their lazy butts talking and laughing and having a jovial time, I decided to write a letter to the hospital administrator. In your case, you need to find out who is over the hospital (director or admin.) and write them a detailed letter stating the type of care or lack of care your father received. Until people start taking action, nursing care is going to continue to be the way it is; TERRIBLE. I hate to say this because I’m an RN but I swear, so many nurses, especially floor nurses just don’t seem to care anymore. If possible, there should always be someone(family member or good friend) there with your dad so you know your dad is being cared for as he should. I am so sorry. I’ll have to tell you the experiences I have had in the past with hospital nurses. That’s one reason I guit floor nursing. Anyway, I will be praying for you, your dad and your family and Nurse with the 3 foot long dyed red hair. Take care and please let me know if you need me to go to the hospital and sit with your dad sometime. I would be happy to and it would be my pleasure to give those nurses a piece of my mind if I see they’re sitting around talking on cell phones and not doing there job.
    Love ya


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