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June 11, 2008 at 8:56 am 1 comment

Mama said Daddy is doing much better Tuesday than he was on Monday. She said she sang to him and that he smiled, and went to sleep, and was sleeping well. Cat scan results from yesterday indicate no changes, and still indicate that there has NOT been a stroke. But, Daddy’s symptoms are stroke-like, nonetheless. Mama said Daddy was not as jumpy, or jerkin’ around like he was Monday, and his face much more peaceful and calm.

A cardiologist partner of Daddy’s cardiologist came in today, too.  He said Daddy’s heart rate is averaging in the fifties, and that THAT’s still too low. He also said that they would begin him on Coumadin, a blood thinner. This particular doctor also said that there could be a pace maker at some point in Daddy’s future.  Maybe; maybe not…but that it is a possibility. 


Mama also said that in addition to the nurse, charge nurse, and PCA, that there’s another nurse who was stopping by to check on them regularly. So, she says, she thinks my telephone call to the doctor to report the problems we’d had Monday night may have won us some extra positive attention on Tuesday. So, I’m glad to hear that! 


A physical therapist came up from the rehab center. Daddy actually SHOOK HIS HAND! They talked some. Daddy was able to answer some questions some how or another (all this per the sitter). And, he actually had a physical therapy session from his bed. He did leg lifts and pointed his toes, and things of that nature, as instructed. The day sitter, Annie, said Daddy did well, and that he has DEFINITELY had a better day today all around than he did yesterday.


As for me, by yesterday afternoon my nerves were just shot! I felt like if anybody bumped me I’d burst into tears. I knew Diane, the night sitter would call me if there was something pressing. And, I contacted her to make sure she was reminded to call me if there was anything!! And, she of course said she would, and for me to go on home and be with my babies.  I just desperately needed to go straight home yesterday afternoon and snuggle my little girls. (Breathe in; breathe out! Breathe in; breathe out.) 


Plus, my sweet Jessye has really been pulling some swing shifts on babysitting the Magster!  I mean, between Terry having a week of working later than normal, and me going straight to the hospitals every afternoon, Jess has really been called upon to be the available responsible person in residency a lot here lately.  So, I’m glad I was able to give her three hours in time off last night that she’s not had in awhile! She’s been “on duty” pretty much from daylight til dark here lately, bless her heart!


When I got home, Jessye and Maggie had made a strawberry cake with strawberry icing! I know they had fun baking together! Later when Terry got home, Jessye begged for Taco Bell, so we made “a run for the border” to get her “Number Three: no lettuce/no tomatoes”.  Good grief, our orders in the line at Taco Bell are just downright embarrassing (they have so many minused and plussed ingredients)!!  For instance,  since I’ve been on The Atkins Diet, here lately I’ve gotten where I’ll order two burrito supremes minus beans, plus extra beef, and add guacamole! Then, I don’t eat the tortilla, of course.  I just open it up and tackle the contents with a fork!  Maggie didn’t want anything from Taco Bell. Well, she wanted a Dr. Pepper. But, I redirected her to the caffeine-free Dr. Pepper we have in the frige, and she was completely delighted with that. Terry had already eaten supper. So, Jessye and I went by ourselves.  I had already gotten comfortable in my chaise lounge when Jessye made her Taco Bell plea. So, it was not easy for me to get up and try to work towards alertness again! But, I rallied. And, I know it meant a lot to my teenager!


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  • 1. Billy McCord  |  June 11, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Sounds better to me. Maybe you have the nurses under control bqm


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