daddy daily volume 14

June 19, 2008 at 11:56 am 1 comment

My sister Susan went to the hospital this morning to be with Mama and Daddy. She called me following that with this update.

Our pastor came to visit Mama and Daddy this morning. During his visit, Daddy’s neurosurgeon came in and while Mama held Daddy down to a degree, the doctor removed the two drains from the drilled holes they did in the second surgery, as the drains have drained all they’re going to at this point. Then a nurse named Eula came to do an EEG on Daddy there in his room. This involved attaching electrodes all over Daddy’s head. Susan had to hold Daddy’s hands as he was not being helpful during that process. Daddy told Susan things like “I can’t stand up, but I have to get out of here!” And Susan explained that we know he can’t stand up right now, that THAT would come later. But, right now he needed to be still, and that she wanted to hold his hands because he didn’t seem to be able to keep from flailing them about… and that she was concerned that he might hit Ms. Eula in the face in the process. At that point Ms. Eula looked up with a bit of revelation on her face, and thanked Susan for her help. Daddy told Susan, “I’m telling you right now, let go of my hands!” And, Susan replied, “I will not! I’ve got to help you. Just let me hold your hands. Let me feel like I am helping! Here, I will sing you a song from VBS!” Then she sang some vacation bible school songs to him. She asked Ms. Eula, who was trying to do the EEG, “How’s it going?” Ms. Eula said, “Fair.” Apparently she was having difficulty because of all the moving around Daddy was doing. Mama came over to help hold and distract Daddy. They held him as still as they could and sang old time hymns for about a half hour, until the EEG was done. Daddy attempted to sing along. He hummed melodically, anyway. And Daddy seemed to calm down during the singing for a few minutes anyway.

Daddy’s neurosurgeon said that he’d probably be in the hospital five or six more days, and they’d see how things went. But, he also told Mama that she needed to be looking into long term care for him.

Susan will stay with Daddy overnight. I will be keeping her children at my house so that she can do that. I’ll go to the hospital after work, and when Susan arrives and gets settled in for the evening, I’ll take Mama home for some much needed sleep. We’ll just take turns on the night shift as long as he’s there I imagine.

Oh, and the neurologist has now added a medicine to help calm Daddy down. He got that about thirty minutes ago. So maybe he’ll be able to rest soon. As active and awake and angry as he’s been for hours and hours, we know Daddy’s got to be exhausted.

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  • 1. pcase  |  June 19, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    Tracey – I continue to pray for your daddy, momma, susan and YOU! Girl, I just can’t imagine how you all must be doing. But as I’ve seen you write, God is still on His throne. None of this is a surprise to our Lord. May He continue to guide you and keep you. May your travels to and from the hospital be protected. May all the children be safe as the moms and dads care for your daddy. May the doctors and nurses be filled with patience and encouragement as they work, with God’s guiding hand, to mend your father. We love ya! pc


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