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June 25, 2008 at 11:10 am 2 comments

Well, I fully intended to come to work yesterday morning, but I ended up taking the whole day off.  The day just started of NUTSO.  A real I LOVE LUCY kinda start to our Tuesday. 

Daddy’s younger sister Janette came in town to stay with Daddy some on Sunday night. So, she was at the hospital on Monday. I came after work as normal, and I took her to our cousin’s house near where I live after my visit. 

Yesterday morning, Mama had planned to go to the hospital particularly early in order to try to be at the hospital in time to see the neurosurgeon should he make early morning rounds.  So Mama had gone over to pick up Aunt Janette from our cousin Melba’s house. On her way there, she started recognizing the signs of impending car trouble. She did make it to Melba’s house and picked up Janette. But, then I got a call from Mama at 6:45am yesterday with a request for me to come get them, and she gave me the names of the intersection they’d made it to.  Before I could get out of the house, the phone rang again. This time it was Aunt Janette’s voice saying, “Never mind. It cranked again. Don’t come.” THEN… ten minutes after that, they called back to say they were stranded again.


So, once more I set out to pick them up. When I arrived at the intersection of the latest engine stall, there were two other cars pulled off to the side too. I remember thinking “looks like I’m gonna have to get in line if I wanna rescue these two!” But, I soon discovered that the other two cars were pulled over not to assist Mama and Aunt Nette, but they were pulled over due to their own set of car troubles…a fender bender.  To me, that sorta made Mama’s car engine’s malfunctions seem less of a big deal.


Mama had already called the dealership and the dealership had called a tow truck. Mama was on the phone with Terry when I pulled up. She insisted that Aunt Janette go with me so I could drop her at the hospital so that SOMEBODY would hopefully be there in case the neurosurgeon made rounds early in the morning. Terry was already route to get Mama and bring her to the hospital after the toe truck arrived for the car.  And, of course we didn’t have any way of knowing how long THAT would be.


So, I drove Aunt Janette to the hospital. On the way, I called work to explain that I would be a little late and why. Dropped Aunt Janette at the hospital. Then called Mama. Terry and Mama decided it would be good for me to come back and get Mama so that she could be at the hospital, too, if the neurosurgeon  made rounds.  And Terry could sit with Mama’s car and keys until the tow truck finally arrived.  At that point in time we did not absolutely if the surgery Daddy was to have yesterday was for shunt revisions or shunt removal. The chart had indicated that it would be one or the other. So Mama was really interested in knowing what was in store.


So, I called work and explained that I would be even later, but that I was still coming in! I explained (to Stephanie this time), that I still planned to come and try to work up until surgery time. 


When I pulled up once more to where Mama’s car had stalled, the tow truck was just leaving with Mama’s Lincoln in tow. (Well of course it was! Now that I’d driven half an hour back down south again!) But, since I was already there, Mama loaded into my car and came with me. 

As I was pulling away from the intersection with Mama in my car, my phone rang. It was my friend DeLois from work. And, she encouraged me to just go on and take the day off. I had really hoped to work the morning, and leave for the day at 1pm so I could be at the hospital during Daddy’s surgery. But, she said I’d done enough running back and forth already, and for me to just to just go on to the hospital and sit down somewhere and relax. She said they could take care of things at the office without me. So, I said, “Okay.”  And with that we drove on to the hospital, this time for the day.


You can refer to this morning’s earlier post, entitled “Daddy Daily Volume 18” to get an update on everything that happened surgery-wise.  But, I also wanted to tell that after surgery we felt somewhat encouraged, I will say. (Of course we are just glad for ANY glimmer of light, any time we see one!) So, I’ll go on and share this:  Daddy ate much of his supper. Mama fed it to him, as usual. But, he did eat well. Mama suggested and encouraged bites of the different menu items that were on his tray. Daddy finally got full, but it’s hard to tell if he’s full or has just lost interest sometimes. So, she continued to suggest and offer. Then Daddy responded a couple of times with something like “that’s all I want, Baby.”  I explained to Daddy that we just figured he oughta be VERY HUNGRY since he hadn’t been able to eat before surgery, and he hadn’t eaten much when he was allowed to eat in the day before that. I was trying to encourage him, as well as Mama. I nodded and said to Mama, “You ARE appreciated,” and smiled and nodded reassuringly to each of them.  (I said that mostly for Daddy’s understanding of the situation.) From the expressions on his face, Daddy seemed to grasp it, I thought.


While we were there, Daddy was calm and peaceful last evening after surgery. When Mama and I left he seemed .  Mama said to him that we were gonna go get some sleep and that she’d see him in the morning.  “I love you,” she told him. She leaned over and he instigated a kiss right on the lips and he said, “I love you too. And I really appreciate you.” 


Now doesn’t THAT sound good? That’s a lot of comprehension demonstrated there, and clearly verbalized.   I told him I love him, too. And, he told me that back…and I got a kiss, too. = ) Hey, I’m impressed he was able to pucker!  That’s not always the case these days!  

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  • 1. Regina Jones  |  June 26, 2008 at 11:29 am

    Hey girl… I am praying for you and your family every day. I can’t imagine the stress you have all been under these many weeks. I pray you will continue to rest in the hands of our Lord… He is able to carry you…


  • 2. CC  |  June 26, 2008 at 10:18 am

    You all have a lot on your plate these days, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. , and I want you to know that abundant prayers are being lifted on your behalf! There are bunches of us, brothers and sisters in Christ, ready to leap at the slightest mention of anything you need.


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