daddy daily volume 22

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Yep, I’ve been delinquent with the blog posts this past week. I’ve considered sitting down and posting something on my blog about this crazy week a couple of times. But, everything’s so depressing just living it, much less typing it for publication! Whew! But, I may just take parts of this letter to you and post it on the blog.

My daddy has become combative…trying to hit nurses who are trying to help him get dressed, or cleaned up…etc. He asks for Mama constantly when she’s not there. And, understand—she’s THERE a lot. Day before yesterday she was there all day long. The day before that she was there about five hours. And, then when she got home and a nurse called to ask her if she’d come over there because Daddy was so agitated. He asks where he is many, many, many times a day. And Mama tells him. But, he can’t seem to retain the information. He also can’t seem to retain the fact that he’s not to get out of the bed.

So, the news is not good. Sometimes we can tell some things he’s saying. And, sometimes we can’t because it’s mumbling. He throws all the covers off of himself about every five minutes and is steadily trying to get up out of the bed. Trouble is he’s too weak to stand very long, much less walk.

But, the other day in physical therapy he did push a walker with wheels to the end of the hall. And he fed himself a little. So, that was good. In speech therapy yesterday his therapist was trying to carry on conversation with him. She asked if he has any grandchildren. He said yes. She asked their names, and he couldn’t come up with names. At that point he burst into tears.

As of yesterday, the physical therapists volunteered to try letting him sit in a wheelchair in the physical therapy room so that Mama doesn’t have to be there daylight til dark to keep him from acting ugly to everybody and trying to get out of the bed. She’s gonna try to do 11am to 5pm I think. We’ll see how that works. The other day the nurses told her she may have to hire a 24 hour sitter to stay there. My thoughts on that are what’s the point of him being there if we have to have a 24hour sitter TOO? Medicare does not pay for that.

The report this morning is that Daddy’s 4th of July was a very good one. He was very conversational yesterday, Mama said. Additionally he fed himself and he did well in physical therapy. He did ask to call Mama last night after she got home. And, when she spoke with him on the phone he told her he wanted her to come and get him RIGHT NOW. But, she told him she could not do that because he is not well enough to come home yet. She assured him that she’d be back to see him Saturday morning. And, he was silent after that rebuttle. But they did sign off with “I LOVE YOU”. And he told her not to stop loving him. And she said she would always love him.

All this reads like an excerpt from the novel THE NOTEBOOK? Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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