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July 7, 2008 at 10:14 pm 1 comment

Well, Maggie and I went to see Daddy tonight. Took him a picture of Mama and him in a picture frame that I decorated with other pictures of family members.  I cut out al the pictures and glued them onto the unfinished wood frame.  It looked pretty cute I thought. (I did take a picture of it before I gave it to him. So, if you’d like to see it, lemme know, and I’ll email it to you.)


Anyway, it was just a sad, sad, pitiful visit. I think Maggie was kinda alarmed. She would not get in his lap. And, I can’t blame her. She did hug and kiss him hello and good bye.  He talked non stop, but not necessarily to us. He did talk towards us, some at least. But, he is sooooo very confused. He recognizes us. When we left it took me three tries. He kept talking. And, I’d go back to see if he was talking to me. But, by the time I’d make it back down the hall, I wasn’t completely sure he was still trying to engage me in conversation. But, one time he very clearly, and very loudly called my name: “TRACEY!”  So, neeless to say, I was DEFINITELY going back down there when I heard him call my name!

He fell tonight in the dining room after Mama and Ann left. Nurses said he finished his meal and stood up in one swoop. And when he stood up, he just folded up and rolled out into the floor. The nurses saw him but it happened too fast to get there in time. He did not hit his head. He has no broken bones.  And he seems to be all right. Nothing I can say is as a result of a fall, anyway.
It’s like he was in his own little world tonight.  Maybe he’s just so tired in the evenings.  Earlier today when I talked to Mama, she told me she’d thought today was a very good day. But, I’ll tell ya what, it sure wasn’t by the time we got there. I could hardly even get him to look at the framed picture. And, understand me when I say: That’s completely fine and totally understandable under the circumstances.. But, he just cannot focus on anything, is my point. So, I put the frame in his room. Maybe he will see it in more lucid moments and be comforted by all the family faces on the frame. I hope so. 
I really think it’s dementia.  I just don’t know that this is gonna get any better unless there’s a miracle.  But I hope I’m wrong.
God is in control.
P.S. My Aunt Janette is 95% blocked in one artery. She will have a stint put in tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock. And they expect she’ll go home on Wednesday now.

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  • 1. pcase  |  July 8, 2008 at 8:36 am

    Still praying. I totally believe your daddy will look at the wonderful photo frame and be comforted. Sounds like by end of day, he is pretty wiped out. I can certainly see, in his state, how his responses might be different depending on time of day.

    Girl, I sure wish I was closer to you guys! Hope Terry and his fam are doing alright, too. I have had them on my mind.

    Steph’s mother in law died last week, after battling that CRAP cancer for almost two years. I missed church Sunday to spend the day in KY. It was a sweet time for family though – I love them all so much!

    We’ll chat soon via phone, girl. I love you.


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