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September 5, 2008 at 10:32 am 4 comments

My daddy was transported to a senior center in a nearby hospital last night for psychiatric evaluation and medication adjustments. He’ll be there until the first of October, and then he will be transported by ambulance from the hospital to the nursing facility near Mama’s home town.   

Please pray that they’ll be able to medication(s) that will help him be more calm and less combative. Mama had requested that his psychiatrist see about a time of evaluation before he goes to the new place. We just didn’t know transport would be yesterday until… …well, yesterday when they told Mama.

We are concerned that Daddy’s level of frustration and sporatic combative episodes may keep him from being able to stay anywhere for long because most places will not continue to deal with someone who is routinely combative. So, medications have to be adjusted so that he will feel more calm. The facility he is in now is really good. In fact, my father in law was there for a time for the exact same reasons…combative in the nursing home.  And, when Terry’s daddy was through there, he truly was responding better. He was more conversational, and much less combative. So, we’re hoping this will be a really good move for my daddy, too.    

Some places just dope ’em up to the point where you have somebody who is asleep or half-asleep most of the time. We dealt with THAT with Terry’s daddy, too. But that’s NOT the case at this center. They truly have the patient’s well being at heart. By the way, there are only seven patients in this center currently, and tehy do not take more than 12 patients at a time. 

Daddy has an alarm on his bed and it is what is called a “net bed” which sounds horrible. But, it’s truly the only way to deal with someone who will try to get out of the bed and cannot be told to stay and expected to do it. It may keep him from falling and hurting himself. If (no, let’s be real) WHEN he tries to get out of bed, and alarm will sound, and he will NOT be able to get out of the bed. This will keep him where he’s supposed to be until a nurse can get to him.   

He does have a room mate again. Mama said the man is very quiet and nice. They told the staff that Daddy doesn’t like loud, abrupt people. And they had him going in a room where the room mate would have NOT been a good match. But, once they heard that (and saw Daddy try to punch an EMT who did not warn him that he was going to pick Daddy up before he picked him up) they decided to mofve him into a different room with a more calm patient. The room mate’s name is R. L.  (Ha! My daddy’s name is J.R. and the room mate is R.L.) 

At this center, they only let patients have a one hour nap during the day. Otherwise they keep them up and active…doing SOMETHING. They insist on therapy and group therapy. (Whew! Good luck with that.) They insist on interaction and conversations in group therapies with the other patients. They won’t let him just lie there. 

Basically, they will take him off of the meds he is currently on, and will try different things until they have found what works best for Daddy, and it will hopefully mean a better quality of life for him day in/day out for him.  I know they wanted to see how Lexipro works for him, vs. Paxil (both of those are seratonin elevating Rx’s). And they have a list of calmatives as well that they want to try to see what works best for him.  Daddy actually has “backwards” reactions to certain drugs. So it is really good that they are taking this time before he goes back into nursing care to evaluate his reactions, and find what works best for him. 

Thank you for your continued prayers!



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  • 1. Belinda  |  September 9, 2008 at 8:29 am

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Love you,


  • 2. Billy McCord  |  September 7, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    Tracey thank you for keeping family and friends informed. I am updating our prayer request at Church each week. It helps a great deal to read your information. I just pray that they can regulate the medication that will calm him down. Medicines work different for different folks. They gave my father Bendryl to try to calm him down some and it drove him up the wall and all of us with him. Needless to say that after I was called to the hospital at mid-night to get him back inside, mud off his feet, etc. and after he told me he would not go to bed and that I could not make him, I made sure the medication was not prescribed again.
    Thanks again.


  • 3. CC  |  September 7, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    Thanks ever so much for keeping us updated on your dad through your blog. It certainly helps in knowing how to direct our prayers for him and for the rest of your family … without having to fire twenty questions at you when we see you. You are such a blessing to us.


  • 4. Mel  |  September 6, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    praying always………thank you for sharing

    love you so much


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