daddy daily volume 33

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Sunday after church Mama and I went after church to see Daddy. They’d had to give him Adavan to calm him down earlier in the day.   So, he was asleep for our visit. He did open his eyes and acknowledge us when we came in. But then he fell back asleep, talking intermittently in his sleep all the while.  Mama talked with the nurses and staff. I sat by Daddy’s bed while he slept…and just prayed (and cried and cried and cried.)


After visiting Daddy, Mama and I drove on down to select which room Daddy will be in when he’s transferred to the new personal care home in early October. We chose a sunny room on the front of the little old house-turned-nursing home. The owner is just wonderful. She smart, a cute, and clearly has a heart for her patients. She’s an RN. Her daughters work there with her, as well as other staff members.  She told us she plans to have Daddy’s room painted before he moves in, and asked if there was any color that we thought would be good. So, I said it would be great if she’d have it painted hunter green because that’s what color the downstairs of his house is painted, and he might find that in some way comforting. So, she said that’s exactly what she’d do. I feel as good as I can about him moving into the new place. I feel confident that they will take very good care of him.


In the face, and sent him reeling backwards.  Daddy’s dentist was going to come to the hospital where Daddy is and make impressions to have new front teeth made for him. But, there was not yet doctor approval for that. Daddy has been so combative here lately. The nurse told Mama that she didn’t know if the doctor will say yes about having teeth fixed eventually or not, but that if they do get approval from the doctor, that Mama “could tell that dentist to just come on down here if he wants to get whooped.” That’s when we found out that Daddy had punched a male nurse…or maybe he was an x-ray technologist? earlier that morning. Hhhhhhhhhh. But, the staff at the hospital senior center is VERY compassionate and good folks. Good, caring, country folks.


Tuesday, Mama visited and found him slumped over in his wheel chair. He was awake, but his face was close to his knees. Jus in a U position. She talked and talked with him, but could not get him to sit up. She told him, “I love you”. After the third time, he was able to say “I love you,” to her, too. She asked him to try and sit up. He said, “Okay.”  But, then he didn’t even move to try to do it. He tried to say other things, with Mama bent down to be able to see his face. But, those other things he was saying were indiscernible.


Mercy, Lord!

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