daddy daily volume 34

September 12, 2008 at 9:45 am 1 comment

Mama was so sad and exhausted last night. She went down to see Daddy. He isn’t saying very much. But one of the few things he did say that she could make out were, “It doesn’t matter anyway.” So, I think Daddy is depressed, on top of everything else. He also said something about a boy and girl who ‘needed someone to talk to. He said that they may be trouble. But, he thought they just needed someone to talk to. So, once again, he thought in that moment that he was in his school principal role again.  

Additionally, XRAYS were taken because he seemed to be in pain. And the x-rays revealed arthritis in his joints, as well as a bulging disc in his back. So, he IS hurting in addition to depression and dementia. Mama talked to the psychiatrist. And he said that it’s still early, that he has him on a medicine that combats depression, anxiety, and inflammation! Because Daddy reacts adversely to any drug that is an opiate, the choices for strong pain management are quite limited. On the bright side, he didin’t hit anyone yesterday. So, that’s good. 

Mama told the doctor that her concern is that he will not be allowed to stay in any nursing home because of his combative behavior. She told him that everyone keeps telling her that she cannot bring him home, but that she would if she could.  And the doctor said that there’s absolutely NO WAY she can bring him home. He also said that he doesn’t want to sedate him. And, we can certainly appreciate that. Hopefully the doctore will be able to find (through trial and error with meds) something that will help him feel more calm and non-combative without having to keep him sedated most of the time.  Afterall, that is why he’s in the hospital right now. I surely hope so they’ll find something that works well for him. I hate to think that he will spend the rest of his life drugged into a semi-conscious state in order to keep him from decking the personal care staff where he’ll be.  But, again, the doctor says it is early, still. And, that they WILL get it worked out so that Daddy can be taken care of and kept safe.   

After Mama and I talked on my way home from work, I called her again from the house and invited her over a light supper. She did join us.  But, she is so exhausted emotionally and physically that her eyes kept welling up with tears.  Maggie is always so excited to see her grandma, and it’s like “Show and Tell” from the time Mama walks in the door til she leaves. Maggie showed Grandma every single item that she had in her new purse. Mags went on and on about the “over the shoulder” style of her new bag, explaining that it would be more difficult for a thief to snatch your purse if you wear an over the shoulder bag and put it over your head.  She showed off her artwork, schoolwork, and toys. She assisted Mama with managing our Yorkie Terrier, Maybelle, who of course wants to sit in Grandma’s lap and snuggle. Anyway, Maggie being so happy and upbeat definitely helped get Mama’s mind off of things a little.   

Anyway…it’s just tough and bad. But, we are surviving.   And Mama’s 64th birthday is Saturday.  We’re trying to figure out what we’ll all do for her birthday. But, she said she doesn’t know yet what she wants to do. She’s pretty depressed herself.

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daddy daily volume 33 eighteen years and still going strong

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  • 1. Billy McCord  |  September 13, 2008 at 9:19 am

    A grandchild can get our minds off the bad things in life quicker that anything I know. Maggie, I am sure, was just the medicine your mother needed. I will keep praying that the medicine can be adjusted and that he can be controlled without sedation. Please know that you have a bunch of friends who do care.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. My best wishes always to you and Terry. God bless you and your family.


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